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Card of the Month

Hello everyone, I have decided to make a new series where I review a card that I believe is good.

The first card is Undead Doomsayer (Set: Core, Rarity: Epic). It is a 2/4 creature with reassemble and prevents enemy healing. It is a good card because it is very mana efficient and counters the popular essence of life gear.

It works well in both midrange, control and aggressive decks due to its mana efficiency and health gain prevention.

Possible combos: +divine expulsion (prevent health gain) , +prophet of the void (cleric)

Value of card (in Gems): 70+ , you could use it in any deck
How many copies I would run: 4


Doomsayer is one of the best four drops in the game, that's for sure

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I'm surprised that people enjoy Doomsayer so much. Is it only because of EoL?

Healing decks aren't extremely common and this card has only slightly above average survivability, so I definitely wouldn't put it in my top 50.

There was a time btw when instead of Reass it used to have Regen. Back then, that was a truly brutal (and undeniably OP) card.


To be honest, it always found a place in my attack decks, great against AI

Ash Lael

AI won't play rejuve while doomsayer is on the board.


it's only been five days? this is an interesting concept, I'd like it to go weekly =)


Interesting, maybe this,, will also interesting to you? I hope!