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General Decorum and Conduct Guidelines:

1) The forums primary purpose is to better enable the exchange of ideas and information about Kingdoms: CCG. Forum posts should be relevant to players of Kingdoms: CCG.

2) Kingdoms: CCG is played by a diverse group of players from around the world. While the primary language of the forums is English, please be understanding of fellow users for whom English is not their primary language. It is not necessary or helpful to correct another user's grammar or spelling.

3) Please respect your fellow players and forum users. Do not attack them. It is possible to be critical of an idea without being critical of the poster. By the same token, try not to take criticism personally; it is unlikely to have been intended that way. Most people are here to help. Users who feel the need to troll or flame will be removed.

4) Please help keep the forums family friendly. Profanity, yelling, ranting, etc. are actually counter-productive when trying to get your point across.

5) The forums are a spam-free zone. Bumping your own post because no one has replied to it is a form of spam. Try to find the single most appropriate place for your post. Cross posts will be removed. Do not restart topics that have previously been locked.