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2 mana (spell, Elemental) - Enemy hero discards a spell card. If they had no such card, they take 2 damage.

(Spells are instants, so such a method is best for a targeted discard counter. You can get more creative with other card types (rune/creature/gear) since they spend time on the board.)

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Great minds think alike. There will be at least one card like this in the next set. I'm leaning towards Undead though, as it is the "discard" Kingdom. Why do you think that this fits the Elemental kingdom better?


I would say because of Stuttershock Elf and Mindburn? =) Not to mention combining it with mana denial for Arcanos.


Not really checked out this forum post, until I saw karl commented (habbit). Anyway, I just saw how much effort you put into this wade, and would like to suggest a few of my ideas, to help yours for the future :) (great job so far btw!)

Ominous Night
3 mana

enemy hero discards cards equal to the amount of dark alliance creatures you control. For each creature discarded they lose an additional 2 health

(not sure. If you already have 6 mana + some dark alliance creatures down you are probably dominating even without making the opponent discard and lose hp)

Colourful Catastrophe
4 mana

For each elemental creature you control deal 2 fire damage to enemy hero. If you control 3 creatures deal an addition 1.

Ancient Ceremony
4 mana (not sure)
Rare (maybe chancing the rarity here)

Target your 1 of your ally creatures. Destroy that target. You gain charges equal to its attack

Robo Ethics
4 mana

Place a "construct" token in empty ally slot. It gains attack 1-3 and health 2-5 (random) and a random ability

Super-Massive Black Hole
6 mana (goes on for 5 turns)
rune world

On a players turn, a creature they control is removed from the game.
(Starts on Opponents turn. No "on enter")

Armour of Glory
5 mana

Light Alliance creatures you control gain armour and 1 health equal to the amount of Light alliance creatures you control

Battle Armour (not sure on name, you decided wade)
2 mana uncommon
Unalinged or ancient

Ally Creature have indestructible

("Battle Armour" would be very good just now. stop those skyreaver dragons being echo blasted and final verdict-ed out the sky!)

(and yeah, some of these are past suggestions I have made before)

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Goblin Apothecary
3 mana Rare, Alchemy
On enter/On your turn: generates a Poison card in your hand.

Final Verdict
Epic spell, Mystical/Undead - 7 mana
Your hero loses all mana. For each point of mana lost this way, enemy hero loses 1 life.

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What do you think theultimate "rapid sacrifice" deck of Kingdoms would be like?

The goal of this deck is to sacrifice everything - life, charges, cards, even advantage/drawbacks on future turns - to force a win as soon as possible. Mid game it can still keep up a bit by keeping sacrificing future turn advantage for immediate, but once it runs out of fuel, it practically collapses under its weight as it is hit by ridiculously high drawbacks.

Frantic Search
1 mana (Mystical spell)
Mill 5 cards, then draw 2 cards.

Forked Lightning
1 mana (Elemental spell)
Lose 1 life. Enemy hero loses 2.

Lash Out
1 mana (Elemental spell)
Deal 3 damage to target creature or hero. You do not gain any mana on your next turn.

1 mana (Ancient spell)
All of your charges are moved to target hero ability. (Excess charges are lost.)

Blood Contract
1 mana (Undead spell)
Next card you play is free. Its cost is paid from your hero's life instead of your mana.

Traitor's Seal
1 mana (Alchemy gear)
Gain 4 mana. On your turn: lose 0-1 mana. This gear can not be destroyed.


I am not sure why this post has never been on my radar before.

Great effort and ideas here. Tnx Whade.

It is funny to see so many identical names to already excisting cards. For instance Final Verdict.

Could you try to always include uncommon/common/rare/epic/legendary status with your card description. That way I dream about it in my mind and see if i can add it to my limited decks or not. And how it would affect those.

The rage card would be amazing!

With regards,


+1 whade. I like the blood contract idea. Just needs its own name :P

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So, after a long break, here are more cards again. ;)
Note that most of them don't seek to enrich or address the meta in any actual way; they are just ideas created for fun.

