Why Essence Of Life Can Go Back To 4

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Why Essence Of Life Can Go Back To 4

I guess I'll give trying to throw my 2 scents (hopefully they both smell good) in again regarding being against nerfing certain things. So here's to another long winded rant.

While I understand that common complaint was, "THEY GAIN TOO MUCH LIFE!!!". And I certainly wouldn't doubt that there's been games where Essences did indeed just "gain too much life" and that the essence player totally won. But all this means is that the deck is functional. It's essentially a "combo" deck at heart, it set up it's combo and it went unchecked for too long and the deck worked.

And like most combo decks, it has a TON of ways to totally screw and disrupt what it's trying to do. Only Essence literally has THEE MOST answers to it when compared than any other deck of it's kind in Kingdoms history. In fact there were 2 more totally viable answers just printed in DD.

And a lot of these answers don't just set you back, the way armor did to QDC. Most of them could easily end the game on the spot unless you have a just the right situation to handle it the next turn.

It seems too often when someone calls for a nerf, they always claim "there's no way to answer it!" or "there's only a few specific answers" and 9 times out of 10, they usually miss like 5+ totally useable and popular answers that they're either not thinking of or just don't want to admit to.

So let's go through ALL the cards printed so far that could either help answer EOL or just straight out destory the deck on the spot. Starting from Core up until DD.


Shatter, Smelt, Return To Elements: Sure they're not the BEST answer. But even just getting rid of 1 EOL when the essence player played their second has a really good chance of setting them back a lot of turns and possibly taking more damage than they could have handled.

Undead Doomsayer: Jorma could drop this before an attack and guarantee that you can't gain a big life swing when they pass the turn, even if you do happen to have an answer to it that turn. All too often, Essence has to kinda just barely fight to stay alive before it starts getting to 20+ life. A lotta games you're relying on EOL gaining you just enough life to survive another turn until you can stabilize and start gaining stupid amounts of life. Doomsayer can stop the 9+ life gain that would have otherwise kept you alive for another turn. And that's only if the Essence player DOES have an immediate answer to it. Left unchecked, the Essence player may never catch up again.


Blunderbuss: Not the most popular answer, but it could pretty much set Essence up for an unwinnable scenario if it's dropped after the 2nd EOL and the player dealt enough damage beforehand.

Arguably Silence: It doesn't straight out stop life gain or destroy gear. But cutting an essence player off from pacifisms and every other spell they have can totally be enough if it's dropped early and the deck stays aggro, which most decks that run silence do. On a side not, it'd also kill Punish if they're using that as a wincon.


Steelcrusher: Essence removal and a solid threat that doesn't die to disintergrate or anything like that.

Puncture Blast: Kinda in the same ballpark as Smelt or Shatter. Not the best answer, but it works and I've seen it cost Essence games.

Echo Blast: Aside from Ceasefire, the single worst thing that could possibly happen to an essence player. Taking out 2+ Essence in a single turn sets them back a HUGE amount. Even with a reconstruct in hand, just getting 1 back might not be good enough. Even if the essence player does manages to survive afterwards and set up again, most people aren't gonna be running just 1 blast. And unlike a lot of the other cads mentioned so far, this is something that could fit in just about any deck and isn't something you'd be more likely to just run in sideboard.

Shiny Thief: Not the best answer, but it can and does happen. Essence either has to answer it or get totally screwed.

Bane: It's narrow and more of a sideboard thing, but like Doomsayer if it gets dropped at the right time, Essence is just done. This was even popping up in a lot of defense decks when Essence was in it's prime before the better players realized there's a million and 1 things it dies to.


Ceasefire: The absolute worse case scenario for essence. Cheaper than Echo and it doesn't even matter if you're running Essence other than Life, it'll kill everything, in one shot, for 3 mana. And it's uncommon....


Admittedly not really anothing here, but Deny can really hurt if they're running Combatants, Manacyles, Ream Crusher, Elera, etc.. and a lot of Essence decks do.


Awakened Elder: A huge problem for Essence if they can't stop it. It'll kill their essence and just become a bigger and bigger threat. Even if they manage to pacify it or reduce it's attack with Combatant, that effect will keep going off. And it's really not too easy to get rid of.

Shattering Shout: A pretty decent answer. It's versatile and would technically be and was a solid answer to Essence.


