Deploy cannon deck

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Deploy cannon deck

Deploy cannon qdc style. Could a deck revolving around Moran blinking and masterforger retriggering deploy cannon enmasse . I don't have the cards to make that happen. Could anyone else make it

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Could somone help me move this to the deck thread I'm on my phone can't seem to figure it out

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You could try it but deploy cannon is a different beast then qdc or shrapnel cannon. With qdc and shrapnel, you must build the entire deck around those cards or it won't work.

With deploy cannon, you make your normal deck, then add 2-4x cannons assuming you don't need the rare slots and they serve as pressure on the enemy hero and easy removal for any 1-2 hp creature.

It's also very costly for the enemy to remove cannons in limited, unless he's using eldest or something.


Hi Ozy.

I tried building what you asked. The problem I run into is getting the deploy cannon spells. If you want to guarantee drawing these you would need 4 deploy cannons and 4 burst of wisdom. And then NO other spells in your deck. Then you would want to have alot of draw potential to actually draw these cards.
So perhaps fairy matrons + scroll makers?

Unfortunately you don't have any mana income. So you could add some cyclezards. But you have no way of self destrucing those as you don't have any spells.

I think you get my point...

Nothing is impossible. But I do not know how to make it work yet.............

What is even worse is that cannonballer only works on attack. Not on enter. So you can blink it. But nothing will happen:(