Battering Ram
If this is opposed, it gains Haste. If not opposed, it can not attack.
-> a great Holy card. It's like a multi-use removal spell (with the drawback that it can not remove blocks for attackers). Give it extra health and Armor and it gets even more uses, enough boosts and the number of uses can be practically unlimited! And while it can not usually attack the hero itself, it CAN if it is given Flying - a use for some of your forgotten Angel cards maybe?

Aerial Bombbardment
1 mana Uncommon Alchemy spell
Deal 1 phys damage to every creature in play in a random order. If one of them dies, stop.

1 mana Common spell (also a general Alchemy ability on a series of new Hose Down-type Alchemy ability removal creatures)
Remove the card text from a creature (and all abilities associated with it).

-> who cares about removing Diryam when you can just make his ability stop regardless, ey? ;)

Lazy Apprentice
1 mana Common creature, Mystical
On your turn: 50% chance that you'll draw a card.

0 mana Common Alchemy spell
Banish all ally creatures, then summon a creature with all of their life, att and abilities in a random ally slot.

-> so 3 2/2 bears, each 2 mana, form a 6/6 creature...You only make a 1 mana saving per additional card, 2 at most for 3 creatures, on this card, no matter what, so it's not a great one...(Though it does lose negative text effects)

Deathwish Acolyte
1 mana
On enter: Give your opponent a Smash spell (deal 2 phys damage).

-> literally hands you the blade :D

5/5 Epic, Ancient, 7 mana
When this card takes damage: summon a crature with X/X in an empty ally slot, where X is the damage suffered.

Magmar Lord
7 mana Epic, Elemental
At the end of your turn: every other creature takes 1 spell damage.

Milstone Pacifist
2 mana
On enter: both heroes gain 4 life.
-> for Mill decks, obviously

Rush Hour
7 mana Epic
Draw 4 cards.

Personal Intervention
? mana Epic Spell, Unaligned
Deal damage to target creature equal to your mana.
The creature also deals its attack to the hero.

Stealthy Converter
3 mana Mystical Rare
On enter: if the opponent has more creatures than you after you have played this, take control of the cheapest one.

Honest Shopkeeper
1 mana Rare
On enter: Give your opponent 2 "Junk" cards.

0 mana Gear, Unaligned
Does not do anything.)

Mercenary Band
3 mana Uncommon
All of your own cards cost 1 more.
-> note that it takes 1-2 turns for the drawback to come into effect. The higher health less att the designed card has (ie. the safer it is to just ignore it), the (very slightly) cheaper you can make it.

Undead creature
On enter: copy every "on death" text effect from other creatures onto this card.

Avenging Commander
4 mana Rare
2/4, Allegiant
Every time an ally creature dies, give this card +1 att and Armor.

4 mana Epic rune word
When a creature or spell deals damage to a creature, that damage is dealt to a random target (=creature or hero on either side) instead.

0 mana Rare spell
Create 5 "Wonder" cards cards and shuffle them in your deck.

King Vroosh the Untouchable
6 mana Legendary
This card can't attack.
On your turn: deal 4 spell damage to a random enemy creature.

Orcish Fury
4 mana Rare
2/4 Haste
If this card is injured, it has +2 attack.


Magebane Assassin
3 mana Unaligned creature, Uncommon
On enter: Put the "Silence" runeworld in effect.
Deal +2 damage to creatures with the "Mage" subtype.

Doomsday The Timeender
Legendary boss
Players only have 30 seconds to act each turn.

Lord of the Dream
Legendary Mystical creature, Illusion
On your turn, draw a card for each creature in play with Slow.

Muddy Swamp
2 mana
0/4 Wall, Mystical
If a creature deals damage to this it becomes slow.
This card can not attack.

Shrink Gun Mechanic
Alchemy creature
On enter: opposing enemy becomes -1/-1.

Lonesome recruit
2 mana Uncommon
If you have a creature on both side, this enters with +1/+1 and Allegiant.

Priestess of the Scales
Ancient Cleric, Epic
3/3, 4 mana
Every Ancient card costs 5 mana.

3 mana Mystical Uncommon
Take control of target creature with Slow.

Void Feeder
4 mana Rare
Every time your hero loses life, this gets +1/+1.

