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Crafting Guide

A link to the old forum on crafting. Don't blame me for laziness, I just thought why not let it go to waste? :). So im just gonna update and say basics of crafting here.


Now, you can craft an rare or epic card if you just have the essence for it. Go ahead!
You will NOT get only a stone. You can now get a stone AND essence from scrapping.


Never scrap cards that you don't have 4 copies of, always scrap cards if they EXCEED x4 copies, you never know when those cards can come in handy. Just last year (I think) somebody found out that jorma play really well with alchemy cards. Proves that decks can make a break-through any time, so keep those "useless" landslides or magnum opus's of thoughts you have ;)

I just wanted to put this here so new players can access it easily. But its not me. Infact, you should be thanking **meseary** here. I read this once myself and knew all there is to it quickly. So, if you ever see this guy In the Kingdoms CCG chatrooms, say hi, and a thank you :)


Any idea what ever happened to getting Tribes and Spooky stones?

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I haven't seen spoky stones in chests ever since GANZ took over. So I'm guessing they are gone. As for tribes stones, you can only get them from scrapping tribes cards.

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Why in the hell was this in Hero Discussion?


I checked, definitely in "New Player" section.

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Friends of mine did greatcustom writing by handmadewritings about crafting guide!



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