Deepwood Druid: Similar to Doomsayer and cheaper too. If it drops at the right time or can't be answered, it's easy to just be too aggro for an Essence deck.

The Rack: Kinda overlooked IMO. Unless the Essence player has an echo blast on hand, this can be a lot harder to get rid of and helps support the whole aggro thing. It's not something you could just throw in any deck, but it does totally answer Essence if you did.

As well as the hero abilities of Baha, Ravi, Nomad and Wilo to a lesser extent. And of course you could also just forget ALL of those answers and just be too damn aggro for them to keep up with.

Just counting the cards, that's 15 answers printed for Essence so far. A lot of them (the best one included) are common/uncommon. But rarity doesn't matter, since it's banned in Limited anyway. Which brings us to the other point.

One of the most common complaints from anyone who wanted to nerf EOL was "But all those answers are EPIC/RARE!!". Well, it's banned in Limited now......

Let's even assume that they were right, Essence Of Life was too much for Limited. Well, that's been answered. Certainly it's not too much for Standard where ALL of those answers could work.

Let's even humour the "Even in Standard, it's too hard to answer it without sideboard so it's too good in Arena!" folk. Let's pretend that Echo Blast doesn't exist, nor does any of the other answers. Couldn't we then just ban it in Standard arena if it's that scary?

Certainly it's nothing to be scared of in tournaments where a sideboard does indeed completely shut off Essence from even having a ghost of a chance. And shouldn't anything go in skirmish where you could essentially choose to play with whoever you want in whatever format you want? People who don't like essence, simply don't have to play against someone running essence if they don't want to. And there's no reward that's too easy to get with it since nothing counts there.

Guild Def decks have access to AND use a lot of the answers listed above, even now that Essence is at 5 and almost no one uses it. Not to mention it's impeccable luck when it comes to drawing answers on the right time. And if it's a matter of "it's not fun to play against", I don't think the AI is too worried about that.

Which brings up another petty lil sidepoint. A lot of people who hated Essence complained "It's no fun to play against, you just have to sit there while they're at 100+ life". No disrespect, but do these players not know that there's a forfeit button? Even looking at it from the view of one of those "I'LL NEVER GIVE UP" kinda guys. If you see that they're at 100 life, and you know that even if you did draw an answer now that there's literally not enough turns left to even deal that much damage. Isn't it your fault for choosing to sit there and watch it happen over 30 turns?

And let's not forget that Essence Of Life by itself doesn't actually WIN anything. The deck needs a wincon, and it's generally REALLY slow. Punish needs the Essence to be around and working to do anything. Seraphim Enlightener needs you to already be at 40+ life AND stay there during the opponents turn AND hope they don't have removal unless they're playing Thania. Essence of Darkness faces a lot of the same problems EOL does. And just trying the trick where you run 1 Burst Of Wisdom and just hope that your opponent runs out of cards first, relies on you keeping that Burst until the right time and keeping ahead of them for 30+ turns.

Sorry that was too long, even I wouldn't read that. But IDK, sure would be cool if we could move away a bit from this mentality of users immediately running to beg for nerfs without ever considering all the ways they could answer the card they want nerfed.


I actually read it all.. personally I definitely don't think that EoL or the others are OP or unstopable, it's actullay absolutely true what you say here, there are so many counters.. so, the reason I voted for nerf and am happy for the ban is that these cards shouldn't exist at all in my opinion. first second I looked upon them I remember thinking "that's an odd text, feels like boring stall will happen" and that is exactly what it is about.

see, I love stall decks, I play Grovenhold stall in GW and Wiloryn stall in Limited, and consider them a fair and diversifying (might have made that word up) concept. sort of like I hate meeting aggro decks and love playing them, then the next moment I love meeting them and get bored from playing them... but EoL is another thing entirely, it is just too much, it feels like a bad parody on Kccg.

since I run stall a lot, I also bring the means to out-stall, so it's not a matter of losing to EoL, in fact this rarely happened for me, even with IH and Reconstructs in the picture. neither is it any kind of feeling of unfairness, it needs its build-up and is countered by lots of cards as stated in the post. what it is, in my opinion, is that unlike shaman, AI GooG swap/DR, EBA or any other "OP" decks in the last year (even QDC is excepted) the EoL based decks is going so far beyond any reasonable amount of life/health/buff/card gain and damage to both creatures and heroes, that it feels like someone tyoed IDDQD IDKFA and then you just sit there looking at someone you have to mill out the next few minutes - it simply feels ridiculous.

summed up, not unfair - it ruins the game though.

this is why I will not back the idea up, even though it is 100% right.


