You have been idle for too long

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You have been idle for too long

I'm certain many of you have encountered this message. You get disconnected after staying idle too in most of the screens of the game.

This does not always happen. I believe when you are in the tournament screen this does not happen. And maybe in some other screens it does not happen either.

My question is: Is this really necessary?

Is this because the server cannot handle more than 500 people online at the same time? Is it to save bandwidth? What is the reason behind it?

To me it would seem better to have 500 players online of wich 400 are away from keyboard and 100 are active than to have 100 active players online. Player numbers are important. If you play a game that has alot of active players online it shows that it is a popular game.

When logging into the game it loads something. It is displayed in KB. this number goes up to 27.000kb. I take it this is not downloaded every time you login? Otherwise bandwith simply can't be the reason why clients get disconnected after staying online for too long.

So too summarize:

1. Why do we get disconnected?
2. What is all this KB data loading that we see when logging in.
3. Suggestion: Do not disconnect idle players.

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