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the buff watchlist

Starting the thread, and hopefully people will fuel this one with a lot more suggestions than the nerf list.

I'll try and edit this one to comprise all the cards mentioned, but I have a feeling it will be a mighty task =)

Also, I want to mention Exchange and Warrior Remnants in case anyone at Ganz reads this; first card doesn't switch polymorph, and the second doesn't work with destroy. Please fix them, please... please...

In the following list, every new row with a dash is a separate suggestion; just to clarify!


- Summon a beast from deck on enter
- Summon a beast token
- Gain +1hp if another ally beast is in play, or 1hp per ally beast even

Precious Ring
- 3 mana and steal creature without life loss, followed by precious ring being removed from game
- 3 mana and steal creature for life loss equal to half mana cost rounded up

Exile and Defile - Excellent cards for removal, if they weren't so damn costly. It's nice for tribal builds but almost always get banished because of the 3 mana you usually don't spend over getting those tribal creatures on the board. Now 2 mana might be a bit to cheap on the other hand, easily removing 2 or 3 mana cards or 2 or 3 hp cards.
- Perhaps they could say something like "for half the number of *kingdom card you control rounded up" and cost 2 mana?

Jar of Sand - Been using this with great results in Beginners Arena, but it needs a cost reduction to really hit home.
- 3 mana would be good, or perhaps
- make it untargetable for some even more mystical flavor?
- also include creatures with flying

Summoner of the Mighty
- This card should get some sort of bonus from 5+ mana creatures adjecent to it or something like that.

Power Stone
- You won't be bombarding with 5 mana creature in any way I can come up with, so this one could be 1 mana and actually see some play.

Companion of Giants, Field Medic, Keeper of Rings, Realm-Sworn Squire, Elvish Pitfighter
- buff attack by 1

Nightsky Plauge, Cemetery Dredger, Elder Wizard,
- buff hp by 1

Sundry Device
- 2 mana

Lethal Dose
- 2 mana, this spell requires you to poison each enemy, and except if you play Poison Bomb and thereby only constructs or no creatures that is going to require a bunch of cards


Ancient Being
- Splash 2

Ancient Charge
- Could we have the hp stick after turn?

War Mammoth
- 2 splash

Mountain Giant
- Ranged

Wandering Cleric
- 3 hp

Divine Resurrection
- 2 mana, might be a bit much though, so perhaps
- keep 3 mana and add a couple of blessed?

- Creature that is moved gains Slow x2 or 3

- 2 mana and gain 3 slow instead

Rak Mul Legionnaire
- any killed creature heals Rak, though only him killing a creature grants an ability
- make it a 2/6 with pierce
- 3/6 with "cannot be destroyed" text ability, or perhaps as an ability
- Rak killing a creature gives more abilities, 2 or 3

Wild Behemoth
- Can be set to defend mode

Spiked Armor
- 4 mana, or
- deals 2 damage

Volatile Concoction - this card needs a buff because of broken AI RNG foremost
- raise mana cost and have it do 2-3 magic damage instead

Nethergod's Will
- Copies are removed, or
- Raise mana and also put target card in discard pile

Flight of the Pegasus
- Creatures keep flying after turn's end


Ancient Ritual
- 1 mana and cap it at say; gain maximum 4 mana

Untamed Beast
- Flying?? It's got wings ...


Mud Golem
- 3/3 , on enter both this and opposing creature gains immobile

Gnome Map Maker
- Unblockable for itself perhaps?

Armament Blast
- 1 mana, it's a rare spell and you need a gear in play, that is also destroyed, 2 mana is too much
- can also hit enemy hero

Hose Down
- 2 mana

Study Ancients
- reduce with 2 mana, this card is much more specific than Study Gear and Study Creature, plus the cards you want are most likely more costly in an ancient deck

Selfless Adept
- 3 mana and make it a 1/4

Holy Grail
- 3 mana, or
- +2hp instead of +1hp

Streamwind Rouge
- 3 damage on enter, or something, this one needs just a little buff

- This card needs something, perhaps raise it to 2 attack until end of turn, or
- Drop to 3 mana, make each ally creature Immobile after end of turn...

Fresh Burial
- Someone recently suggested to make the corpse a 2/2 for resurrection spells/abilities, sounds nice to me!

Soul Funnel
- 1 mana, or
- gain 2 health

Dark Sacrifie
- Remove adjecent and make it like Elemental Bequest, the way it reads now is too situational. Destroying one or two creatures is likely better for the opponent than Bequest anyway, where you need to buff or remove your own creature.


