Bunch o' cards. (rune words that are missing+random stuff)

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Bunch o' cards. (rune words that are missing+random stuff)


Rune word, Holy
0 mana, 6 turns
On each turn: Active player's opponent's hero gains 1 health.

Rune word, Elemental
2 mana, 6 turns
On each turn: a random creature suffers 1 spell damage.

Time Seeps Backwards
Rune word, Mystical
1 mana
6 turns
On each turn: The top card in active player's discard pile is shuffled back into their deck.

Rune word, Unaligned
3 mana
2 turns
Neither you nor your opponent may attack this round. (Creatures skip their attack phase.)

Rune word, Undead
1 mana
6 turns
On each turn: Active player's hero loses 1 health.

Suffocating Fumes
4 mana Undead rune word
while in play: Creatures have their attack and strenght reduced by 1.
(able to kill 1 health creatures)

Chaos Of Battle
1 mana Unaligned rune word
Creatures no longer interact with each other - abilities like eg. "if enemy creature is X kingdom" (Slayer Of The Damned, Steel Titan etc.) or "adjacent/ally creatures gain..." (Ancient Being, Faithful Worshipper, Captain Of The Guard etc.) are inactive.

Rare Unaligned rune word,
4 mana
2 turns
No cards may be played by either player.

Memory Vault
Uncommon Unaligned rune word
1 mana
6 turns
Discarded cards enter their player's discard pile, they are not banished. Discarding a card does not give its player mana.

[->this has serious discard pile manipulation potential, but I think the lack of mana gain balances it probably (also some players may play it simply to deny their opponent to gain mana from discarding)]


Sudden Weakness
Holy spell
2 mana, Common
Target creature's health is lowered by 2 until the next turn. (It is possible to die to this.)
[-> behold, the first Holy specific removal flavor :p]

3 mana Epic, Holy (spell)
Target creature loses all negative status effects and heals fully. It gains Puresoul.

Cull The Weak
3 mana Uncommon Ancient spell
If target creature's attack is 0 or 1, destroy it.

Commander Ardent
4 mana Rare, Holy
Ally creatures have +1. Ardent has +1 for every creature (enemy or ally) in play. (including himself)

Elite Guard
Holy Uncommon, 2 mana
2/2; if you control another "Human creature", this has +1 attack.

Junk 'Bot
0 mana Alchemy creature, Common "Construct"
On enter, your hero loses 1 charge.

3 mana Alchemy gear
Whenever an ally Alchemy creature dies, another ally "Construct" gains +0/+1 and Recycle.

Reflector Shield
2 mana Mystical creature "Barrier"
0/1, Resist 2
This creature can not be targeted by spells or hero abilities. This creature can not attack.

Blackmist Assassin
Unaligned Uncommon creature
2 mana, 1/1 Dust
On enter: Both heroes discard a card.

Invisibility Potion
2 mana Uncommon Alchemy spell
Target creature becomes Unblockable.

Goblin Commander
2 mana Common
This card has +1 attack for every other "Goblin" in play.

Nethergod Worshipper
3 mana Rare, Undead
1/1, 3 Reassemble

1/1 Dust, 2 mana (Mystical Uncommon)
On your turn/On death: you gain 1 mana.

Memory Erasure
spell, Unaligned
6 mana Epic
Both players discard their hands.

Dwarven Drill Train
(creature, Construct)
4 mana Rare
1/5, Unblockable

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some of these seem interesting. do have questions about them.

Invisibility potion
strict upgrade of another alchemy uncommon spell from Rise
Lesser Invis potion 2 mana target creatures gains unblockable until end of turn

will you come up with alchemy and ancient rune words as well?
think the holy cards are my favorite

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Thank you for reading it. :)
Invis Potion yeah I was thinking...This should be 2 mana and the temp one should be 1 mana? I mean no matter what, 3 mana for 1 ability is never going to fly. Eh, maybe perm Unblockable was jut not meant to be. Tho I think the devs were overly cautious with this ability.