Hi Diarrhea. Amazing name.

I read what you wrote. And I wrote what Sarastro wrote. Entirely.

And you are right. EoL by itself has enough counters so that you can counter it.
However. Essence is like Ddarrhea. It just comes with to much. Combining essence with hourglass, reconstruct, beckoning, circlets and duplicates creates a huge problem. And you can kill the gears all you like. They will keep coming back. Like diarrhea, it's to hard to stop the flow once it starts. Particularly the circlet and the Hourglass are at fault. As they create a huge mana ramp and the return of the essences. And you simply can''t keep killing them as you don''t have 40 remove gear cards in your deck.

Btw, you forgot the resolute pacifist and some gnomes in gear removal cards.

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Diarrhea = Oogie if you didn't know


Thank you! I like my name too and I'm glad that you understand where I'm coming from.

My only gripe was that the argument against EOL just now essentially came down to "I know it's fair, I know it's easy to stop and hell I barely even lose against it. But I just don't like it".

It's that kind of criteria for backing up the nerf of cards that I feel is hurting KCG.

The whole thing about "Combining essence with hourglass, reconstruct, beckoning, circlets and duplicates creates a huge problem. And you can kill the gears all you like. They will keep coming back" just isn't true. If you kill the gears, no, they won't come back......

Reconstruct can only do so much. It can only bring back 1 at a time and has a HUGE chance of just being a totally dead card. Hourlgass can be destroyed with most of the same things that stop Essence. Same with Duplicates. Sure Circlets make essence a lil bit cheaper, but that still isn't gonna stop the Essence player from being curb stomped when they get hit with an Echo Blast. Hell they could have out 3 Circlets and be playing their Essence for 1 mana, they're still gonna die to Echo Blast, Ceasefire, Doomsayer, Awakened Elder, etc.......

Even with Essence packing every single card you mentioned. Not a one of them could truly save them from a well timed Echo Blast or Ceasefire. Let alone 2+. Certainly you wouldn't need "40 remove gear cards" in your deck for that. TBH even just 3 Echo Blast would give you a pretty good advantage over ANY essence deck, no matter how many ways they have of bringing their gear back. Add in hero abilities, other cards you might be running that could handle essence and the possibility of Sideboard and people should actually be excited to see a player running essence, as they're more than likely gonna get an easy win without much effort.

In reality, Essence was already fighting an uphill battle when it cost 4. There was and is just too much hate and the deck was and now REALLY is too slow for it to ever really compete with the upper tier stuff.

Again, even if you literally run NOTHING to stop essence. Just being aggro is often times more than enough to just stomp essence before they ever have the chance to drop that 2nd one. That's a big part of what makes essence weak. They pretty much HAVE to drop 2+ Essence to survive. And those essence HAVE to stick around for a few turns. Even just 1 well timed single gear removal can end the game for them.

While I'm certainly not trying to argue for a nerf towards ANYTHING. Something like Goog/Swap is a million times more of a threat than essence could ever dream of being. It can drop way faster than Essence (literally on turn 0.5), has waaaaaaaaay less answers, and usually puts you on a 2-3 turn clock. And while there certainly are people who vent and complain about this, the consensus seems to be that it's not something we have to immediately nerf now.

So a 7/7 "hexproof" with like 3 answers to it that can drop before you even drew your first card is acceptable. But a goofy life gain deck with 15+ answers that has to struggle to survive the first few turns is too much?

And don't get me wrong, I totally agree Goog/Swap should stick around. It sucks when it drops too fast and you can't answer it and die. But hell, that's what a good combo is about. And in all fairness a player can't cheat the RNG to make it so that Swap almost always goes into Goog the way AI does, so it's just not quite as big a deal in arena. Even with that Rat/Swap deck. There's still always Final Verdict as a cheap and effective answer.

