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Fatured card Idea

"Tribes Two singles are no longer appearing in the Featured Card area. This was an unintentional change in the last release and has been fixed. Tribes Two singles remain in the Singles Market."

I see why you considered this as a unintenional bug, but my suggestion is: when a special offer appears, in Featured card area should be cards related to the special offer (buyable for gold).

For example: When alchemy Tribes2 special was in special offer let us buy 1 of each card from this alchemy bundle. Only 1 max, strictly limited.

Example 2: There was special offer for 3 random epics. Would be fine if players could buy 1 pack for gold.

Of course price in gold can be higher than in gems (counting 1 gem for 1000 gold and 1 gem for 0,10 $).

That's all.