Updated New Player FAQ Guide Feb 6 2015

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Updated New Player FAQ Guide Feb 6 2015

It seems the new player guide in this section hasn't been touched in almost 3 years. I figured I would take the time to try and rewrite it in hopes of helping new players joining the community and to save me a lot of time answering questions I am asked everyday. If any forum mod sees this post, please add this to the pinned posts so new players can see it easily.

I'll try to write this guide free of personal card preference and meta knowledge, as it can be a bit high level for newer players and this guide is meant as an reference to the basic tenets and mechanics of the game.

Please comment if you have a good tip or advice I forgot to add, as I'm sure I will forgot some things, but lets please contain off topic discussion on the thread to a minimum, I just want to keep it as easy to navigate for new players as possible

This is not a massive comprehensive guide, but rather a short overview of major game mechanics, this is also not a strategy guide on what kind of decks to build or how to play your matches. This guide covers account management and how to play the game as a whole as well as how to access more specific information on the game.

Table of Content
1.What cards should I buy?
2.What are Guilds and Guild Wars?
3.How do Heroes work?
4..How do I get Gold and Gems?

1.What cards should I buy?

This is the most common question I receive and honestly, its different for every player. In general though, there is a somewhat set order to acquire cards in the quickest, so the question could be more, "Where in the progression am I?"

As a reference,the current prices for all sets are as follows:

Core- 5000 Gold/10 Gems for packs, Singles for Gold
Eve- 15,000 Gold/15 Gems for packs,Singles for Gems
Rise- 15,000 Gold/15 Gems for packs, Singles for Gems
Tribes- 20,000 Gold/20 Gems for packs, Singles for Gems
Tribes2- Singles sold for Gems only
Light Ascending- 20 Gems for packs, No Singles
Holiday- Singles sold for Gems only
Reward-After unlocking, Singles solid for Gold/Gems only
Guild-After unlocking, Singles solid for Honor/Gems only

First off, if you haven't done the advanced tutorial in the main campaign, do that before buying any cards.It will teach you some basic things about the game and give you a free pack at the end of every tutorial, so that is a lot of free cards to be had. After that, its Core Gold packs, and lots of em. I recommend buying only Core Gold until you have at least 100 Unique Core cards and duplicates of many of them(playsets are 4, which is how many you want of a card).

After that, We move on to Eve and Rise, Start with Eve and do the same as Core Gold, Work on it until you have around 100 unique cards and then do the same with Rise. At this point it is important to mention, NEVER BUY WITH GEMS WHAT CAN BE ACQUIRED THROUGH GOLD. Gems are much harder to come by then gold(you can farm only 80-100 gems a month, but can make 30,000+ Gold in a full day of grinding).

After this point you should have a nice little collection to work with, this is where Singles start to matter more. Singles can be found always in the Market tab of the shop, as well as a small number that rotate for gold in the Singles tab. After a while you will notice you only need a few cards from sets and most of it will be useless, at this point singles should come over packs.While Tribes can be acquired with gold packs, unless you need a large amount of tribes or are just now getting any of the set, i recommend singles for everything once you have a good chunk of all the pack available sets(Core, Eve,Rise,Tribes).

After Tribes, you are ready to start hunting the expensive cards all the sets. Saving up and buying singles is usually the best way to do this. The exception at the moment is Light Ascending, which can only be purchased through packs. You pick a few cards you need/want for your decks and grind up to buying them, then pick a few more and repeat and eventually every card will be yours!

2. What are Guilds or Guild Wars?

Guilds is the competitive team based format of Kingdoms, and one of the main battle formats players can play in. A guild is a group of one to fifteen players who work together to beat other guilds in multiple wars over the course of a season. To start a guild costs 25,000 gold, but you can also join existing guilds, many guilds in every league are always recruiting players to help them win, so check the chats and ask anyone if you are interested in becoming their guild-mate.

Guild's are organized into four separate league's, in ascending order they are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Epic. Each new guild starts out in Bronze league. Each war is 36 hours long, during which guild faces 3 other guilds in 3 wars. Each member of the battling guild has a Defense deck and an Attack deck. The Defense deck is played by the AI against the opposing teams, each time it or another of your guild mate's Defense deck is defeated, the other team gets a point. Your Attack deck is the deck you use to battle the other teams Defense decks, each time you or a guild mate beats an enemies Defense deck your team gets a point. Each member of each guild is allowed 30 battles per war and at the end of the 36 hours, the guild with the most points wins.