And that's kind of what I'm talking about. Goog/Swap was a pretty scary problem. And rather than nerfing anything or ruining the combo, we just got another answer to it that would really help.

Essence has 15+ answers, and that's not even counting hero abilities and crappy stuff like Shatterblast Gnomes that you wouldn't even consider and more keep coming with each new set. Yet we still have decided that EOL is too much. And it seems the only reason anyone can come up with for that is "Well, I just don't like'em".



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I am in the camp that EOL needed a nerf, but a strict increase to the mana cost was overkill. Some kind of limit on health gain with multiples would have been better.

Also, on GOOG (since no one in there right mind actually pays 10 mana for it to come out), the card could be reworked so that it is not entirely reliant on swap or dreadful return. Something like a 6/5 for 8 mana.


But "why" do you think EOL needed a nerf? The life gain doesn't really get scary until there's 2+ on the field and even that is VERY easily answered. Not to mention that this only happens if the EOL players managed to survive long enough to play both those EOL AND survive the next turn AND hope to never see any answers to it.

Why is it any worse than any other combo deck that can potentially win a game? Especially considering it's harder to play and has more answers than every other combo deck ever attempted.

Would you be able to come up with a logical reason EOL needed to be nerfed outside of "I just don't like it"? Not trying to imply that that's what you're saying. But I would be interested in hearing an argument outside of that as I haven't so far.

While I don't want to get off subject. The most common and reasonable nerf I hear for Goog is simply to change the wording to "This card cannot ENTER PLAY unless you have 8 or less life". While I personally could live with Goog staying as it is. I could at least understand why something like that could use a nerf and wouldn't complain about it.

As opposed to EOL that didn't really need a nerf, but people just cried loud and long enough that they got it. I just think it's a shame that too often nerfs are decided not by the logic of the argument against the card but by the volume of the complaints.


Essence needed a nerf because of Inverted Hourglass really. A single piece of gear removal won't do anything against an Inverted hourglass followed up by a duplicate, destroy the hourglasses with an echo blast and they come back with a reconstruct or another hourglass. Even if they don't, you still have to deal with the essences they have in play. The "answers" which you listed off to beat essences with, couldn't stop it; hourglasses returned essence after a ceasefire, Echo blast and the single gear removal spells had the problem above and the creature or gear answers were stopped by the essence decks' removal (echo blast, EoS, other depending on the list).

It's true that essences aren't scary until they have several in play however the deck rarely played an essence without either another or a duplicate and so there weren't many situations in which they didn't have too. Even drawing the essences wasn't a problem because they had access to 4 treasure hunts as well as 4 study gears, giving the decks effectively 12 essences of life / hourglasses. The essence decks were incredibly resilient to everything, including luck.

Aggro-ing out the essence decks often didn't work or simply wasn't possible. For the aggro decks they could be stopped temporarily by hourglasses (which were then blinked and duped by noran, sometimes even with a compound cube), or simply many fast essences from drav. For many decks beating down the essence before they could assemble a lock just isn't possible, many decks aren't aggro decks and if aggro and essence were the only decks which could be viable - well that simply isn't a healthy metagame (see affinity vs. anti-affinity of mirrodin block MTG).

GOOG is NOT more powerful than essence. Why? Because it's not actually good. Like at all. I love goog swap, it's my favorite deck in this game but seriously it's not very good. AI broke swap but if you tried any of those defense decks in arena it would do nothing. Yes, a T1 goog is possible (oooh very scary NERF! NERF! NERF!) but really it's not even hard to beat - archmage, fury stocker, spirits within and a dozen other cards all wreck the deck even silence is just take 3 extra turns against most goog decks. Goog Rats was good.... for a couple weeks when I had just built it, but now EVERYBODY KNOWS ABOUT IT. One of the largest advantages the deck had was that nobody saw a T1 goog coming in standard (not to mention the rage quits it got in limited) but when everybody knows that it's there, it's really easy to play around. The biggest difference between goog decks and essence is that 99% of counters to goog are maindeckable cards that are just very good in general. The majority of counters for essence are sideboard cards at best, some not even, this meant that in arena essence has much fewer viable counters than a goog deck does. (You should also take into account that goog decks get 0 tutors for goog except potentially MoB if it's got dreads, but then you need to make corpses without dudes and it's rather clunky)

Finally for your point of it has THE MOST answers, yes it has a lot but so did QDC; the thing is is that both those decks played answers for the answers and there aren't many complaining that QDC got nerfed.

