WantonCynic using alts in tournies.

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WantonCynic using alts in tournies.

it appears this player uses more than one alt in various tournies, 4 of these 5 tournies were the most recently completed. note the player *WantonCynic* and the similarities of the other *players* in them, all of which are noob accounts.


the profiles of the 4 alts that regularly appear in these


i wouldn't normally kick up a fuss about players breaking the rule of not using alts in tournies, but this player takes it too far IMO.


thanks nouse. i have warned him not to in future.


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-I still don't get why it's such a bad thing, especially with the (still) small player base - the nub accs are easily beaten and provide more prizes for anyone involved/
-when did it go from being an unpunished grey area, to 'against the rules'?

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Well it's always been technically against the rules. It is just that it was rarely seen and even when it did happen few people cared. I consider it a minor issue and simply warn players that they could face sanctions from the developers if caught.

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First of all he uses all alts in a tourny. So the only player in the tourny is himself.
So what he does is giving himself free packs without any effort besides getting the tickets for his alts.
So that for the first question.

The second part is you can find here: http://forum.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/835.

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LawOfTheWest reported it and the 3 bottom accounts are all recently created, low games played accounts. The all use the same deck (the basic dark deck) for the limited games. So this is an abuse of the tourny system.

I havent seen Petrovaz online so far. So I didnt have time to talk to him. If anyone sees him online redirect him towards this topic and try to find a mod to talk to him.

*I already talked in person with Petrovaz about it.*


i would Permaban him.