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Ive been playing this game for three years now and do thoroughly enjoy it , but as of late im finding it bitterly disappointing .... Gob scav to be precise , its a card that is op , but yet we can find ways around it , but when the game is bugged and you can use it in decks to cheat , it becomes frustrating. if you run multiple accounts for example to further your ranking and get caught out , you get banned for cheating etc. My question is whats the difference between that and gob scav , the game allows you to cheat in certain areas , but only one area is punishable by banning. decks are being built around this style and speaking for myself i find it totally unfair. As a paying customer and wanting fairness to all , i propose a ban on this card in Thania decks... Screen shots of this being used should be considered cheating and there needs to be a warning and then a ban...This isn't a small bug its a major in my opinion , the game does allow it but it shouldn't be happening!!





I don''t see much difference between losign my charges and getting killed 2 turns later than opopnent playing RTG and kililng me after using ulti.


Doesn't always work like that... but thats besides the point , it states you cant gain charges that way , but you can. When your getting competitive in this game it means alot to be fair . Especially when you spending money on here and seeing the site not operating correctly. im only simply playing by the rules that are given and building decks around them. Most of the cards on here are for sale so anyone can purchase them at any time . If your struggling you could simply buy RTG and get amongst it.

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Two things:

1) I obviously can't ban someone for using cards as programmed, even if those cards aren't working the way they were intended.

2) Last night I finally figured out how to fix the Thania/Scavenger Goblin interaction. The fix will be going out in tomorrow or Wednesday.


Thanks for the reply Karl, Id been playing for five or so hours last night and was getting pretty heated. I awoke this morning not so frustrated. No offence to anyone in particular, and thanks for the fix.