Classic Deck Ideas of Kingdoms CCG

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Classic Deck Ideas of Kingdoms CCG

Here is a list of some common deck ideas found on Kingdoms ccg. Might help new/old players to find new/old ideas to build decks. Key cards needed for these decks are in ( ). Feel free to add any general ideas to the list. Not every hero has been mentioned, there are 100s of different decks, I made a small list out of decks I have encountered in Arena and tourneys in the last 2 years.

1) Jorma / Dravkas - Shaman (Firestorm Shaman+Elements)

2) Noran/Olfaan - QDC decks (Quick draw cannon+Drawing cards)

3) Noran - Guardian Of The Old Gods / Realm Crusher / Skybreaker (Mind over body + Dreadful Return combos)

4) Mill (any mill cards, preferably combos with Puzzle mage or Sanity Trapper)

5) Jorma - Haste decks (Haste Creatures+Buffs)

6) Belnir - Creature Swarm (Horde of Wyrms, Illusionist, Spiritual Gathering, Lighting Blitz)

7) Noran - Epic Battle Axe (might try combos with Recycle, Study gear or Duplicate)

8) Dravkas - Shrapnel Cannon (Gears+constructs)

9) Wilirus - Stall (Pacify, Disarm, HP gain cards)

10) Petrice, Dravkas - Dust (Spirit Sceptre+Dust Creatures for Dravkas. Petrice can put dust on any creature)