Limited format is pointless in this current meta

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Limited format is pointless in this current meta

Limited format should be a way of getting players with a limited card pool a chance of beating the top dogs if they were skilled.

For this, card rarities should reflect their power.

But the truth is, rarities are completely messed up. So we have some combos that, for a limited perspective, are OP. We can see by tourney results, i follow it every day.

So i would suggest ending limited and putting pauper or even singleton in its place.

I dare you ppl to find a winner not using scrollmaker, frost wielders, skullcrusher or holy charm, that are clearly underrated in their rarity.


I agree that those new Light Ascending cards are almost a must-have in Limited nowadays which is really bad considering those packs are not easy to get for new players.
But this is not a problem of the Limited ruleset but of the rarity of those mentioned cards.
Scrollmaker and Frost WIelder should definitely be rare, Skullcrusher be nerfed and Holy Charm would maybe be OK if Justice was changed, in my opinion.

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There are far too many unplayable commons and uncommons even in limited. Prior to LA there were only a handful of creatures that were commonly played in good limited decks with the vase majority being total garbage. For the most part I think it is better we just print more solid cards rather than fewer.

This isn't significantly different from any other new release format by the way. The players with the most up to date collections have always taken advantage of them for an edge in tournaments. Now there is a card or 2 I would like to tweak in LA but players with weaker card pools have never had the advantage even in limited. I would love to see pauper come back though just not at the expense of limited.


Joseph is 100% right. Please finally change the LA cards, it's not funny anymore.

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GANZ has shown that they want to release powerful cards. As other powerful cards get released, the "safe drops" will become more debatable, and the meta will expand. Top limited decks have never been that varied, and as new strong sets are released, hopefully limited will become more varied than ever. There had to be a first set of powerful cards for there to be others.