-> synergizes with Undead self-damage cards.

Stubborn Lich
Undead creature
If this creature's life would drop below 1, it steals that much life from random ally creatures and stays in play.

3 mana Rare gear
Every time you use a hero power, gain 1 charge in the same power.

-> infinite ability play fans...here

When this creature takes damage, heal that much to your hero.

Immortal Familiar
1 mana Undead Rare, Demon
if this dies, summon a token Immortal Minion in the same slot.

-> would suit better in a deck with buffs so make it Holy instead, maybe?

Fairy Army Commander
Mystical creature
On enter: Draw 2 cards. If any are creatures with cost 2 or less, put them in play in an empty ally slot.

Lucky Coin
5 mana Rare spell
Shuffle this card back in your deck, then draw a card. If you drew this card again, banish it and you win the game.

-> the smaller your deck size, the more likely you are to draw this...:D
You may want to swap "win the game" to something like "deal X damage to enemy", or some unique high-cost Epic effect.
If you have a Mill enemy, try to save this until the endgame - if you only have 1 other card left, you have 50% chance to steal the win...And given they can mill several on the same turn, how close you can get to the gorge before you try to play this? :D

Sympathetic Follower
2 mana Common, Holy
When another ally is targeted by a spell, duplicate it on this creature.
-> this includes both ally and enemy spells, so unless you brought a lot of buff spells, this will get destroyed by a copied Fire Bolt soon!

Angel of Immortality
Holy creature, Angel
Allies that die return to your hand instead.

Paladin of Life
3 mana Rare creature, Holy
This card's att equals its life.

Meddling Familiar
Mystical crature, 1 mana Uncommon
This card can't be targeted by spells or abilities.
On your turn, an enemy creatue loses 1 att and an ally creature gains 1.

2 mana Mystical Uncommon
0/3, Manacycle
On each player's turn, if they have less than 2 cards they draw cards until they have 2.

1/1 Unaligned creature

Summon Sheep
1 mana Common spell
Summon a 0/1 Sheep in target enemy or ally slot.
-> I ant this to be a CORE card for Holy/Unaligned Reward actually.

Mummy King
Corpses return to your hand and not the discard pile.

Desperate Plea
0 mana Epic spell
You can only play this card if you have 8 or less health. Banish your hand and all your mana, then banish target enemy creature.

Arch Thief of Nomad
On enter: steal a gear card from the opponent's deck and put it in your hand.

Thief of Nomad
When this card damages a hero, steal 1 mana (if any).

Enchanter Bot
creature, Alchemy
Ally creatures have Armor equal to the number of Armor gears equipped by their hero.
-> for MEKK

Latecomer to the Party
1 mana Uncommon Holy creature
If there are 3 or more creatures in play, this has Haste.

Vartaxas, Demon Lord (Legendary Undead creature)
Your hero's health can not go below 1. Other Demon creatures don't take damage. (life loss and destroy still affect them.)

Xaox the Chaos Warlock
All damage being dealt choses target randomly.
(Damage from creatures, spells and gears targets a random creature or hero).

Toxley the Revolutionary
All creatures are Unaligned and do not have Unaligned.

Master of Cogs
On enter: heal a Construct with 2 and give it +1 att.

On enter: if you have a Construct in play, it gains -1/+1 and draw a gear.

On enter: if you have a Construct in play, destroy it and put it in your hand.

Mind Worm
2 mana Mystical Rare
On death: take control of a random enemy creature with cost 3 or less.

Remote Piloted Machine
3 mana Rare Alchemy Construct
On your turn: if this is your only creature in play, destroy it.

Hungry Beast
On enter: Put a Sheep in the opposing slot.

Soulbound Bear
4 mana Mystical creature
This card costs 1 less for each card in your hand

(minimum 0).

Golem Maker
Alchemy creature, 4 mana Uncommon
On enter: opposing creature turns into a 2/2 Golem

with Dust.

2 mana Rare
Phys damage to this card is reduced by 1.
If this card takes damage and survives it: summon

another Amoeba in an empty ally slot.

