Incentivizing Tournament Play

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Incentivizing Tournament Play

A lot of vets refuse to play tournaments now that the prize distribution is spread out across old sets.
What if we added a small gem reward on top of the tournament packs to give these players more of a reason to enter?

I wouldn't have to be much even something like 10/7/5 gems for a 5-8 man would likely be enough.


probably, yeah. People like me and nouser have no needs to play in tournaments with the current Reward system

I better idea could be getting rid of packs, and just making it gems (even I don't like it but listen)
Just gives ALL players, new and old a reason to play, and just seems as more freedom and choice.

I still want the tournament prizes to be packs ofc, but would it be better if the prizes were rotating aswell? such as, every 3 days shifts from EVE, to RISE, to TRIBES, to ACEND, to DECENT, and then back to EVE and so on and so on.

If it was like that, I would definitely play :D (I got poor eve collection, need elara from acend and decent is just sweat )

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That's actually not a bad idea. Rotating prizes would seems like a good compromise between the devs not wanting to give out too many packs from the new set and players with bigger collections still have incentive to play...sometimes.


Thx I do try to think some times :p

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And also push the cards gained to 10? Even 10 cards is less than what most other CCG gives you. 6 is just insulting..


The problem with rotation is that everyone would just play on the days of Acend/Decent and the rest of the time the tournaments would be dead. I think the gems is a great idea but not so many. Getting 10/7/5 would be to much, you can easily enter multiple tournaments a day. I would suggest something more along the line of 3/2/1 as well as packs. I think the current tournament packs aren't so bad, a lot of the old cards are no longer useful for top tier but there are plenty from which you can make fun or theme decks. The new packs do also have a decent chance of getting cards from the new sets and any old cards that you already have 4 of can be scraped for essence.



But I think new players would still play whenever they felt like it, and wouldn't really mind about what type of packs it was.

Old players would play decent and decent packs day, but that doesn't mean tournaments would be dead someday. Remember, that's the prize for PAID tournaments, not free. Players would still need to acquire tickets. So tournaments would never really "die".

I personally think, that rotating prizes combined with GANZ's idea/Watchers (making tournaments NOT start Until enough players join) Would provide the tournament system everybody is looking for and would be equally as good as the new arena.

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At this point id scrap packs altogether and give gems. Let people choose what packs they want to spend them on.

Tournies should have good incentives for all players. Its wrong to have a system that excludes top players because the rewards aren't worthwhile to them.

Also I'd cut the time each player has from 180 to 160 seconds, and speed up the drafting process in draft. These measures would increase the number of ppl who play them.


I agree the long process for drafting is why no one wants to play them and they almost never start. I don't think the 180 seconds per round should be reduced though. Many newer players already suffer from not enough time. I have won lots of battles that I should have lost purely because my opponent who was new ran out of time.


I love it, for sure. Anything is better than the way things are.

The problem is, is that old players don't want the packs and new players probably aren't gonna win them. Not to mention how hard it is to get a constructed tourny off, even free ones.

I'd love to see if we can implement the whole "AI filling the last few slots" thing, or something along those lines. Between that and increased rewards, I really think tournaments of all types would draw a lot more attention.