Each guild gets a Season Point for each war they win. At the end of the season the top 3 guilds(the ones with the most season points and best tie breakers) in Bronze, Silver and Gold move up to the next highest league and earn gems in the process. The bottom 3 guild is Silver, Gold, and Epic drop back down to the next lowest league. The guilds in Epic that do not drop gain gems based off of their rank and activity in Epic.

Each guild battle you win will award you gold and honor, honor is a type of currency that can be used to purchase a select few cards under the Guild Card tab of the Shop, I strongly recommend saving your honor and waiting until you have 5000 (it will take awhile) and purchasing Archmage Vul' Grath, he is a great card you can put in most of your decks. You get more gold and honor per win the higher league you are in, Bronze gives only 125 gold a win, where as Epic gives 200. There can be any number of guilds in Bronze league, but Silver, Gold and Epic always have 10, with the top 3 advancing and bottom 3 dropping each season, this number stays static.

Some Guilds may not accept you when you ask them to join, this is not an insult or anything personal. Guild Wars can be highly competitive and the highest ranking guilds require the best cards and most battles to beat. Some guilds may require you to do so many battles a war to remain a member. In general, the more you play the game and the better you and your decks get, the more likely it is a guild will accept you.

3.How do heroes work?

In addition to having a your deck, you will also choose from a variety of heroes to use with it. You can switch heroes in a deck so do not worry to much about making the wrong choice at first. As of this writing there are 21 unique heroes you can choose from when building a deck. Three from each kingdom and three unaligned.

Each hero has three abilities that can be used during matches to help you win. An ability must be at full charges to be used. You gain one charge in every ability at the beginning of each of your turns. There are also many cards that can add or remove charges from abilities. In general, the more charges required to fill an ability, the more powerful its effect is.

Each kingdom's heroes have an opposed kingdom who's cards they cannot use. The opposing kingdoms are Mystical-Elemental, Holy-Undead, and Ancient-Alchemy. Unaligned hereos have no opposing kingdom and can use any card. Mystical, Holy and Ancient are considered Light Alliance, with Alchemy, Undead and Elemental comprising the Dark Alliance. Unaligned is neither Dark or Light Alliance.

Most, if not all, heroes are better suited for some styles of decks than others. In general their are four main kinds of decks. There is Aggro, which focuses on using fast, low cost effects to defeat the opponent quickly. Aggro heroes include Jorma and Amarus. Mid-Range decks are slower than Aggro,
and use high-value efficient cards to get more value out of the cards and mana they use than the opponent. Current Mid-Range heroes include Abaddon and Akatril. Combo decks use a very specific set of cards to achieve a powerful effects. They tend to focus on getting those cards into play as fast as possible. Combo heroes could include Dravkas or Noran. And finally we have Control decks, which try to slow the game down and stall until they can overpower the opponent with high power effects, they want to simply stay alive until they can take over the board and the game. Control heroes include Wilrius and Ravinova.

Those are not all the options available for each hero and many heroes are good in more than one type of deck.The possible uses for each hero are endless and you may very well think of the newest great deck yourself!

4.How do I get Gold and Gems?

Let's start this out with Gold, the basic currency of the game. There are three main ways to acquire gold. the first is to play the campaign, even nodes and challenges you have already beaten will reward you with some Gold for replaying them. Campaign battles cost Energy though and you will run out. You can also earn gold by playing in the Arenas.

In the Arena you play against both real players and computer controlled enemies in singular matches. You DO NOT gain Gold just for winning or playing in an Arena match, you gain Gold from completing the Quests it shows in the Arena during you matches. There are 5 quest for everyone and 7 for anyone with a Ranking in the arenas over 1750, don't worry about the last 2 at first, they are minor anyway. 3 of the 5 Quests give Gold for completing and working on them. If all your quests are finished, you cannot gain Gold from the Arena until they refresh (which they do every 18 hours).

The last main way to gain Gold is from guild battles. The amount you win per battle will be based off what league your guild is in. Even losing a guild war gives you a small amount of Gold. But there are only 90 guild battles ever war, once you do 30 in each (90 overall) you're done until the wars reset (which they do every 36 hours). The point is eventually you can run out of ways to gain Gold until a timer resets, but only the most avid players will have this occur, it will take multiple hours of daily play to reach that point.