Multiplying Slime
2 mana Uncommon
On your turn: summopn an exact copy of this card in

an empty ally slot. (including this ability)

Master of Disguises
Unaligned (Shapeshifter)
On enter: an ally card becomes a copy of a random enemy creature.

Guardian of the Tomb
Can only attack if it is the only creature in play.
(including enemy creatures).

Responsible Bodyguard
Destroy this creature if your hero takes any damage.

Final Blow
Destroy a damaged creature.

Peddler of Fate
When opponent plays a card, gain a copy of it and your opponent gains 2 mana.

1 mana
Diplomatic Relations
Gain 2 life. Put a "Diplomat" in opponent's hand.

2 mana
On enter: heal 2 and Mill 3.)

"Use damage not destroy spells" creature
If a creature takes damage, destroy it. (including
this one)

Dig It Up
1 mana Common spell, Undead
Remove target corpse and put its card in your hand.

Cleansing Spring
Rune word, 4-6 turns
On the end of each turn, remove all negative status effects.


Some of my own ideas:

4 mana rare ancient spell
*card art; bother with an axe, fire seeker kneeling, head on tree trunk* (you can imagine it too, right?)
Deal 3 (piercing?) attack damage to target creature. If your hero is ancient, gain 1 mana

5 mana uncommon holy spell
Ally light alliance creatures gain flight, blessed 1 and 1 health.

We had norans blink ability made into a card (aithers walk) - why not do some similar effects?

4 mana epic spell
Take 2 magic damage. Target ally corpse; remove that corpse and play from your deck the next creature card with less mana than the corpse's original mana cost. If your hero is elemental, it gains 1 attack.

Mystical Vengance
4 mana rare spell
Round half of your current mana up; deal magic damage to each enemy creature up to the amount of mana lost this way. If your hero is mystical, draw a card.

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Always a joy to see your posts Cewen! :D

I think Flight, Blessed and +0/1 are only worth about 1 mana each though - that's only about 2 mana on the Uncommon level!

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I found a bunch more in a .txt file.

Tomb of a Hero
0 mana Rare, Unaligned
Put the corpse of a 5 mana 5/5 "Hero of Old" in an empty ally slot.

-> Jorma can swap it, Undead/Holy can resurrect it.

Penitent Worshipper
3 mana Uncommon, Holy
On enter: deals 2 damage to itself.

-> Holy should get some cards that can start to benefit from healing right away. (also works with cards that deny on-enter effects.)

Blunt Edges
Rune word
All spells and creatures deal 1 less damage.

Frosted Warlock
4 mana Rare, Elemental
3/3 Invoked
On enter: both heroes lose 2 mana.

Master of Ruin
2 mana Uncommon
On enter: both heroes draw the next rune word from their deck.

-> what makes these two cards great is how easy it can be to make them ONE sided...

Sword Carrier
4 mana Rare creature, Holy (Knight)
2/3 Armor
On death: its player puts a free Longsword gear in play.

-> when it dies, it passes its weapon on to you. :p

Catchin' Up
Draw cards until you have as many as your opponent.

Webspinner Matriarch
4 mana Common, Undead
On death: Summon a 1/2 "Spider" in adjacent empty ally slots.

-> Kingdoms lacks some MtG effects like Deathtouch, Double strike, First strike...

Cunning Lackey
3 mana Rare, Unaligned
2/3, Manacycle, Recycle
When you activate a hero ability: enemy hero loses 1 charge. When opponent activates an ability: you gain 1 charge.

Venomous Serpent
2 mana Common, Undead
If this deals damage to an enemy, destroy it.

Martyr of Hope
2 mana Uncommon, Holy
1/1, Blessed
On death: opposing creature becomes Pacified.

-> I like weenie cards with bombatic effects, like these or Fester Vermin or Mind Worm from my previous list above....

Each turn, a random card in the enemy's hand is blocked (it can not be played).

-> pray you have a big hand...

If target creature has Indestructible, remove it and destroy it.
If target creature has Puresoul, remove it and it becomes Poisoned, Weak and Cursed.
If target creature has Resist or Armor, remove it and deal 2 piercing damage to them.


Animate Hourglass
1 mana Common, Construct, Mystical
On death: an enemy creature becomes Slow.
-> the rare version makes ALL enemy creatures Slow.

