Whats a PA/GTGI? (Lore)

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Whats a PA/GTGI? (Lore)

There once was a ancient warrior named 'Grrwaaa', the founder of 'GoodThisGameIs'

He started from the bottom; gathering young talents to train and cultivate in his guild. They rised through the ranks, and several years later they were ferocious epic class players; fighting for fame, glory and rewards! They were among the best, ranking with the likes of 'Zorjak', 'IsThisGameGood', 'TeamAlphaMale', 'Forfeit or Die' and 'Alpha'. After a while, their competition seperated and died off, leaving only TAM, Alpha and GoodThisGameIs. Grrwaaa soon became tired of guilding, and decided to make a change. He appointed the current King, Malhavok as King; his team-spirit was incredible ... very loyal, and definatley the right choice for king. GTGI's 'feeder' guild was on the blink of destruction; it was crumbling from the inside out, and GTGI decided to rename itself 'Parental Advisory' or 'PA'; the reasoning behind this was the fact that GTGI could not be and have meaning without ITGG. Malhavok and his guild changed and moulded over the years, then in 2015 they then began to have a downfall. With the loss of one of their greatest, 'thefuninlife' because of some fighting within the grand guild; he then went on to join one of their rivals. PA were desperate; they brought in different players from different guilds; such as Djolutin and SuperNInjaZZ. Some of those members did well, some of them failed to reach the great heights of epic at the time. Several more PA members decided to take their riches and run; but Malhavok took action, with the help of JoeMagnuss and several other Dukes of PA. They brought in specialist such as DrBojangles, HotdogDurden and Limits. Then it comes to today. PA are currently 3rd in the overall league, as they were many years back. Will they ever manage to prevail and grow stronger to overthrow their rivals? Or will they end up like ITGG? It all hangs in the balance.


GTGI was a feeder guild for ITGG
They also took in people from ITGG who got tired of playing and wanted to take a break
Given by; xankludan

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Ragnarok and Eroticators, those were good times. Someone bring back Eroticators!

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BRING BACK RAGNAROK!!!! Seriously though, I miss you guys :'(


Correction: Malhavok became king of GTGI in Arrwagg (Grrwaaa)'s place before ITGG disbanded. And GTGI loyally supplied it's top players to ITGG for quite awhile before ITGG's eventual disbandment.

Correction: Zojak not Zorjak

Otherwise, quite accurate. It would be cool to have FoD, Ragnarok, TAM, Alpha, RensHouse's histories here as well!

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I started ForfeitOrDie, but I don't remember much of it's history.