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kingdoms CCG FAQ

hey all ive been setting up this FAQ on kongregate forums for awhile but its fairly dead there and theres other sites this game is on so i figured i should add it over here as well and if this is in the wrong place of where it should be im not sure where it should go really ;)

Ok so i play kingdoms a lot and people always have questions, and i find myself answering the same questions over and over again for different people. Which is slightly annoying but i can deal with it, but here I’m going to try to take all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) into this thread to help the player base in general as a lot of people don’t know a lot of stuff.

Q: Is this game good?
A: Yes this game is a good game with loads of potential and active devs but it is rather difficult so beware.

Q: Do the devs care about the player base?
A: Yes they appear to care about the player base they have found away to make everything (so far) buy able by gold and they are active in chat.

Q: do you have to pay to be good at this game?
A: no almost everything is buyable by gold

Q: What is a FAQ?
A: FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does CCG stand for?
A: CCG stands for Collectable Card Game as opposed to a TCG which stands for Trading card game.

Q: What types of cards are there?
A: You have creatures-spells-rune words-and gear.

Q: What are the rarities of my cards?
A: The rarity is determined by the outline of the card bronze= common – silver= uncommon – gold= rare – epic= purple – legendary = orange

Q: what do the different type of cards do?
A: creatures do damage to the enemy hero these will be what most of you card are – spells these mostly do damage to enemy creatures they are activated whenever you play them – gear equip able cards with different effects that stay on your hero till destroyed or end of the game – rune words card with effects that when played last a certain amount of turns IE plenty gives each player 1 more mana each turn for 6 turns (3 each)

Q: what is the best kingdom?
A: there really is no bets kingdom just different playing styles ancients use hi HP creatures and armor with some spells to mess you up – holy likes to heal itself and give itself more health – mystical resist magic and can give its allies the ability to resist magic – alchemy likes to use creatures and a lot of potion spells to change the battlefield on a moment’s notice – undead uses creatures and some spells to do damage to the enemy hero quickly – elementals use magic and creatures with haste to quickly kill your creatures leaving you hero defenseless

Q: What is the best kingdom to start with?
A: at this point you can no longer pick witch kingdom you start with

Q: What are the kingdoms and what are these “sides”?
A: There are currently 6 kingdoms in groups of 3 the “light side” comprised of the “ancient” “holy” and “mystical” kingdoms and the “dark side” which are the “alchemy” “undead” and “elementals” in campaigns you can’t use any of the “dark side” in the “light side” campaigns and vise versa in PvP (arena) you can mix the “dark side” and “light side” together except for “opposing kingdoms”.

Q: What are these opposing kingdoms?
A: In the story mode your kingdom faces off against another for 10 battles (x3 story mode hard and insane) the kingdom your facing off with is the “opposing kingdom” IE ancients vs alchemy : holy VS undead : mystical VS elementals you cannot use any “opposing kingdoms” in your deck at any time. the “opposing kingdom factor” is determined by your hero IE you have a “holy” hero you can’t use any “undead” cards.

Q: what is a hero?
A: a hero is the character you use to battle with each “kingdom” they have 3 “tiers” of heroes each becoming more powerful then the last you can upgrade you’re heroes by doing certain achievements to unlock “stars” and equipping them

Q: does my hero do anything besides sit there?
A: yes your hero has certain abilities that will help you in battle

Q: what are these “tiers” of heroes?
A: each kingdom has 3 heroes each stronger then the last these are organized in “tiers”

note the names in “()” are what each hero used to be called the other one is the current name

dark tiers undead elementals alchemy

tier 1- amarus (zombie warlord)- crutomist(ent flameling) – olfaan (dwarven dragoon)

tier 2- uunys (undead lich) – arcanos (arch elementalist)- ravinova (chaos alchemist)

tier 3- abaddon(undead king) – jorma (maelstrom avatar)- dravkas ( war smith)

light teirs holy mystical ancient
tier 1- wilirus (enlightened elder) – petrice (dream spinner)- alisten (dragon princess)

teir 2- belnir (holy paladin) – wiloryn (chrono master) – grovenhold (ancients guardian)

teir 3- akatril (angel general) – noran (grand sorcerer)- bahamut (bahamut)


tier 1 – amorya
NOTE you can NOT use tier two heroes in the “story mode” and same goes for the tier 3 only they can’t go into the “hard mode” either

Q: How do i unlock another campaign?
A: campaigns are now linear, chapter 1 is holy, 2 mystical, 3 ancient, then undead, elemental, and alchemy. Complete each to unlock the appropriate tier 1 hero along with the next campaign

Q: What should I do with my gold?
A: It is generally suggested that you first buy 2-3 boosters to help you with the campgins then save for gold packs and beat the campgins for more cards and by then you’re pretty much on your feet, know the ropes, and can plan your gold usage on your own.

Q: what should I do with my gems?
A: some pepole suggest buying heroes with them, I would suggest saving them, occasionally buying a single cards from the “singles” shop, honestly but it’s your choice ;)

Q: can I move my creatures?
A: you can actually click on your creatures in your field and click another spot

note this will cause your creature to have a 1 wait cool down

Q: can i have my creatures stop attacking?
A: yes click on your card and click the little shield your creature will not attack click the shield again to return it to normal note it will still get attacked

Q: my creature died what’s this thing where it was?
A: that is a “corpse” when creatures die they leave a corpse that blocks that space from being used until the your next turn when it is removed
NOTE the ability dust causes the creature to simply disappear when killed and you can also remove the corpse the first turn for 2 mana
NOTE there is now a abillity know as "corpsecraft" whitch allows certain creatures (only one so far as i understand it) to be played where a corpse is

This is a work in progress and I’m adding more questions and answers all the time ;) send me a message or post on the thread if you can think of others.

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This is a nice FAQ but some of it is quite outdated. I recommend you edit some of the questions ie. 'What is the best kingdom to start with?' as this is no longer a choice. Here are a few more that I often answer in chat. I will give my answer but you can put what you want on the main post.

Q: What is the best T3?
A: There is no best T3 as each one has different strengths and weaknesses. If there are unbalanced heroes then the developers do their best to even them out but now all heroes are playable. Some are easier to play with a limited card pool such as Jorma or Akatril and some require more specific cards such as Noran.

Q: I am new and have few cards, should I buy gold or silver packs?
A: Although silver packs are cheaper, if you buy them you will not get many cards that will make your deck stronger in the long run. Gold packs contain rares which are very useful when you are doing the campaign and even give the chance of epic cards which will be vital if you are considering challenging in the arenas later.

Q: Should I buy Core or Eve packs and are Eve cards better?
A: My advice is buy at least 50/60 core packs before you start buying eve, maybe more. Eve cards are no better than core and there are fewer staples in eve than core. Eve cards are often situational and can make good combos but are not essential.



yeah ive been slowly editing this to update it thanks for the chatch will go change that

i think on this one i will leave the questions and answers added by others (like yours) out of the main and let yall take credit on the kong one ill add them in but ill give credit to those who deserve it ;)

edit: allso when i add new stuff in (or edit stuff like i did just now) i forget all the grammer etc that will be fixed in abit when i get around to throwing it all into word again