Nice Card, I'll Take It
6 mana Epic spell
Target enemy card is removed from play and shuffled into your deck.


Nice cards :D
I like a lot of em, with originally like the Nice card, i'll take it, jokster and tome of a hero.


Let's get started, shall we?

Fae Changeling
Rare Mystical Creature
1 Mana
On enter: Return an ally creature to your hand, this creature gains all health, damage and abilities of that creature.

Frostborn Emperor
Epic Elemental Creature
6 Mana
On enter: Both players lose all mana, for each mana lost this way, this creature has +1/+1.

Earthborn Geomancer
Rare Elemental Creature
6 Mana
On enter: All other creatures become Immobile, creatures with Immobile cannot attack.

Broadside Titan
Epic Ancient Creature
5 Mana
2/5 Splash
This creature blocks adjacent empty slots.

Intangible Geist
Uncommon Undead Creature
2 Mana
1/3 Unblockable
This creature cannot block.

Swarm Locust
Common Unaligned Creature
2 Mana
1/1 Flying
You may have infinite copies of this card in your deck.

Lord of Locusts
Epic Unaligned Creature
5 Mana
3/3 Flying
On enter: Put a Swarm Locust in each adjacent empty ally slot. This creature has +1/+1 for each Swarm Locust you control.

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Love them.

I'm glad that people are posting, those are some great ideas. :D

1st two - perfect <3
Broadside -> it's certainly not a drawback worth more than like, half a mana, but 5 mana for those stats at Epic level? with those stats, it's a Common!
I wonder if it'd be possible to squeeze more drawback(=free lower mana cost) from that special ability if you HAD some reason to want to have other creatures on the side. "Allegiant" would be nice, since that forces you to try to summon this in corners only AND limits its Splash, so it's a nice either-or choice, not something likely to come in play often tho, but it's something.

Lord of Locusts - here's an alternate idea:
"This creature has +1/+1 for the highest number of identical cards you have in your hand [and in play]."
Ie. there's some chance of getting a bonus out of it even if you only play with a normal deck (heck, you could in theory draw your 4 max copies from anything too.

(a "+in play" too may be so much and also hands this card over to Ravinova's ability)

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Helm of the Immortal
3 mana Rare gear, Undead
If damage would kill your character, return him to play with 5 life.

-> an old Abaddon ability makes a return. Healing Undead style.
The funny thing is that as great this card looks, it's actually not as powerful as it seems - just compare a Glass Armor. In fact, if it returned you to play with 1 life only, you could make it as low as a 2 mana Common/Uncommon! I thought Rare may be best both to not to give that away, nor make this feel op to those who don't own it. People might still buy this, as a Rare. :)


Seems pretty powerful to me since nothing's said about the gear being destroyed afterward which means it remains in play. Churn out indestructible runes for extra protection or have ravi copy it and u have one hard to kill hero. tbh i can already hear people calling out 'op, nerf it. not fair. mummy, its not fair. op. op. op. also mummy i wet myself again.'

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Oh, my bad, I did write "after this, destroy this gear" but I somehow left it off. So yes, this was a 1-use card.

About "Indestructible", note that rune word says "can not be destroyed -except by itself-". So self-destruct, as inj this case, still applies.

And for Ravi duplicating it, let her, that's part of the fun! Again, this is not in fact more powerful than a Glass Armor (you might say it's riskier/weaker) so I'm not afraid of it being copied at all.

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Trouble Magnet
Mystical creature 1/3
If an ally creature becomes the target of a spell or hero ability they target this card instead.

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Swords Drawn
Holy spell
Target creature's attack becomes equal to their health.

-> let Holy focus on gaining more health, then gain attack for the takedown. If it's a mixed Holy/big creatures (like Ancient) deck, it's even better - though the potential att gain isn't equally great, getting say +4 att on a giant or epic dragon/angel is still a good boost.

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Stubborn Enchanter
3 mana Rare, Mystical
On your turn: set this creature's att to 3.