I don't mind stall decks, I actually enjoy them (both playing with and against) but essence was too much. It generated too much advantage in both cards and life, while also being able to end the game on the spot if you had no counter the turn it went for the win (assuming an EoD/Seraph Enlightener deck).

To be perfectly honest I would much rather see cards banned then nerfed, as that allows them to come back later or at least be playable in other formats however most people seem to disagree.

If you see any flaws in my points I would gladly cover them for you

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While I do appreciate your thorough feedback and answering with something more than "I just don't like it". Again, a lot of these points are just straight out false.

It makes me think that you've either NEVER played essence yourself. Or just had bad luck a few games and lost a game or 2 to essence and assumed that the deck was unbeatable.

With every example you try, you're assuming that essence has THEE perfect answer at all times AND drew the perfect hand. Essence ALWAYS has a reconstruct. Essence ALWAYS has duplicate. Essence ALWAYS has hourglass AND multiple Essence AND Duplicate in the grave at all times, starting on turn 1.

So sure, if the other player is slow, and essence draws perfect and has an answer to every single thing thrown at it and ALWAYS has the reconstruct (which still isn't gonna be enough on it's own) and an hourglass out AND a duplicate in the grave and the player isn't being aggro on those even turns where they can't duplicate stuff (you know, providing they ALWAYS have all this stuff going on). Then yes, Essence will probably win.

If any even vaguely coherent deck draws exactly what it needs and is able to respond to every threat thrown at it, yes, that deck will probably win. Again, that's the nature of a card game. That's the nature of any luck based game really.

Let's even assume that these perfect scenarios you've described really are constantly happening. Would just bumping the cost up to 5 really be enough to stop them at that point? Or where they honestly just never anywhere near as threatening as your proposing?

You say "It's true that essences aren't scary until they have several in play however the deck rarely played an essence without either another or a duplicate and so there weren't many situations in which they didn't have too".

What exactly do you think Essence is doing before that happens? Do they just start with infinite life? Are they immune to damage? Is the other playing just politely waiting to do anything until essence has had 4-5 turns to get ready? What "good" essence deck actually runs 4 EOL, 4 Study Gear, 4 Treasure Hunt? That's like over 25% of their deck right there. Where would the room be for all this other stuff that's magically keeping them alive until they dropped their 5-7 costed Essence through Study Gears and Treasure Hunts? Certainly it can't be the Duplicates and Reconstructs that they ALWAYS have in their hand. And hourglass can only slow the opponent down so much.

What kind of aggro decks are you playing dahling? I mean, yeah if you're just playing with the "Light" deck that they give you at the start of the game, you'll probably have a hard time killing them with Bears and birds. But most people aren't doing that. Even the most basic jorma deck with all it's hasters could smash through Essence long before they ever had the chance to drop anything. More often than not Essence hasn't even gotten started until turn 5+. Even an average aggro deck should be able to kill by turn 4 at least if they're going unchecked. And according to you, essence just runs 12 ways to get essence and 12 more ways to copy it and get it back. So it isn't gonna be too hard for a semi-functional aggro deck to stomp face for those early turns where essence is just passing the turn and hoping.

Let's even assume we're playing against a decent EOL deck, not one running 4 Treasure Hunts and 4 Study Gear. Let's assume they actually know what they're doing and they're running Fae Combatants, Pacifisms, Final Verdicts, and general good removal alongside EOLs. An essence deck that could actually handle threats thrown at it early and possibly survive long enough to get what it needs off. This still requires that the other person has NO Echo Blasts, no gear removal and that if they do, alongside all that removal they were using to survive up until that point. That the EOL player ALSO somehow magically was able to draw hourglass AND duplicate AND have enough mana to play both.

You're whole argument is based on EOL drawing the perfect opening hand, having near infinite mana and continuing to draw every card it needs turn after turn without skipping a beat.

So yes, like any deck ever made in any CCG ever created. If a functional deck draws a perfect hand and continues to draw every card it needs from there on, it will most likely win.

Of course, that doesn't usually happen.......

I was hesitant to mention GooG because I feared it would derail the thread a bit, but that's my own fault.