Goblin Fireworks
- 1 to 2 damage for 2 mana

- This is a fun card. Make it 2 mana! The creature is removed, no on death effect or anything.

Cursed Reanimation
- 3 mana

Hexing Warlock / Hexlifter Cleric
- How about Corpsecraft and Puresoul respectively?

Rampant Flames
- target only enemy creatures and hero

Ice Elemental
- Ranged or haste or something, with LA came it's superior making it obsolete to anything but a control Fire Shaman build

Master the Elements
- draw three cards

Shiny Thief
- 2 attack

Arcanist's Ring
- Enemy hero loses 2 charges, or
- If enemy hero has no charges, mills 1


Smite the Cowardly
- Really don't know what to do with this one, please comment!

Dwarven Berserker
- 2 more volatile and he's a lot more appropriate imo

Voracious Wyvern
- 4 attack instead of 3, for overrun to make a difference!

Dragon Tooth
- 2 mana and then a 2 mana reduction for dragon creatures, this would indirectly buff Dragon Caller's Rod

Crush the Meek
- Exclude Ancient cards

Whispering Geist
- This creature would do better with 1/3, more of a change than a buff perhaps

Drifting Haunt
- 3 mana and 1 hp, it's supposed to die anyway.
- Untargetable (maybe both untargetable and 3 mana? This one is easy to get rid of)

Stormborn Combatant
- Like the burn buff, but a point of resist would tip her over to the epic side for real! Might have to drop the burn again though, or you'd have yourself a 6/6 empowered text-unblockable creature, sort of...

Capracious Drifter
- Deal 3 piercing damage when set to defend mode

Vul Grath's Staff of Repression
- raise mana cost and have it do all it's effects on your turn
- lower mana cost of creatures, or spells perhaps
- enemy cards cost 1 more mana, same as Archmage... perhaps with a twist like it alternates between creature and spell costs or something...

Tribes 2:

Manacycle Wizard - this card is no longer epic, period.
- Allegiant
- As it was from the start, with the added text "this creature cannot be killed by any source you control", so that you can't Tinker or Undead Ritual it.


Roaming Bloodsire
- 4 hp, too much?

Big Frosted Giant
- On enter could make enemy lose 2 mana instead?

Light Ascending:

Emberbranch Ent
- Removes flying from enemy creatures
- Whenever an enemy creature with flying enters play, deals 1 magic damage to that creature

Inverted Hourglass
- Top card instead of a random card, or
- 3 mana cost

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Grrwaaa's picture

Drifting haunt needs to, at the least, be untargetable. Then at least you have some scope to play him against swap/return decks.


Good thinking. I'll put it down!


I would like to see inverted hourglass at 3 mana. The ability it offers is good, but hard to work around with both it's randomness factor and that it only works every-other turn.


Haven't been using this card at all, but I'll put it down

markmistr's picture

Good to see you targeted a bunch of the Arsenal cards. I would say a vast majority of them could use a buff. I only ever see a few of them being used. Best cards by far are Brewmaster and Enrage.


Agreed.. I've experimented a lot with these cards (or most of them at least) and some of them are hidden gems, but most of them aren't even playable in limited.


meh, power stone needs something, but so does the legendary ring, in guld cards. a legendary that's used in only 1 deck, and still has posiiblity of killing youself is not gonna see much use. why not just 3 mana, nick an enemy creature, then you lose half mana or health equal to stolen creatures mana coast?

many cards need buffed, but it would take devs way too long I think :(. so lets focus on the new set, LA and focus on keeping the game forward I say :). but maybe they could take in some ideas here, and make a few buffs to unseen cards every so often ;). keep everybody interested :D

Grrwaaa's picture

How about 3 mana, you steal a creature (without life loss) and then the ring removed from the game.


nice idea grrwaaa, but then its not really a gear, more of a spell :p. but im fine with that, the ring needs a little love! :D

Grrwaaa's picture

The thing with it doing it as a gear means your opponent gets a turn to respond. He might be able to move his fatty to where there is an opposing slot and play a weak creature. With no upper mana limit on the theft, it deserves legendary status, but it would create an interesting interplay on this design.

Also would play nicely with flashback if you wanted to be sure of getting a specific creature (oppose anything you don't want....)


except when you play flashback it might already have stolen a creature and been removed.

anyhow, I don't think fixing some of these cards takes a lot of time, so I'll keep this maintained, for us who would like to use more cards from the collection!