-> I was wondering which kingdom this card would fit in. ; I settled on Mystical. GOOD NEWS: this card is barely affected by Weaken-type att reductions (unless it is weakened AND attacked on the same turn before its player's turn occurs). BAD NEWS: It's a bad blocker immediately after it is summoned; and also it is not affected by att buffs, either.

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Sheep Pen
0/2, Wall (can not attack and does not leave a corpse)
On enter: if opposite creature slot is empty, opponent takes control of this card.
On turn: put a 0/1 Sheep in an empty slot.

for those who really wanna clog enemy slots...

Wyrm Matriarch
3 mana 6/6 Overrun Epic
On death: summon a 3/3 Wyrm in a random empty enemy(!) slot.

-> difficult to kill cheap biggies with on death drawbacks. Quite a combination.


This post, I want to not only go into creative ideas (ish) but try a new arch type for each kingdom.

NOTE: Only holy and undead cards are here, to save it from getting too long. If these are any good, I might think up more cards (along the same ideas, + legends) for the other kingdoms.

Unaligned, holy and undead do not have legends here btw, cos I feel, they won't come for a very very long time :). Enjoy!

2 mana: Loyal Knight Uncommon
2-2 with armour. No text.

Gear: 3 mana common
Ally creatures gain 1 health. If they are "Knights" they also gain 1 armour and Support

Rare Rune 2 mana
Whenever an ally light alliance creature enters play; each enemy creature is dealt 1 attack damage.

Epic Spell 6 mana
Target Ally creature gains attack equal to its opposing creature. If your targeted ally creature is light alliance, it gains the opposing creature's attack too. If your targeted creature is holy, this card goes on top of your deck instead of your discard pile.

Common Gear
Soul Conversion 4 mana
Whenever an enemy creature dies; your ally creatures gain 1 attack.

Foul Ghoul 2 mana creature
Pricing 2-2 - No Text

Foul Play
Rare Rune 2 mana
Whenever an ally dark alliance creature enters play; enemy creatures lose 1 health.

Lust For Blood
Epic spell 7 mana
Target enemy creature; Destroy it. Ally creatures gain health equal to its mana cost.

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Lust For Blood -> I'd change this to "equal to its HEALTH.", and then it's good.

Loyalty - it's ok, but I feel we have too many similar cards (deal damage to enemy creatures when ally enters) already.

Others: too much subtype favors for my taste. I STRONGLY disliked all the "if your hero/card is X kingdom" cards that Karl added and still do; it's just a veiled workaround instead of saying "ONLY x hero/card may use this", because it's obvious that the card is too weak without the bonus effect otherwise.
but hey, someone might like them...

2/2s ->
ok...I guess I'd like a meta too that goes:

Common: 2/2 -> Uncommon -> 2/2, ability; Rare -> 2/2, ability+text ability, etc.
and then this is the same for 0 mana 1/1s, 1 mana 1/2s and 2/1s etc.
Basically if higher rarity cards can still get removed by the right spells, that kinda puts a cap on too much dominance and such, I think?...maybe...?

But I don't quite get the ones you suggest - what'd a 2/2 Pierce be for? hmm


cards with no text would be to allow some fun creative (maybe tribal?) decks with stone of simplicity :). Only very few texts-less creatures in the game atm (which is OK, as its a new concept)

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(! I did not much price these last few batches; I just wanted to come up with fun effects. Do NOT take what's written in these last few ones as my official stand on how much they should cost!)

Archmage Randamas the Stubborn
Wizard Lord
5/3, Resist
When a Mystical spell deals damage to an enemy, draw a card.
On death: summon a 0/4 Flying, Dust "Randamas' Ghost".

Lady Vrataxis, Imp Mistress
On enter: summon an Imp. While there is an Imp in play, Lady Vrataxis can not take damage.
-> could be done witth any subtype eg. Fairies, Gnomes... for more effective decks, just make sure said subtype does not have too big cards in it or this could get too much.

Brain Spider
If this deals damage to an enemy creature, banish it
and take control of the enmy creature.

Acatrix, King of Demons
Legendary creature (Undead, Demon)
5 mana
5/4, Pierce
On enter/On your turn: enemy hero discards a spell
card in his hand.

