Ranking the creature abilities

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Ranking the creature abilities

Here is my take on the creature abilities from best to worst (all based on an X value of 1):

1) Overrun - Never seen this in action, but based on the description, it appears to be the strongest. No longer can you stall damage to your hero by throwing low mana creatures in the way. Plus the creature dies.
2) Unblockable - Almost as good as Overrun, except the enemy creature won't die.
3) Haste - Obviously Haste is better the more attack power your creatures have. Only reason that it is not #1 is because you only get the effect once.
4) Reassemble X - Of the 1/1 creatures with an ability, Relentless Bones are the best because it takes 2 attacks to remove them no matter how much damage you do.
5) Flying - Flyers are strong but there are some ways to combat them that don't exist with unblockable creatures (shrivel, ranged and other flyers).
6) Intimidate X - This ability is a pain to deal with and it can be easy to forget before placing your creature and all of sudden they have 1 less attack. This gets the slight nod over Armor because there is no direct negation whereas Armor can be negated by Pierce.
7) Resist X - Resist 1 is nothing too special as a fireball can still take out a 1 HP creature. However, Resist 2 and higher and you have to bump this ability up the list.
8) Armor X Armor has two weak points, it does nothing to stop magical damage and it can be stopped by Pierce.
9) Regen X Regen is almost pointless with 2 HP creatures, ok with 3 HP creatures, and pretty good with 4+HP. There are currently no Regen 2 or higher creatures in the game, but the Holy Grail (Epic Eve) gives Regen 1, so I am assuming if you cast it on a Deathless Wyvern it would have Regen 2. Regen 2 would be more powerful than any other ability at the 2nd level.
10) Splash X Splash is situational, it only triggers if you have enemy creatures in the right slots. Obviously better in the middle row as it effects two enemy slots.
11) Volatile X Volatile is the best of the counter abilities because it effects all creatures. Berserker Gnome is a great counter to the 3 and 4 HP creatures. However, it can still be circumvented by switching slots.
12) Ranged Not a very common ability and most of the creatures that have it are not that great. However, Frost Bark Ent is a great blocker. It's a counter ability, it only does something if your enemy is playing flyers.
13) Pierce Another counter ability. Great against Holy, but not much else.
14) Dust Dust saves you from spending 2 mana to clear a slot. However, for some Heros who want corpses, dust can actually be a bad ability.
15) Timid The only ability that is always negative. Hmm... there should be a card that removes the ability.

Side note.... the symbol for Ranged is confusing. The shield is the same symbol that is used for Armor. The symbol should be an arrow through the wing.

Any one is free to dispute the ranking above or just provide comments.

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nice post, i think haste and resist are te most usefull .
but i still want to see how about corpsecraft :D