Dr.Bojangles's picture

Precious Ring is the type of card that has a lot of potential if the right enablers were to emerge so unless you are looking for a total redesign like Grrwaaa has suggested I wouldn't touch it.

markmistr's picture

How about Bulwark and Goblin Depleter? Both of these cards used to be very good and played often until Antic nerfed them into oblivion. Does anyone still use them?


don't remember what they were like, please put down your ideas

markmistr's picture

For Goblin Depleter, I would just make it "enemy hero loses 2 charges".

Dr.Bojangles's picture

Depleter is already borderline playable especially in limited. I would leave him as is and wait for some goblin tribal stuff or something.


I have 2 suggestions, that I just thought up, but i'll add more when im not in tourney ;P.

Inverted hourglass
- CHOOSE the card in your discard pile to bring to your hand. The card is removed after use.

Master of elements:
-2 mana

Holy Grail
-2 mana

Vul Graphs staff of repression:
-does all of its effects (enemy hero discards a card, loses 2 charges and mills 3)
mana coast 3

Rak Mul Legionnaire
- whenever kills enemy creature, heals fully.
-has 3-6 with peirce
-gains 3 abilities when it kills a creature aswell as fully healed


cewen, these suggestions are all outrageous =P

Inverted Hourglass has a couple of suggestions to it, but choosing the card would be OP. Secondly it is a technical aspect of being able to pick from the discard which we have never seen in Kingdoms. Thirdly, if you have 2, 3 or 4 (or any duplicated number) of this gear, it would be brutal.

Master of elements would make for a 2 mana draw 2 and break QDC once again. If you play three elemental creatures AS IS you play it for 1 mana after the mana gain, if you have one to three maelstrom priestesses you gain 0 to 2 mana after the mana gain. I could go for draw three cards and leave the rest as is, but that might be too much as well. Granted it doesn't see lots of play, but let's see what the next set delivers, maybe there will be something to accelerate this card combo-wise. When you actually come to play this card it is correctly costed in my opinion. EDIT: also, the two cards are worth one mana each in banishing. So, as is, it maxes out at 4 mana gain if you got three maelstrom priestesses on board. Of course you could also play it with spell bridge or omni-cloak or something, and it can reach the same level while you got three offensive elemental creatures on the board.

Holy Grail, 2 mana is too cheap, but maybe 3 would be a nice middle ground. Folks have already suggested to buff it to that. The potential combos with MooL and Seraphims and stuff is creepy to think about if this would be set to 2 mana.

Vul Grath's Staff of Repression, discard, mill 3 and 2 charges lost every turn is insane. Duplicate it just once and play some Frost Wielders and you have an autowin against almost everything. Costing it to 3 mana on top of that?! If it would do these things it would need to cost 5 or 6 mana at the least. Perhaps it could grant some form of bonus to yourself, such as creatures are cheaper or whatever, to mirror what Vul Grath Archmage does to enemy hero. Still costing 4 mana then.

Rak Mul Legionnarie
I'm assuming you suggest three different buffs here. Killing any creature fully heals Rak, even if it is not he who deals the damage, sort of like Soul Ranger's text ability. This is a nice one, and could be differentiated from gaining an ability when he actually deals the killing blow. 3-6 with pierce is I think too much, perhaps without pierce, or just a 2-6 with pierce. Gaining three abilities is nice, but would be an empower combo deluxe, so I'm sceptic.

With all this said, I'll write things up with some tweaks


ok, just a reply ;D

1: who uses master of elements in a non noran/willoyran deck? (can't have elemental cards with mystical heros and nomad qdc is just silly)

2: inverted hour glass
c'mon. it would be pretty fun ;). ok, heres the tewak to it: choose a spell from your discard pile and put it into hand. ALL copies of that card are removed from both discard piles (or just your discard pile, would be nice to use some stragy with it) having multiple of any gear really is kinda brutal, like lava blade, eba, qdc etc etc, and it would be nice to throw in some new asepects to the game, keep it interesting :)

3: holy grail:

just watched Indiana jones last crusade, the cup is tiny! (which due to art work im guessing it was baised off like precious ring).

"The potential combos with MooL and Seraphims and stuff is creepy to think about if this would be set to 2 mana."

And to that, I say good! we want to see unique combos, don't be afraid of every little idea!. besides, barly used

4: vul graphs stick
why the hell not? its a legendary after all not a rare. And duplicating a gear, double trouble. enough said
like you suggestion though, like a mirror effect :). granting hero 1 less mana of cards. or could be double power, enemy cards coast 1 more mana :D. hell with vul graph ofc, ppl would moan about that more than market! :D

5: Rak mul
yah, just potenual ideas to make him stronger. Let the community decide (everybody on forums)
I like the gain 3 abilities, and giving him pierce. would really make him a fun card :D

thanks sarasto for reading my ideas and suggesting some stuff. I would like to hear more positive things though, I mean if we can't choose cards from discard piles, whats stopping the game from granting that? gotta try something new sometime, right? ;D.