Master Jouster
Epic creature, Holy Knight
5 mana
2/3 Armor
When a creature deals damage to this creature, that
damage is dealt to a random creature in play instead.

(In other words, it MAY hit this creature, but it may
hit another ally OR enemy creature, or even the
creature that dealt the damage to begin with!)

Sword Thrower
3 mana Uncommon creature, Holy Warrior
When this creature is set to defend mode: reduce its
attack to 0 and deal its att to the creature in the opposing slot.

3 mana Rare creature, Ancient
On enter: opposing creature becomes Pacified.

Golem Maker
5 mana Uncommon
On enter: Transform opposing creature into a 2/2 Dust Golem.

Crazed Inventor
5 mana Rare
On enter: transform opposing creature into a 0/1 Sheep

Hungry Beast
4 mana Rare
On enter: put a 0/1 Sheep in the opposing slot.

Spiked Beast
2 mana Uncommon
This creature deals x2 its att to creatures.

Spiked Bludgeon
4 mana Epic gear
On your turn: deals 2 damage to a random enemy creature or hero.

Hungry Spirits
2 mana Uncommon Mystical creature, Spirit
All creatures [enemy OR ally] cost 1 extra mana.

Equal Fight
2 mana Rune word, Rare
All creatures' att is 3 exactly.

Ancient Staff Piece
3 mana Rare gear, Unaligned
The charge cost of your 3rd hero ability is reduced by 1. (stacks)

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Jokester Mage/
Rare creature, Elemental Wizard
On enter/turn: summon a 0/1 Sheep with Immolated for the opponent.

-> throws burning sheep at you

Plague Zombie
Undead Common, Zombie
On your turn: both heroes lose 1 life

-> for those sacrificial rush decks


attack/health for the mage?

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Haven't thought about it much, but a 3/2 for 3 mana at that rarity sounds nice.

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King's Blessing
3 mana Epic spell
Target creature gains +3/+3.

-> T'rror generating an 5 mana advantage each turn...well what if every creature was the same potential threat? We really should have more creature buffs on the higher level.

Impatient Researcher
2 mana Uncommon/Rare, 2/2
On enter: draw a card. If it is not a spell, banish it. If it is a spell, keep it in your hand.

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Angel of Sympathy
Epic creature
1/3 Flying
3 mana
When you cast a spell card on an ally creature, it is copied on this creature too.

I winder if this would push gears out of control?

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These are stolen directly from Hearthstone, but I think the mechanic is great and would be a boon for Elemental.

Final Blow
2 mana Elemental spell, Uncommon
Destroy a damaged enemy creature.

-> a cheap destroy-any card that lets you get rid of most enemies in 2 steps (creature or spell damage, then this).

Orc Berserker
3 mana Uncommon, ELemental
While this creature is damaged, it has +2 attack.

Pain Eater
3 mana Rare, Elemental
When this creature takes damage, draw a card.

1 mana Uncommon Elemental spell
All creatures are dealt 1 magic damage.

-> encouraging damaging your own creatures too.

Of course, one of the big BIG illnesses of Kingdoms is that there are just too many ways around damage being called damage...(life loss, transform effects, destroy, send to deck/pile/remove from game -> it's chickenshit if it only makes people play Realm Crushers MORE, this bs would need to be addressed first.)

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4 mana Rare spell
Kingdom: ? (Mystical? Undead?)
Set target hero's health to 12.

-> not too low, not too high. This is normally a last minute self-heal spell. It can be used as an early direct damage one too, but it's not a very strong one that way. The major utility- and the reason it's Rare - is what it can do to mass heal decks. Set yourself up for the kill, and then, this bounces the target right back.

It might be okay with "10" as the target number, but I'm sure there are combos that can deal 10 damage on the same turn that would make this feel unfair.

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3 mana Epic spell
Your hero heals 1 and enemy loses 1, then return this card to your deck.

-> just a theoretical possibility: would it break the game if you had a spell that ensured that, as long as you have mana to burn, you will never mill out?

(Guess: yes; there must be a Mana/Essence Mantle type gear and draw card combo that lets you play this repeatedly right?)

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Chaos Mage
When a spell or hero ability targets somebody, choose a random target instead.