Rune words...Well I was mostly trying to fill the "gaps" but I guess there is yet room, how about:

Sacrificial Altar
0 mana Uncommon Rune word, Ancient
Discarding a card grants its player 1-2 charges instead of 1 mana.

3 mana Alchemy rune word, 4 turns
Gears are creatures and creatures are gears (both belong to both types). Spells and abilities that would target/affect one type can target/affect both.
(Gears do not take damage, however they respond to "destroy" effects.)

[->this second one would be hell to code, I bet...]

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+ a new one:
Strategical Strike
3 mana Rare rune word, Unaligned or Holy
4 turns
At the beginning of each player's turn: Every creature under the active player's control deals 1 damage to the enemy player.

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A lot to digest here.

Flavor-wise, "Rune Word" as a class has always been a single word. I'd recommend renaming some of them.

We already have a ceasefire, rename to "Truce"

Sudden weakness would be the best removal spell in the game, even better than woeful misery.

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Why do you say that? It is 2 damage for 2 mana with a condition. Many cards already way outclass that in terms of max utility (Inner Fire, Command Creature, etc.)
Obviously my goal is not to downplay the already pressured (by Destroy etc. effects) Resist ability. :D
But to be honest Resist is already woth 1/2 of Armor because of the prevalence of removal that ignores it (destroy, fear, physical damage spell, steal, etc.)
(Notably tho there are a lot of Elemental creature effects now that keep it useful)
But this is not intended to be any better than say, Smack.
(I guess it could be changed to -1 health plus other effect but that feels a bit sh#t. Undead can already do crap like that and their life loss is permanent.)
Maybe I could limit it to Dark Alliance/Undead only.

Yeah we also have all current Rune words as Unaligned, so there's that, too. I just thought they fit the 'flavor' of certain kingdoms nicely. It would not even matter if the enemy kingdom can't use them in most of the above cases (anything that would be useful to anyone I left on Unaligned).
Single word names yes, but I couldn't come up with anything good ("Dissipate" "Disperse" etc. for the Altar one? sounded false).
It's the effects that matter really, the names I picked at random. I imagine the developers would use their own flavors anyway.

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Life loss > damage. Beats resist, armor and eternal protector.
With regard to the condition... Why would you ever cast a damage spell that wouldn't kill the creature the same turn? The condition is an illusion.

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What if it lasted until the end of your own card play turn? Then you can't even weaken it then hit with a creature to kill it (same logic applies to Inner Fire).


Cool ideas here, been thinking about banish-affecting rune words too... I really like Cull the Weak, would make intimidate a better ability on your own creatures. Junk'Bot and Junkyard are cool too =)

Agree though that permanent unblockable for 2 mana is a bit cheap, at least at uncommon. Maybe it could say target dark alliance or even target alchemy creature? Just imagine the GooG's you could summon and turn unblockable...

What Grrwaaa said about Sudden Weakness is also true, it would be an insane removal, and more an Undead card at that imo

Nice reading otherwise =)

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Thanks...I appreciate it that you guys took the time to look at it. :)

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Here is a fun one.

Illustration: two mages pissing themselves laughing.
3 mana Uncommon, 5 turns
effect: Any spell or hero ability that would summon a creature summons a 0/1 Sheep instead. Sheep have +1/+1.
-> I didn't even notice we had so many "summon" cards. This can be used to disrupt enemy strategies or abilities, leaving them with a useless creature once this expires; or to boost your own Stepherd's Stick deck.

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rune word
1 mana, 7 turns
No new rune words can be played.

-> a reason for a rune word deck to pack a Rune Rogue creature card... :)

Recoil 3 mana, 3 turns
Silence 1 mana, 5 turns )

Also I just remembered, when will we get this card?

Split Lightning
3 mana Uncommon
Deal 2 damage to the enemy creatures in the topmost and lowermost enemy creature slot.

