Policy: The Use of Alts in Tournaments - Please Read

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Policy: The Use of Alts in Tournaments - Please Read

The use of alts (alternate accounts) to either increase the prize pool in tournaments or increase your personal chances of winning prizes is strictly forbidden in Kingdoms CCG.

You are allowed to enter and play ONE account per tournament. Also, when you enter a tournament, you are expected to PLAY in the tournament.

Accounts that specifically used to abuse the tournament system in any of these ways may be permanently banned from Kingdoms CCG. Players who use Alts to rank higher in paid tournaments risk having their main account banned as well.


NOTE: This policy has actually always been the game's position, but with Antic leaving the game and Ganz not clarifying our stance, the use of Alts has gotten out of control. The use of Alts to get a player's main account higher in the standings is pure cheating and will not be tolerated. The use of alts to prop up prizes may seem harmless, but it abuses our Free-to-Play system and it makes for very boring tournaments. When players commit to playing 4 rounds, they expect to play 4 rounds. Not sit waiting through 3 rounds and playing 1.

We will be instructing the moderators to watch for Alt use in the Tournaments and will be acting on this policy so we ask that you please refrain from doing so. We honestly don't want to ban any account, but if pushed we will.