1/2 Resist
When a spell or hero ability would target a creature, it targets this creature instead.

Mystical Fireball
3 mana Uncommon
Deal 2 magic damage to target creature, then Slow it and its adjacent creatures.

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Magic Mirror
5 mana Epic gear, Mystical (relic)
On your turn: put a copy of a random creature in play [enemy OR ally] in an empty ally slot. If it costs 4 or more mana, destroy this gear.

-> generate infinite copies of cheap creatures or one copy of a big one. Enemy can try to distrupt your strategy by playing his own creatures (worthless 1 manas or a weaker 4 mana work best). Can be played on an empty field with a strong ally, or against an empty field with a strong enemy (low or high cost), or on a field populated by good 3 mana+high cost cards. Many option, good strategic value, and good player-player interaction possibility.

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Mystical creature, Spirit Wizard
2/1 Resist, Dust
When a spell would be cast on another creature, it is cast on this creature instead.

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Ancient spell, 5 mana
Destroy target gear. This card costs 1 less for each enemy gear in play.

-> a big solution and warning against gear spam and Elder Scroll overuse. :p
(this is always at most 4 mana - always an enemy gear in play if it can be used - and may go as low as 0 mana.)

and if we're talking similar cards:

Soulbound Giant (X mana, Undead creature, Epic)
5/5, Reasssemble x5
This card's mana cost is equal to your hero's health.

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4 mana creature, Shapeshifter (Mystical), Rare
On enter: swap attack and health with the opposing creature.

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The following cards revolve around the token card "Junk". "Junk" is a 0 mana spell that does absolutely nothing when played. It can, however, be banished for mana like any other card, so it's essentially +1 mana - the only difference is that you need to make room for it in your hand before that can happen.

Creaking Mecha (5 mana?)
Each time this creature takes damage, its hero gains a "Junk".

Scrap Collector (creature)
When an ally Construct dies, put a "Junk" in your hand.

Shady Merchant
On enter: enemy hero loses up to 5 mana, and put a "Junk" in their hand for each mana lost this way.


Scrap Collector already is a creature.

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Names really don't matter, I just throw them out. :) And yeah I know.

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Mind Games
Mystical spell 4? mana Rare
Take control of target enemy creature (place it any random empty ally slot). It can be moved to any ally slot and it can attack on the end of this turn. After the attack phase, return it to its original slot under the opponent's control.

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Grave Pact
4 mana Epic gear
Whenever a creature enters a discard pile, enemy hero loses 1 life.

-> this becomes more interesting when you consider that it can be combined with Mill too.
You no longer need to mill 40 cards; only 16 creature cards will be enough...

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0 mana Rare
Deal 1 phys. damage to an uninjured enemy.

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Clear all corpses, then both players put the top 5 cards in their discard piles back into their decks.
Put a "Knowledge" rune word in play. Draw a card.

->I was trying to think up a card when you play after you have just had all of your gears and creatures hit by some sort of mass removal.


commander ardent. nice but should cost more

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Epic Ancient spell
Return target hero to its starting health.


some gears:

holy rite
2 mana uncommon holy
removing holy creature corpses cost 1 mana and an ally creature gains blessed (alternatively costs 2 mana and gives 1 mana if too powerful) this gear would sort of take mourning veil and sacred urn out of the valued rare slots in limited

2 mana uncommon undead
whenever an undead creature is moved to discard pile, another copy of that creature is created and moved into the discard pile as well (for return cards and dredge decks)

2 mana uncommon elemental
banishing elemental gear and creature cards yeild 1 extra mana (as in banishing from your own hand for 1 mana)

fair spirits
2 mana uncommon mystical
whenever a mystical creature without dust is killed or destroyed, it's corpse is removed and a 1/1 spirit with flying and dust is put into that slot

side effects
2 mana uncommon alchemy
whenever an enemy creature loses hp from poison, also loses an ability

pool of the ancient
2 mana uncommon ancient
enemy creatures killed from splash or overrun yeilds 1 charge to random ability of your hero

on a side note I think all ents should have resist (like frostbark), so to work better with cruto's 2nd ability, what with him being an ent himself