Story time with archa

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Story time with archa

Lawofthewest asked me if I wanted to do another story time with Archa. Obviously I was extremely flattered by this request. I am very receptive of ego stroking. So here we go:

The story of the the Pint Agency

Once upon a time there was a band of overworked miners. They dug tunnels in the mountain day after day. They worked as hard as their short bodies could handle. And every day they worked the mines they became stronger and stronger. Until one day an overworked miner stood up and said: "I do not wish to work the mine every day of my life. I will start a bar where you overworked miners can wind down and drink some ale". So he became a proud Bar Owner. He named his bar the Pint Agency.

Everyday more and more Overworked Miners came to the bar and the regular overworked Miners turned into Dwarven Berserkers, Brewmasters and Pub Crawlers. They became very good at working in the mines and very good at drinking beer in their Pint Agency bar.

Things were going extremely well for the dwarves. Even a beautiful barmaid became a regular in the Pint Agency bar. Everybody loved the barmaid. She boosted everyone their spirits. More beer was drank. They sang songs and had a good time.

But then, on a dark rainy day. Blinding lightning and roaring thunder made the mountain groan. It was if the dwarven gods were fighting a battle in the sky. On that scary night an Explosive Gnome entered the bar. He sat down at the bar and told the dwarves about his explosive magic. He wanted to convince them if they took him into their community. He would teach them all about his explosive magic. And then the dwarves would become even better at mining tunnels and digging for gold. The dwarves were impressed by this magic and they took the explosive gnome into the mines.

For a while the dwarves and the gnome were prosperous. They struck gold more often for a little while. But what the dwarves did not know was that the gnome was evil. All it tried to do was tunnel to the core of the mountain so that it could then BLOW IT UP. The dwarves learned about this evil plan and they kicked him out of the group and out of the bar.

The Explosive Gnome was furious and he started planting explosives everywhere. If he could not blow up the mountain. He would try to blow up the world.

The dwarves are weary of gnomes from now on. And they will not take in another gnome in their midst. And the gnomes still roam the world trying to blow it up with their explosive magic.

I hope the Pint Agency can withstand the explosions being made by the gnome. And let this be a wise lesson to all. Be weary of explosive gnomes.

The end.