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If your a main player of arena, be sure to read this one.

Its quite rare and complex, but happened to me for the last time, so I will report it here and explain.
How it happens: You click arena fight button. If you go off the "searching" part of arena, THEN leave arena, it will drag you straight back into a game. AFTER that, you will NOT be able to click ANYWHERE. Not chat to say anything, not your own cards, not even the options to surrender. You have to refresh after it.

Hope it helps a bit. SO be VERY careful when in arena! it also costs you arena points like it did with me (and it stacked, I've lost 60-80 rating because of this). So be careful and I say, before you do ANYTHING in arena, wait 5 seconds for everything. After you join it, before you battle, before you swap decks, before you leave.