Uncaught Error: Please Help

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Uncaught Error: Please Help

Hi all,

I wasnt sure if this belonged in bug reports or in iPad errors but im having an issue all the same. I am currently unable to log into or outof my account, or access the game at all.

So basically, Everytime I try i am stuck with an error screen saying: "uncaught error: an error has been logged for quality assurance. You will be reconnected to the server." Then there are a lot of numbers and words below with what im assuming is information about the time and place the error occured.

No matter how many times i hit okay, quit the app, or reinstall, nothing happens and the error just keeps popping up. I have also tried launching the game on my iPhone with the same message appearing.

Any help would be very much appreciated via an employee or otherwise.


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Unfortunately the iPad version of Kingdoms is not owned, operated, or supported by Ganz (who is the company that owns the online version and runs this forum). You will need to contact the owner of the iPad version of the game, YMC Ltd., for assistance with any issues there.


I also have uncaught error and its not letting me sign in.
It automaticly trys to sign me in when i open the app but just crashes and gives me an error message.
Even uninstalling and reinstalling the app does not work.


This did already happen in the past, and was resolve after a few days.

Sadly Ganz didn't buy the Ipad version, sure it would be better if he did...


Pretty sad about the Ganz situation... the game is still very good on mobile just needs a little polishing.


Yeah I just got in touch with YMC they said they would investigate and solve as quickly as possible. Good enough answer for me I guess.


I'm getting the same error message on my Iphone 4s. Please keep us informed. :/


That's one crappy answer if you ask me. It means they never fix it. or maybe if they feel like it in the future...