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Kingdoms CCG - Community Tournament

Calling all heroes!

We are excited to announce our very first Community Tournament for Kingdoms CCG. This bracket tournament is an open invitation to NEWplayers, though only 32 will be selected to compete. Future events will have different entry requirements.

Think your deck will outlast all others? Register now for a chance for glory!

The tournament will be held on where we will post the pairings. All participants’ decks will be posted on online to be reviewed by the opponent before the match begins.


----- RULES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Registration Rules
Only accounts created after January 1st, 2015 will be allowed in the tournament. To register to be considered for participation, you can either:
  • Send a PM to GANZ_Matt on the forum
You must include the following information:
  • In-Game Name
  • Forum Name
  • Deck (screenshot attachment or link sharing via Imgur)
  • Confirmation of availability on all scheduled dates and times (listed below in Important Dates)
Tournament Rules
  • Modified Limited Deck Rules only (40 – 60 Cards, 8 Rares, 2 Epics, NO Legendaries)
  • Any hero is allowed
  • No sideboards allowed
  • No editing of approved deck which must be used in all matches
Match Rules
  • Winners will be determined after a single battle
  • Pairs are responsible for initiating the match during the official scheduled times; account and forum names will be available
  • Players not online during match hours will be disqualified. If the opponent was online (determined by logs), they will be automatically pushed through to the next round.
  • Bracketcloud will be updated with the new pairings after each match day in preparation for the next match
----- WINNINGS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Non-Placed Participants
   10 Gems
Third and Fourth Place
   20 Gems
Second Place
   1 Epic Card (of winner's choice) and 40 Gems
First Place
   2 Epic Cards (of winner's choice) and 60 Gems
----- IMPORTANT DATES -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   March 13 - March 19
Participant Reveal
   March 20
All matches will take place between 6PM – 10PM EST. Participants must be available during these days and times for all matches in order to register.
Match 1
   Saturday, March 28
Match 2
   Monday, March 30
Match 3
   Wednesday, April 1
Semi - Finals
   Friday, April 3
   Saturday, April 4
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And just to confirm - this is a real, official announcement. Matt is going to help me out by running this tourney.

Are you the best new player in Kingdoms? Prove it!

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Just wanted to say that this idea is great. Hopefully a lot of new players will apply.


and for the "old" players?

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This won't be the only community tournament we'll have. We're planning on running a bunch of these, with all sorts of different entry requirements and deck rules.


Ya'll should probably repost this in a blog post.

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This is awesome!


agreed :D. im just hoping lots of new players will see this forum, and will participate :D. I would already enter my bud alphawolven12 (real bud at school) but that's the problem . . . school :/

Oh well, I just wanna say GL to all who participate in this exciting tournament. Good Luck all and plz, have fun!

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Will there be a way to view the matches? If not live, at least be able to see a recording of them.


I would suggest making a blog post telling new players about this, and have a special giveaway; each new player that creates a forum account gets a free eve pack.

Get some new peeps in the forums.

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Great Idea! But i think it need be communicated in the game, new players do not know forum.


This is a great idea, cant wait to see what other events you guys have planned.


Signed up


I'm interested

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Oh and people please leave this one for the noobs. Don't try to bring your alts into this.


How dare ye! I will have you know ShawnThorn1392830 is a totally different person!


Lawofthewest here -> Dr.Bo you are right - although this will be wishful thinking. I am staying out of this tourney, but you can be sure that some **** will enter this tourney with his alt. People like Rhystic haven't died out, you know.


I Deeply apologize! I would definitely enter my bud, alphawolven12 into this tournament but as some of you might know, were in school. So he could probably sign up but not make it to most the scheduled dates. I know that wouldn't be fair and GANZ nor anybody would like an afk player, so do take my apologizes.

Don't blame me, blame Brechin High school! (plz don't gimme detention, only sayin) . .

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Hey everyone. While we wanted to do something special for our new players, we didn't get enough interest to move ahead with the event. We will be announcing a replacement tournament for ALL players this afternoon.

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