First thoughts about Devroth

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First thoughts about Devroth

Not sure what u guys are thinking, but i see Devroth as exactly what the hero this game was needing. In a game when a card can be banned for 1 mana and we have only 3 slots, it was a harcore effort to build a strategy around small cost creatures because you cant swarm in this game.

The few ones i saw was some jorma with sinergy gears and ravi with master tutor.

Now we have this hero that can summon and buff creatures for us, allowing to focus on spell for a real fast killing strategy and if things go wrong, he can cast a improved mass poly.

I really love this, hope the devs make first 2 abs really cheap to allow aggro to work.


yes but i think the third ability will be overpowered


I think Dev sounds totally awesome. But I do worry that the nerfers might start getting upset at both the new heroes. So I'm not sure how long we'll have them with those set of abilities. Or I'm expecting that the cost for those abilities will all be a lot higher than we'd think.


karl just revealed that his abs will cost 3/4/6, so prepare for a top tier hero with small creatures. I´m excited, the era of mid range petrice´s and belnir´s will probably change.


Or, those decks will start running charge steals and charge reduction to keep those skills under control ; ) Either way I agree, Devroth is good for the game.

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I like him,he looks like lots of fun.Maybe he will be ok for defense?

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Devroth really doesn't like Oust although it shouldn't hurt him too bad.

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I'm guessing Devroth is going to need a lot of fae charms if he get's OP :)


I believe his first ability is just too good, think about Amorya's Combat Training, Devroth's ability needs to be nerfed, Combat Training needs to be buffed.


A 1/1 buff is a pretty darn good buff, but keep in mind that it can only target a very low % of creatures.


Why does that matter? He is a very specific character, and his deck will have all of those creatures in it. Skill wise, availability of certain cards means nothing. There are only 3 or 4 creatures that can steal/negate charges, but put them all in a deck and give them a resurrect haste and the skill becomes ridiculous fast.

When compared with Amorya's training it is certainly better, but I've always believed her training should be buffed anyway


Buff Amorya, Devroth is fine


Amorya can have any card in her deck.

Devroth must have 2 cost creatures to be effective, and no undead cards.

These must be considered when appraising value.

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Just a quick note. There is no reason why hero abilities need to be balanced relative to each other. Each hero is a self contained unit so all that really matters is the overall power of the set of abilities as a whole. That being said Amorya could definitely use some love all around.


My toughs are dev is a strong hero who might require some counters to be beaten, but he is unique and fun and npt unbalanced