Now for Gems, the premium currency of the game. Gems are much tougher to acquire and are much more valuable than Gold. There are a few ways to get Gems, but saving up Gems will still take longer than Gold. The first is just by logging in. Every day that you log in you can open a daily rewards chest. Possible rewards include Gold in varying amounts, Gems, Essence(a crafting item) and Cards. If you log in many times in the same month you will get 20 bonus gems a month, and even a free epic rarity card! So be sure to log in at least once a day!

You can also gain 2 Gems each Arena quest cycle, the first quest that gives a Gem is the top one, that reads "Complete 5 battles in any Arena". Its an easy and quick way to get a Gem. The second is the fifth quest, that will ask you to complete 10 battles with either a specific hero or kingdom of heroes. It will not ask you to use heroes you do not have access to. Both of these quests also give gold for progression and 1 Gem as a completion rewards.

There is also a small chance to get a Gem in a daily chest you unlock at some point in the Campaign. it costs 3 energy to open the chest, and it can only be opened once every 24 hours, it will give either 50, 100 or 250 gold, 1 Gem, or a common card.

You can also buy gems with real life cash, while this is not a option for every player, if you enjoy the game and intend to play often it can be a great way to both get Gems very quickly and thank the games developers for such a great game! You can use the Gems tab in the shop to start the purchase process.


Tournaments are one of the main battle formats in the game. It allows a group of players to battle live against one another in a series of best two out of three matches. There are a variety of tournament formats. Standard, which is any 40 to 60 card deck, and Limited, which allows only 1 legendary, 2 epic and 8 rare cards in a 40 to 60 card deck, which is a easier format for beginners without a ton of cards.

Draft is a format where players pass 5 packs each around, taking one card from each and building a deck just for the tournament from the cards selected, and finally there is Sealed. In Sealed each player is give 8 packs with which to build a deck for the tournament. Decks for Sealed and Draft are only required to have 25 cards, and 25 cards is also the deck size i would recommend. You can pay gems before selecting cards in Sealed tournaments to permanently keep the cards you get.

In addition to formats there are two type of tournaments, free and paid. Free tournaments cost nothing to join, for winning or doing well in a free tournament you receive tickets, at the time of this writing you receive 1 ticket per round won and won extra for first place. You use these tickets to get into paid tournaments. It costs 5 tickets to get into a paid tournament. For doing well or winning in a paid tournament you will receive free packs of cards, currently those packs are from the Light Ascending, but the prize is always the newest set, so expect that to change when Darkness Falls comes out.

The tournaments are on rotating timers and there are 3 running, one free and 2 paid. Each is on about a 50 minute reset with a 5 minute registration timer. A tournament will not start unless at least 4 players have signed up to battle, the more players a tournament has, the more rewards will be given and the more rounds it will be.

When you play in a tournament you will start with a 180 second timer for each battle, this timer DOES NOT reset each turn, you have a collective 180 seconds to play your turns during battle. If your timer reaches zero, you LOSE. So remember to play quickly and don't forget to click battle when your turn is done!.

Tournaments are also the only current format to use a sideboard, a collection of ten cards you can add as reserve to your deck in the deck editor. You can swap out cards from your deck for cards in your sideboard between games of match, allowing you to customize your deck against a specific opponent, you must build your sideboard before the tournament. Your deck will reset to its normal cards in between rounds in Standard and Limited Tournaments, but stay as you changed it in Draft and Sealed.


Crafting is a way to get rid of cards you don't need and a chance to make cards you need. There are two components to crafting, Stones and Essence. You use one Stone every card you craft, the type of stone will decide what kind of card is crafted. There are stones for every card type and set stones for Core, Eve, and Rise and Tribes. Essence decides the rarity and kingdom of the card crafted, the more essence you put in, the better chance you have of getting a higher rarity card. The maximum amount of essence you can put into one craft is 300.

You can gain Stones in a couple ways. The first is from a stall that sells them that you will unlock a during the campaign, most stones cost 750 Gold, but rare Spooky stones cost 50,000! You will also unlock a chest that gives you a stone daily at the cost of 10 energy.

You can gain Essence in a few ways to. There is a stall you will unlock that sells essence in the campaign. It sells 5 essence a day at the cost of 750 Gold. There is also a chimney in the Holy City and Willow of Souls that will give you a few holy and mystical essence a day respectively.

It is also possible to gain Stones and Essence from scrapping cards you own. To scrap a card go to the Collection tab in the top right of the main screen, select the card you want, and then click scrap in the bottom left of the screen. You must have more than 1 copy of a card to scrap it and you can only scrap down to 1 copy of a card, you also cannot scrap down to fewer copies of a card than you are currently running in any of your decks. I recommend only scrapping a card if you have more than 4 of it, and only scrapping down to 4, as you never know when you will need a card for a new deck! The higher rarity the card, the more essence it will give and the more likely you are to get a stone.


