Retroactive Acheivement Gem Update

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Retroactive Acheivement Gem Update

Greetings, today, some of the achievements had their gems upgraded, is there any chance that players that have completed the achievements could get the improved gems retroactively added to them? Also, I have done all but one achievement (collect all of core) yet, it says 28/30, is there a hidden achievement or something?


yeah i would like to get my gems as well, thats a big difference, and vent shouldnt be on a disadvantage :S

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I think it is just a display bug - it should say 29/30.


I would like to hear an answer from the developers.


+1 im sure theyre working on it after frying the big fish


I'm sure they will get to it. It would be stupid of them not to. But fixing bugs is more important ATM

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Yeah I would like to get the extra gems from it kinda unfair that new people who get the achievements get much more so currently I should have 29 more gems.


I feel like uping this thread as none of the minor updates seem to give any hint of this.
I guess it's hard to credit all accounts created prior a certain date with some extra gems.