I do totally hear ya. Goog/Swap is really only truly consistent and scary when played by AI who can keep rerolling what swap hits until it hits Goog. It's admittedly nowhere near as scary when a non-cheating player is running it. But again, you then go on to make up a lot of false and contradicting claims.

Essence having a lot of answers doesn't matter cause "MAGICAL FAIRY LAND!". However having a bunch of answers suddenly DOES matter when we're addressing GooG. "archmage, fury stocker, spirits within and a dozen other cards all wreck the deck". Can you actually name "a dozen other cards" that wreck Goog? Hell, can you name 6 other cards? Final Verdict is one, what else........

"The biggest difference between goog decks and essence is that 99% of counters to goog are maindeckable cards that are just very good in general". Okay, we got Fury Stoker, Archmage and Verdict. Those cards are admittedly good in a lot of decks and often mained. So is Echo Blast. So in this case, Goog has 2 more main deckable answers than EOL. Goog is also 100 times more threatening than EOL.

But that is admittedly besides the point as we do both agree that Goog/Swap really only works when played by AI. I was just trying to show an example of a far more threatening card that most people seem to be willing to tolerate.

All that aside. I fully agree that banning cards makes LOADS more sense than nerfing them. So much so that there's no logical reason why we should still be doing both. It'd be like continuing to use stonings and crucifixions as means of capital punishment even after we've already established a more rational and civil justice system.

Banning cards answers the cries of the nerfers without ruining the card forever in every format. So by all means, ban Essence in Limited, ban it in Standard, go ahead. Run monthly votes on what cards people want banned in what formats and ban everything that they want. But let's not ruin any functional card that comes up in every format.

There's definitely a simple and fair solution to this. Nerfs should be a thing of the past now that we have bannings.


Okay, so true I have never played an essence deck, but I have played many more than a few games against essence and did not claim it was unbeatable - that would be false as it was not. I would also like to apologize for any false statements I made, they were based on my experiences and I did not intend to exaggerate the situation.

However, what about if they have any 2 of their "combo" pieces. Hourglass + Essence, this probably isn't gonna win the game on its own honestly however adding another essence, or a duplicate or even pacifism and it easily could. Hourglass + Duplicate, this can just stall for an extremely long time, usually long enough to assemble more pieces, though it requires few other cards in your discard at first it can eventually overwhelm your opponent in card advantage. Essence + Duplicate, okay this is also just 2 essence, 4 life a turn is not insignificant and against slower decks it can bring your life up to unstoppable fairly quickly. So pretty much any combination of those 12 - 16( with some combination of Hunts and Studies as I assume you played at least some) can win a game.

Essence decks don't always have reconstruct however I don't always have the ceasefires that I'm main decking entirely to beat essence. Essence does have answers (hence reconstruct) but there aren't many that I want to maindeck.

The aggro point was bad, I will admit that. However essence did create an oppressive environment for decks aside from aggro as they couldn't necessarily kill them before they got into their lock. Other combo decks often require the luck to survive till they can combo and rely on good draws, then need to play all their cards in one turn. Essence however actively helps itself survive by playing combo pieces.

As for GooGs I also don't want to derail the thread (like the Ichor life drain thread whoops!) so let's drop it after this:
1. Having answers matters vs. GooG because GooGs only way of recurring GooGs are with dread returns - and honestly I have not been very happy with that cards performance since the nerf. Essence however has many ways to recur itself (goog also needs to combo again in order to stick another GooG).

2. "Can you actually name "a dozen other cards" that wreck Goog? Hell, can you name 6 other cards?" I can and will right now
a) Final Verdict - You pointed this once out and it is probably the most efficient answer
b) Silence - No it doesn't kill goog instead it just make 90% of your deck unplayable, 3 flashbacks for 1 mana, fun.
c) Toxic Immobilizer - Creature answers aren't the best but they can work
d) Dimensional Rip - This one is surprisingly devastating for the deck, drops goog to 3 and burns you for 4 - 6
e) Realm Crusher - yup
f) Eternal Dragon - Do the math and you'll see dragon does actually kill GooG
g) Immortal - This deck just happens to be near unbeatable for swap
h) Fae Combatant - Yup, neutered googs aren't killing anybody
i) Divine Wrath - Okay, this one isn't played much but it still works and I have run into it
j) Roaring Mastondon - Timid is awful for GooG (though it is beatable)
k) Oppressing Angel - Meh, I've lost to it
l) Tempor Reversal - Getting GooG shuffled in sucks