I want to summon creatures in the middle, give some alternatives to Fireball :D

(Maybe Fireball should've just gone back to 2 damage to SLOT, 1 damage to adjacents, like once suggested)

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Stuck In The Mud
Rune word
1 mana, 5 turns
Creature cards can not be moved.

Free From Death
2 mana, 6 turns
Corpses cost 0 mana to remove.

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Great Ent Guardian
Creature, Element Construct (Mystical)
8 mana Epic
On enter: this creature gains +1/+2 for each creature in play.


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Might be easier to just give it +1/+1 for every forest in play... This peaks at 6/11 unless it counts itself, in which case it doesn't start at 1/1.

I could see it working. Mystical doesn't have a fatty yet.

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Yep it counts itself. Starting at 1/1 is a flavor thing (and it can be countered by the Deny rune word).


I like it, but I'd probably add Ranged, being a giant tree thing. (Maybe another ability too. Regen, allegiant, and pure soul seem to fit it alright.).
In comparison to other fatties, this one is too vulnerable to spells and abilities that would make this creature turn into a waste of mana. (The biggest issue with bigger creatures, are they're vulnerable to get taken down or manipulated by something that costs much less. Example: Archmage, Phantom image, Transmutate, Polymorph.)

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Chamber Of Horrors
4 mana Undead gear, Rare

On enter: for every empty ally slot you have, you lose 1 health, then summon a 1/2 Flying "Horror" into that slot. Ally Horrors have +1/0.

Ponderous Assistant
Mystical, 2 mana Uncommon
1/1 Drawcycle
(Drawcycle: When this cretature dies, you draw a card.)

Cackling Goblin
2 mana Epic
1/1 Haste
Every time you banish a card: if this card is a corpse, resurrect it.

(Beast Illusion)
3 mana Epic
If this creature dies, its hero banishes a card from their hand and this creature is resurrected. If there are no cards to banish, it is destroyed normally.

Aleck Vicegiver
Legendary creature, 3 mana, 1/3 Puresoul Resist
On enter: Draw a card and you gain 1 charge. On death: you gain 1 mana and 1 life. Ally creatures have Blessed.

Final Rush
3 mana Epic gear
On enter: discard two cards. (You can not play this if you do not have 2 cards to discard.) You gain an extra charge in all of your abilities at the beginning of every turn.

Prismatic Spring / Uniting The Kingdoms
2 mana Unaligned Rune word, Rare - 2 turns
On your turn: If you control a card from 5 different kingdoms each plus Unaligned, you win the game.

Angelic Halo
1 mana Holy gear
Whenever either player plays a Holy spell, you gain 1 health.

5 mana Mystical spell
Select a target ally creature. It swaps places with its opposing enemy creature (both players gain control of the other creature).

Raise The Dead
4 mana Undead spell
Steal target enemy corpse with an empty ally spot and resurrect it; it becomes Undead.

World Collision
8 mana Epic
Every card in play is removed and banished from the game.

Mystic Spire
6 mana Epic gear
Elemental sources (creatures, spells, or hero abilities) can not affect the hero.
-> a similar Spire is released for each hero

Reflector Shield
1 mana gear
The next time your hero is dealt damage, deal that much damage to the enemy hero as well.

Hasty Retreat
4 mana Rare
Two ally and two enemy creatures with cost <6 are returned to their users' hands.

2 mana Barrier, creature
0/4 (This creature does not attack or leave a corpse)
If a creature deals damage to this card, it becomes Weak.

Powder Keg
2 mana Epic
On enter/On your turn: this card gets Volatile.
On death: destroy every enemy card in play with lower mana cost than the Volatile on this card.

Wait and See (Amulet Of Mgwl'Yn)
2 mana Uncommon gear
On the beginning of your next turn: You gain 4 mana, then this card is destroyed.

Demonic Exchange
1 mana Epic spell
Banish target card in your hand, then draw a card. This card stays in your hand after you play it.

Treasure Map
2 mana Uncommon gear
If you would draw a card, draw your next Relic gear instead. If it was the last Relic in your deck: this card is destroyed.