If anybody would like me to give ideas for buff or nerfs of any cards, plz PM me on forums or on kingdoms ccg (name still cewen). heres the link to my idea on Raise the Guard



Might have been a bit harsh on your ideas =P but I just don't like the idea of buffing a card into a trouble card, if you know what I mean. About QDC though, both Uunys and Olfaan can do okay with it, and with a 2 mana for draw 2 and gain 3 mana afterwards, that could easily get out of hand.

I also agree on that it would be nice to see some regen based combos, but from 4 to 3 is still a good buff imo. With Raise the Guard and Belnir's ability giving Indestructible I think we might see more of it even without Holy Grail.

Concerning the hobbits, erm, I mean discard pile picking, that would be nice. It would probably require development though, returning top card is already an existing mechanism. That's more of the reason than being able to return what you like, but it will have to be something to think about for a couple of days, consider what could be done combo-wise by being able to do that. Let's sleep on it =)


No problem sarstro, you need to be harsh sometimesto remind people of what cards are really capable of. Not sen unnys with qdc, but interesting :D

yeah, holy grail 2 mana might be too much, but hey, open to new ideas :)

If we were aloud our trickly little hobbites, I mean ehhh, card choosing in discard pile, it would take time and it would be a new feature, like pure soul and immolate. but yeah, something everybody can think of for a few days ;) yeah, lets sleep on it while guld wars get fixed and reset :) BTW to the comment below me, agrred grrawww, makes everything quiet a bit simpliar

Grrwaaa's picture

Vul Grath's just needs to add "opponents cards cost 1 more mana" and it would be a real legendary.


This could also get OP with duplicate, which is why I didn't suggest it but rather a buff to your own side. I'll write it up though.

markmistr's picture

Ok, here is what I have, some of which are the same as you have above, so just take that as confirmation that we are thinking alike.

I am focusing on CORE/EVE/RISE as that is what I am most familiar with.

- Ancient Being: one of the weakest rare creatures. I think he could use Splash 2.
- Wild Behemoth: one of the weakest epic creatures. Take off the ridiculous can't set to defend.
- RakMul: the weakest Legendary creature. Not sure what to do, give him an ability or two.
- Spiked Armor: 4 mana
- Nethergod's Will: This card is weird. Not sure what to do, but I would never use it as it is.
- Relocate: Ditto. What use does this card have?
- Volatile Concoction: We all know the RNG cheats with this card. So why not narrow the range to 2-3 and make it cost 5?

-Mini Slime: Worst common creature. At least give the little guy 1 attack.
-Gnomish Map Maker: Agree needs a buff.
-Study Ancients: Agree - give 2 mana discount on card drawn.
-Soul Funnel: 1 mana - with its current power now attached to a 1/1 flyer, it needs to drop in mana to be worth playing.
-Dark Sacrifice: Change or drop to 2 mana (fixed)
-Arm. Blast: change to enemy creature or hero?

-Rampant Flames : Change or reduce mana
-Cursed Reanimation : 3 mana
-Goblin Fireworks: 1-2 damage for 2 mana
-Hurl : 2 mana


Ah, Ancient Being! To think that a rare so puny is a titan...

About Nethergod's Will, I've heard about people using it against swap decks, but since most play dreadful return in the same decks, it's not very good. Could go up to 4 or 5 mana and completely remove the cards instead, but then you could mill someone for 16 cards with 4 cards of your own with there being no chance for enemy to recover it... tricky one!

Relocate on the other hand is useful! If enemy plays fae combatant, give them your creature that's now worthless to you. Also, I played a fun one in guild wars back before Noran's nerf that was all about playing a Harvester of Souls, pacifying it and giving it to enemy. Fun deck it was =) Loaded with Cursed Tomes... I miss Noran... *sighs*

Btw Dark Sacrifice is already 3 mana

Otherwise, good input, I'll put them in the top post!

TomKat's picture

RakMul - 3/6 and additional card text: cannot be destroyed



hopeprevails's picture

What if instead of card text he gets the indestructible ability? It's a little weaker, but if he's buffed to 3/6 it might be appropriate.


exactly, I actually suggested that when I added this to the post =)

TomKat's picture

Imo Petrice can take indestructibility from Rak too easy (Olfaan too), better to have it as text (vide Elara), but it's a detail.Most important is for him to have it somehow.