So there ya go 12 maindeckable answers to GooG. As for other things that aren't so maindeckable, theres - Skyreaver Dragon, EoS, Firestorm Shamans, Vow-Sworn Monk + Exchange, Transmutate, Mass Polymorph, Aryn's Cursed Bulwark, Elemental Bequest, Dark Sacrifice, Doppelganger, Pacifism + Exchange, Glue Gun, Meteor + Damage, QDC + card draw and I'm sure I'm missing some stuff in there.

3) Tolerate, heh GooG actually gets a ton of hate

As for everything after that I entirely agree

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Both GooG and Essence have many answers, people just don't want to have to run them.
That's what it comes down to when there's lots of complaining and it's usually cuz something is overused.

I've killed googs with werewolf + command creautre, too


What ppl dont understand is, fun is the main point of a online game. If ppl dont want to be obligated to maindeck answers for specific cards that dont allow many interactions, its a fair opinion.

The main problem of Essences wasnt only its raw power, but the time u had to spend when the combo was made and u hadnt any answers just to lose a hopeless game.

Just to be clear, i was against Essence nerf, as u can see in the nerf thread, im just stating that i can understand that it happened and move on.

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But at the same time if you remove all the cards that play unique angles you end up with very bland design options where only standard creature based decks are playable. Of course you want to avoid making combo and control decks too powerful and fast to the point where the entire meta is forced to warp around them heavily so there is a fine line we need to walk to keep things as diverse and creative as possible


I actually do understand that though and I covered it in the first post.

While I certainly don't think "raw power" was one of essences problems. The deck is actually incredibly slow, clunky, inconsistent and easy to answer.

Regarding the whole "it's not fun to play against". I think that's just simply tooooo subjective to really be a relevant point. I personally hate playing against certain Jorma or Devroth decks. I wouldn't really say either are "OP" but I just hate losing a game to either Jorma dropping out way too much damage too fast and finishing it off with hasted scavs and other hasters even if you do handle the initial rush. Or to knowing that no matter what I do, Dev's ultimate is gonna wipe the board and with AI's insane ability to topdeck rejuvs, that they'll probably be able to pull it off again in 3 more turns. I don't think either hero should be nerfed, but I personally don't like playing against them.

The thing with the whole "It's boring to sit through a hopeless game" thing. Is that in that case it's really the fault of the person losing to Essence if they refuse to just hit the forfeit button. I know some people have that "I'll never give up!" mentality. But you gotta be realistic about it. If they're at 60+ life and you're dealing 5-6 a turn, and they're gaining 9+, and you have no gear removal, maybe it's time to hit that button.

Not that that means the deck itself was unbeatable. But it IS functional and sometimes it's "combo" goes off and it wins. If you insist on sitting through all 30+ turns of that, that's on you.

But whatever, if you yourself are against the nerf I suppose that's besides the point. I mean I understand "why" people came to the conclusion they did. I just think their logic was flawed. And hope that at some point we could bring EOL back down to 4 where it belongs.

And definitely agree with Doc. More diversity is always good, and nothing else really played like essence. While stall decks aren't everyone's favourite deck to play against, they were a viable option with a lot of fair answers that kept them in check.

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I'll be honest, if GANZ decided that the one card in game that deserved a buff was essence of life I would probably quit the game.


What's the problem of Essence of Life being at 5 mana? I actually believe it would have been better to have it at 5 mana right from the release, seeing it is by far the strongest of all the Essences. No one would complain then.
You can still play your Essence decks, I don't see the big change to them by that mana increase other than being a little bit slower than before. But as you wrote, it already is superslow, so that shouldn't make a big difference.
I think people just don't play it that much anymore, because they are mad at the nerf. In my opinion it is still a very strong deck style and I see a couple of smart people play it arena still and get good results with it. I personally lost games against them after the nerf.

Long story short: In my opinion 5 is a reasonable manacost for the power the card represents.


Essence of life is fine at 5, honestly. I got beat twice by essence nomad in standard aren (vrs MY shamans!)


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