Limited Shadowsil

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Limited Shadowsil

Dravkas is gone, let's play Ravinova...

Creatures 24:
3 Relentless Bones
2 Rotted Remains
4 Flutter Wisp
4 Scroll Maker
2 Warrior Remnants
2 Obstruct of the Mist
4 Shadowsil Assassin
2 Scavenging Goblin
1 Elara, Angel of war

Spells 10
4 Gift of the mystics
4 Disintegrate
2 Golemnify

Gears 6
2 Mourning Veil
4 Concealed Dagger

4 Spirit Bender
2 Guide of the way
2 Righteous Summon
2 Spiritual Gathering (free...)

deck profits from Scroll maker as much as possible. 2 key spells for deck are searched, disintegrate and Gift. Elara and Mourning Veil helps vs aggros. Rest is ussual combo pieces + Scavenging goblin for baha or control decks.

4 spirit benders for willrius demigod deck, 2 guide of the way + righteous summon vs elemental aggro. 2 Spiritual gatherings are optional. Golemnify in main can be replaced by lightning bolt.

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I still think drav is way better for that deck, because you can ensure you get shadowsill in how many ever turns it takes tinker to come up.


The biggest advantage over drav version is that deck isn't based on shadowsil... You do much dmg by small creatures or gain much lifes by mourning veil/Guide of the way. It works pretty well.