Dr.Bojangles's picture

3/6 is excessive for a 5 drop even as a legend and without the indestructible. I say 3/5 and give him splash.


that's worse than Skullcrusher and is 2 rarities higher

Dr.Bojangles's picture

And Skullcrusher is busted.

markmistr's picture

On Relocate, I get that you can give your opponent a seemingly worthless creature, but... any creature does have some value as a blocker (unless you are running an all flying/unblockable deck i suppose). He could turn around and buff the guy or in the case of negative status effects, could cleanse him and then use him against you (now Belnir has this as one of his abilities).

The card as written would need to cost 0 mana for me to even consider it. Needs something else... just not sure what.


Sure, though in guild wars very few run Belnir and even fewer run dispells, at least back when this happened =) Anyhow I had a good win ratio with that deck and enemy dispelling was never a problem. Buffing could happen, the thought on giving your debuffed creatures to enemy was just the idea I figured they have with the card. At any rate, again with my Harvester deck, it had only harvesters and fae combatants, rest was Curse and Weak spells + pacify, so if enemy started buffing anything relocated I just debuffed it again =)

But let's say it can be a mana gain or something, after the creature has been successfully moved, what would be a good buff?

markmistr's picture

Maybe after creature is moved, it gains a negative status effect? Cursed or Immolate would be best, but neither is a typical mystical trait.

Cool idea for a deck by the way. A bit risky, but it sounds fun.

markmistr's picture

Another one I forgot:

- Selfless Adept: Cool idea, but with only 1 life it is too easily killed. Make it a 1/4 for 3 mana and it becomes interesting. Especially useful for Wilirus. Compare to Hired Shield who is 1/4 for 3 mana with Armor and +1 attack on defend.


updated, also a suggestion for Relocate

markmistr's picture

Oh, I also agree with Bloodsire with 4 hp. Don't think its too much.

Dr.Bojangles's picture

With evasion it most definitely is.



markmistr's picture

Have you tried using Wandering Giant before? Does that card work as intended? Either it doesn't or I don't understand the text correctly...


have not, though I've intended to for a long while. I'll see if I can get around to it tomorrow!

EDIT: So I got some extra time and tested this card, works exactly as it's worded imo. The example I encountered, one Lord of Flames and one Swiftshot Ranger, made Wandering Giant 1/4. Both were elves (Elf), and Swiftshot is an Archer, and Lord is a Lord. Three subtypes all in all.

markmistr's picture

Ok, so a card can have more than one subtype. That was what I wasn't understanding. So technically, he could be a -2/4, LOL. This card needs a change to be playable.


it could be lots worse than that, but yeah... I'm actually going to go against you here, though. 4/4 is very good for a 5 mana common. Keep a clean board with removal and deal 4 dam every turn. This creature takes 4 mana to remove, so imagine playing 3 at the same time, doable with Alisten no doubt... Raise it's hp by one and escape Smother even! Basically I think it could work well, in Limited. You might just have appointed my next project :)

Dr.Bojangles's picture

Actually it caps out at 0 and yea I agree that Giant might have some potential though you wouldn't know it from seeing his performance in tribes limited events. Of course you tend to have a high variability for creature subtypes in sealed and draft. I could definitely see this guy as a major player in pauper formats.

Ozy's picture

I just wanna drop this in agian since haven't said it in awhile Beast master and howl need a buff.

Beast master has no way to resist damage (resist armor) and at 3 health everything kills it for a 2 or more loss in mana. Perhaps let it summon that beast it puts in your hand although that would likely break werewolf. Bringing in a token i think would make it worth 5 .

Howl should only work on your creatures as changing type has no ill consiquences as of yet. and should change humans as long as its active all the other tribes can either make their cards cost less or ramp mana easily, Beasts have no such help


I don't think there is a single rune word that doesn't affect both heroes (though the tribes suite does differ) so in my opinion Howl should be left as is. Rather think we need more beast-boosters. Beast Master is quite all right empower material which also applies to many of the more popular beast cards, but yeah, perhaps he could use a buff. Maybe he should have +1hp if there is an ally beast in play? Even stronger would be +1hp per ally beast. I'll put your suggestions in the post!


I agree that beasts and other unaligned creatures have little synergy with each other, which is a shame. Given that there are unaligned heroes, I think it should be possible to make unaligned decks that can take advantage, a "third realm" as some people have put it. Though one would have to be cautious of the interchangeability.


You know what else needs a buff? Omnicloak.

I have a very small card pool, but have somehow ended up with 4 Omnicloaks and there's literally no deck where even having 1 makes any sense. It's useless, especially since Circlet got the buff that Omnicloak needed.

Right now it's only good for essence.