Forked Path
0 mana Rare spell
You lose 1 mana and draw your next gear card. If you have no mana, draw the next spell card instead.

Organized Library
1 mana Common spell
Move the rightmost card in your hand to the left side of your hand, then draw a card.
Legendary spell, 1 mana
If you have 100 or more cards in your deck, you win the game.

Warrior of Solitude
0 mana Legendary creature, 1/1
On enter: If you have no cards in your deck or hand or discard pile, no other gears or creatures, no charges, and no mana, you win the game.

2 mana Mystical spell
On this turn: when you draw a card, enemy hero Mills 2 cards.

Fact Or Fiction
4 mana Common
You draw a card and enemy hero discards a card.

4 mana Uncommon
You draw a card from the enemy hero's hand.

Elven Archer
3 mana creature, Elf
1/3, Sparkshot
"Sparkshot" (new set ability): On your turn: deals 1 spell damage to its opposing creature.
(this ability may stack)

Trickster Mage
3 mana creature, Human Wizard
2/2 Mobile
"Mobile" (new set ability): This creature can attack on the same turn it was moved.

Think Of Creatures
0 mana Uncommon spell
Next creature card in your deck is moved onto the top of your deck.

Cruel Tutor
1/1, 1 mana
On defend: return this creature to your hand. On enter: you lose 1 health and draw a card.

6 mana Epic spell
Your enemy player gets an extra turn. Then your player gets TWO extra turns. This card is banished after use.

Probability Engine
3 mana Rare gear, Alchemy "Relic"
If a card was to enter your discard pile, banish it instead. Then your hero gains 1 charge.

Titan's Boots
4 mana Uncommon gear, Ancient
Every time you play a spell card, deal 2 phys damage to a random enemy creature.

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Charging Giant
5 mana Uncommon
1/4 Overrun
On enter: your hero loses up to 3 charges, then this gains +1 att for each.

Flying Rock
Ancient Common "Barrier", 2 mana
0/3 Flying
This creature does not attack and does not leave a corpse.
("You do not expect to hit a reef 10,000 feet high." - Dwarven navigator, after colliding with what he thought was a cloud)

Goblin Sky Pirate
2 mana Alchemy common "Goblin"
1/1 Flying Unblockable

Goblin Scouting Balloon
1 mana Alchemy Uncommon "Construct"
0/1 Flying 2xVolatile

Dwarven Zeppelin
3 mana Rare, Alchemy creature "Construct"
0/3 Flying, Volatile x3

("Knowing that they could not best the dragons in combat, the Alchemy side focused on sneaking past them...Or taking them down with them.")

Rik-Ti, the Flame Chaser
("Jorma was not the first being to rebel against her race and attempt to seize the power of the Maelstrom for herself, she merely was the first one to succeed.")
Unaligned Legendary creature, Goblin Element Shaman
2 mana
1/1 Haste Invoked(=deals spell damage, not phys damage)
On attack: summon a copy of this card in every empty ally slot. (buffs are copied as well.)

Temple Gates
1/4 Ranged, Ancient creature "Barrier"
This creature does not attack and does not leave a corpse.
This card does not block Ancient creatures.
("Only the worthy may pass.")

Mountaintop Observatory
2 mana Mystical creature, "Barrier"
This creature does not attack and does not leave a corpse.
Every time the enemy plays a card with mana cost 5 or more: draw a card.

Thorny Maze
2 mana Mystical creature "Barrier"
This creature does not attack and does not leave a corpse.
This creature does not block other creatures. If creature in the opposing slot attacks, deal 1 phys damage to it.

Nether Engine
2 mana Unaligned gear
Every time you discard a card: ally creatures gain +1/0 until the end of the turn.

Frost Sylph
1/2 Uncommon creature (Elf Cleric), 2 mana
Each time enemy hero plays a card, they lose 1 mana.

2 mana Common spell, Holy
Summon a 1/1 Peasant in each empty slot.

