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Newbie here

I just started playing this game on my ipad.
I like online TCG and I really like the game itself, but...

Where is market?
Will I be able to buy single card other than Core?
Will there be any updates like browser version?
Does Antic still seriously taking care of this product?

I don't hesitate to pay real money for games if I enjoy them, but this ipad game seems to be rather deserted by the devs.
I have a sad experience with another good but abandoned game, namely Order and Chaos Duels Online.

Are there any hopes on this game?

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play the computer version. do not play the ipad version, its a waste of time. our current devs who took over from antic do not support the ipad version, and never will.

if you want to play the real kingdoms, join us ;)


Thank you for your helpful advise, nouse.
I am surprised to hear that Antic is no longer in charge of this game, since app still shows Antic logo on start up.
Who took this game over from Antic? YMC games?
It seems that I need to find other ones for my mobile TCG gaming.
I will consider starting kingdoms in browser, too.

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yw! company called GANZ took over us.. they've been pretty active since they came. Antic totally stopped developing the game last few months of their time. doubt they'll do anything to the Ipad version.

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iPad version is completely playable, just will no longer be updated or maintained. Also, nothing is transferable from PC to ipad or vice versa. I think GANZ has plans for an Android version eventually.