Video Tutorial for Nemesis Milling

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Video Tutorial for Nemesis Milling

Ill start to make some tutos for beginners to give them some encouragement, since most old stuff is outdated (besides Icarus FAQ, wich they should read).

My first video is a way to beat the *final* Nemesis.


OFC u dont need all those cards, only Bequest+Pacify and some milling stuff, it will just require more time to get it on first hand. The campaign is unfinished and the reward is an Illusionist, so theres no rush.


Nice video joe :D. you could also use "sprits within" (eve rare) to destroy all the creatures. goanna put this same comment on the U-tube vid

BTW maybe i'll subscribe if you impresses me ;)


Good video, although I would downsize the deck to 20 cards to draw the combo more consistently.


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