*R1* Release Notes - November 24, 2014

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*R1* Release Notes - November 24, 2014

Note: I've been asked to move the release notes here, and I will now do so with every release. We will not be using versions for basic releases, but rather release codes. Versions will be saved for upgrades to the core game.

Full Release Notes: November 24, 2014

  1. AI Fixes: Can be seen in AI Arena play and during Guild Wars.
    1. AI: Reconstruct will now target your own discard pile.
    2. AI: Demonic Thoughts will now be used on your own hero.
    3. AI: Golemnify will target opponent's creatures.
    4. AI: Nethergods Will will target opponent's creatures.
    5. AI: Frantic Search will target your own hero.
  2. Dravkas revision: Tinker moved from 3 to 5 charges. Augment moved from 5 to 4 charges. Manufacture (7 charge) has not been changed.
  3. Noran revision: Inspiration (4 charge) now reduces mana cost of spells only. Polymorph moved to 7 charges
  4. Akatril’s Seraph Embrace will now give +1 Strength, +1 Health, Flying and Blessed (Charges 5)
  5. Akatril’s Divine Summoning (Charges 6) will now clear all corpses and creates an Angel token. That token now has a cost of 4. New ability with new ability art.
  6. Alisten’s 3 charge ability is now Imposing Visage – Creature gains Timid. New ability, with new ability art.
  7. Alisten’s Summon Whelp moved from 5 charges to 4.
  8. Alisten’s Dragon Calling moved from 4 to 6, now says “Draw a card. The next creature card you play with a cost of 5+ costs 3 less mana.
  9. Petrice’s Sprinkle Dust now reads “Gain 1 mana. Ally creatures gain Dust.” – It is no longer targeted.
  10. Petrice’s Swipe (4 charges) now reads “Steal 1 strength and an ability from opposing creature. That creature gains Dust.”
  11. Petrice’s Mystic Shroud (5 charges) now gives 2 Health, not 1.
  12. Bahamut’s ability Dragon Form (7 charge) now makes the creature it targets a Dragon in addition to its other subtypes.- this is not a buff, just adding flavor
  13. Nomad has been made active.
  14. Nomad is selling in the store for 90,000 gold or 69 Gems.
  15. Nomad’s 10 achievements have been added.
  16. The card “Dirty Fuel” (RISE Uncommon) now reads “Your hero Mills 5 and gains 3 mana. Banish those cards.”
  17. The card “Quickdraw Cannon” (CORE Rare) now reads “Whenever you draw a card: Deal 1 damage to an enemy creature. If none, deal 1 damage to enemy Hero instead.”
  18. The card “Manacycle Wizard” (Tribes Two Epic) now reads “On Death: Gain 2 Mana.” No longer has Allegiant, Manacycle reduced to 3.
  19. The card Caindra (Tribes Legendary) now has a Health of 4 (was 3)
  20. The card Dark Spectre (Tribes Epic) now has a cost of 5 (was 6)
  21. Spirit Sceptor has been renamed Spirit Scepter. Now has a cost of 3, was 2.
  22. The Kingdom-specific card packs now include cards from Rise.


1. Not all of the new content has been translated into all supported languages. If you do not play in English, you will see some English in your game..
2. Nomad's Grand Theft ability only affects cards (either creatures or gear) that have a cost of 4 or less. The limitation is not just on Gear.
3. It has been discovered that the Magnum Opus and Concealed Weapon fixes were undone in this release. The fixes WILL be put back. We are working with Antic to get the fixed code for these cards.
4. Tribes 2 singles are not currently in the Singles market. They will return with the next release.