Tournament Guide (ELITE) - Constructed Formats

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Tournament Guide (ELITE) - Constructed Formats

1) Before entering a tourney, build a SIDEBOARD. Not using 10 Sideboard cards is foolish- a good sideboard can win you the game. Some classic Sideboard cards include:

Realm Crusher - for swarming decks

Ceasefire or Resolute pacifist - for weapon based gear decks

Silence - for QDC and Cruto burn decks

Echo blast - used as a multi purpose card

Any rune - If you having problems with Recoil, Silence or Immortal, having ANY rune can give you a good chance to win vs your opponent

Thought Retriever - vs Mill

2) Try to look who is in a tourney. Before tourney starts, leave the tourney and look in tourney history at the decks of your opponents -> sometimes they use same decks in same formats, so you can adjust your sideboard 2 mins before tourney if necessary.

3) In Battle -> try to "bait" your opponent with cards to use their removal on them. Don't play your best card straight away -> let them use their removal on a weaker card, and then play your better one.

4) The best spot for playing a creature is in front of a CORPSE. Always try to position your creatures in front of corpses and avoid having too many corpses on your side.

5) Try to save mana during the tourney so you can quickly have an answer to your opponent's cards. There is nothing weaker than being a "sitting duck" and not having enough mana to play your mighty cards. don't play all creatures/spell straight away if you have enough mana, wait for the best moment.

6) Try to build a deck using suprising cards that people might not have any counters against it (certain runes, untargetable creatures etc.)

7) Don't say "gl" or "good luck" before a game - Good skill (gs) is more appropriate -> after a game gg / ggs is also a must.

8) Ask Veteran tourney players (+250 tourney wins) for hints. They might tell you stuff that is not found in any FAQs.

Have fun and enjoy the tourneys :D

LawOfTheWest (aka rawonhisfest in this forum)

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what's wrong with gl ? :D

-a question from a noob with +530 tourneys wins


the "good luck" part is half serious, half fun :D I am a n00b compared to you :P

...but after seeing people playinglike this:

1) oponent plays Grizze beast, then summons one of his creatures

2) opponent plays firebolt on my 2 resist Creature. TWICE IN ONE DUEL!

3) opponent runs Silence (!) in his QDC and plays it (!!!)

I started wishing "good skill"