Q:How do i private message a player?
A:Type /help into the chat on any tab to bring up a list of the chat commands

Q:I am trying to select a deck I want to use but it won't let me, why is that?
A:You can only have a deck doing one thing at a time, if its in an Arena it can't be in Guild Wars and vice verse, so make sure to check the deck isn't already being used somewhere else.

Q:What is Foiling?
A:Foiling allows you to pay 5 gems to have all the copies of a card you possess become holographic, it gives no in game advantage and is only a cosmetic change. It is not advised to spend Gems on this the until you have nothing else to buy.

Q:What are Kingdom Packs?
A:They are packs that only contain cards from a specific kingdom, they do not contain Tribes cards or newer at the time of this writing. They cost 25,000 gold and have a slightly increased chance for an Epic rarity or better card. At their increased cost it is my opinion that they are not worth the expense, but your Gold is yours to spend.

Q:Where is the Forum?
A:The forum can be accessed by clicking the 3 person symbol at the bottom left of the main screen. This guide is located in the New Player section of the Forum.

Q:What are Hero Stars and Triumphs?
A:Each hero has ten Triumphs. They are achievements you can complete to get rewards such as Gold and Gems. You have to use that hero in battles to complete his Triumphs. You can see what every hero's Triumphs in the Hero Management tab in the upper right corner of the main screen. Your Hero Stars are equal to the number of Triumphs you have completed, and are used to decide how many deck slots you have.

Q:Where can I find new deck ideas?
A:Well, quite a few places, one is just in the chat, just ask people and they can help you, but another good one is the website www.kccgdecks.com. It is a free website where u can look at new and old deck ideas sorted by hero, as well as post your own, which i highly recommend as an easy way to give back to the community.

This is not all there is to know about Kingdoms at all, and this guide will be updated as more information and changes occur as well as becoming more detailed as I continue to work on it, but hopefully it offers a decent start to the lasting fun and friendship you can find on such a great game!

Svarog Zrinski II

Good job mate.

wherewolf05hr6r's picture

Aside from a few grammatical errors it's a great post, It has just enough info to explain everything basic to new players, but for some reason I think that some new players won't like this wall of text and get discouraged.

TomKat's picture

Imo it could discourage players who wouldn't stay here anyway.Others will find this post useful.

As for the post, it's a great one and should be sticky.In the past we had gem award for post of the week and this one truly deserves it.


Im currently working on formatting to help relieve a bit of that "wall of text" syndrome and those grammar errors. Obviously a perfect guide is impossible but I will be updating this frequently to keep it relevant and useful as well as adding tidbits I have missed. I must also thank the authors of the original document, which I used as a basis for this one.

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Great post!

I'd like to offer a "quick start" suggestion for new players who are willing to invest a little in the game. I've found it to be the most effective way to get reasonably competitive quickly.

-Buy the "Bard Bundle" for $10. Then buy $10 worth of gems.
-Buy an Eve Box and a Rise Box.
-Spend your gold on Core Gold Packs.
-Pay attention to the market and use your gems ONLY for buying epics, and ONLY when they go below 35. A single Gob Hog can make a big difference.
-Once you have 100 unique Core cards, alternate between Core, Eve, Core, Rise respectively.

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-Silver packs are almost never worth it
-Mathematically speaking packs don't stop being 'worth it' until well over 90% completion (per set). I'd recommend not setting anyone onto singles until they fully grasp the game and know what to buy & when. maybe once scoring 25 in silver is comfortable? That said; deciding when to buy singles is of course, entirely down to personal preference.
-I would advise new players not to 'chase' epics; everyone wants them and they come in time. there's no point having 4 manacycles and nothing to use 'em with!

I've only read up to section 3 so far but it looks good! I will read the rest when I return and may even throw in a grammar check ;p

Sticky, please!

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think some people believe that silver packs were the best way to get cards for scrapping, with rares gives stones or essence and all, but that will likely changed after the upcoming release.


Thank you. I'm glad you like to write.

- newbie


Can someone explain 'Constructed' tournaments?


A constructed tournament means you construct a deck from the cards you own ( according to the rules standard/limited/singleton/etc..). They are different from sealed and draft where you are given cards in the tournament from which to make a deck.


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