Toothless Serpent
3 mana Ancient Uncommon creature
Splash x2, Intimidate

Voracious Ratkin
3 mana Common creature, Undead "Vermin"
On enter: destroy an ally Undead creature with an equal or lower mana cost than this card, then this creature gets +2/+0.

4 mana Epic Undead creature, "Insect"
New ability: "Gobble": If this creature would kill another creature on attack, it heals fully.
If spell damage is dealt to this creature from any source, it deals that much phys damage to a random enemy creature.

World Serpent
7 mana Epic creature
1/X, Unblockable
X is the hero's health. [It tracks damage normally; if the hero's health would be reduced below the damage it has taken, it is killed.]

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Precise shot cards:

1 mana
Destroy target creature with 3 health.

2 mana
Destroy target Undead creature or gear.

1 mana
Destroy target creature

3 mana Undead spell
Target creature deals its att as phys damage to itself.

2 mana Ancient spell
Target creature deals its att as phys damage to its opposing creature.

1 mana Mystical spell
Target creature steals 1 att from its opposing creature.

1 mana Mystical spell
Target creature steals 1 health from its opposing creature.

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You do realize Brawl already exists except the creatures do their atk to each other right? Also I don't think you mean to make a 1 mana destroy any creature spell.

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You said Command Creature was okay. :p
Fine, 2 mana. I guess it can still be a Common/Uncommon.

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But we already have Command Creature and it costs 3 mana with a conditional upside.

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Endless Revival
rune word, 6 turns
1 mana
Creatures do not have Dust.

(Good on any reviving card: Reassemble, Demon (Phoenix/Blazer sometimes) and against Petrice.)

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Deep Study
2 mana Rare
Draw a card; then draw cards equal to cards named "Deep Study" in your discard pile.

Furious Learning
4 mana Common
Destroy target gear, then draw cards equal to its mana cost.

Sacrificial Altar
Destroy target creature, then draw two cards. If its mana cost was 5 or greater, draw an additional card.

Just Draw
2 mana Uncommon
If your opponent has more cards in hand than you do, draw additional cards until you both have the same number of cards.

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Rat Nest
3 mana gear
On your turn: you lose 1 health, then you put a 1/1Undead "Vermin" in play.

Dwarven Technician
1/1 Uncommon
Gear cards cost 1 less mana to play. (min 1)

Rage: On attack, this creature gains +1 attack.
-> Rage is an Elemental ability. It occurs as soon as the card attacks, so if a card is 2/2 Rage it will deal 3 damage the first time it attacks. It does not influence the creature's ability to block other cards before this happens though.

Mobile: This creature can attack on the turn it was moved.
->Mobile is a Mystical ability.

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Ancient could use some even bigger dragons now that they are rivalled in the 3/3 area:

Night Stalker
7 mana Ancient Common, Dragon
4/4 Flying

7 mana Epic (Ancient, Dragon)
3/6 Flying
When Zordax deals damage to the enemy hero: draw the next creature card from your deck with a cost equal to the lowest cost creature you control.

7 mana Common (Ancient, Dragon)

Sky Hunter
7 mana Uncommon
4/3 Flying, Overrun
On enter: deal 1 phys damage to opposing enemy creature.

Vampires are cool:

Vampire King
2/3 Flying, Unaligned Epic - 3 mana
Every time this card deals damage to the enemy hero:they Mill 1. If the Milled card was a creature, put it in your hand.

Undead Conversion
4 mana Rare
Target creature loses 2 health. Then if it would die, resurrect it and place it in the opposing ally slot.

You need to let this take some damage first:

Cunning Temptor
3 mana Rare, 1/4 Flying
(Undead, Demon)
On defend: put this card back into your hand, and you lose life equal to its health.

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Dismiss cards! You've been waiting for this option forever.

0 mana Common spell
Put target creature back into your hand.

Cunning Coward
3/1 Uncommon, 2 mana
If opposing creature attacks, this card is returned to your hand.

Dodge (new Mystical ability):
If opposing creature would attack, move this creature into a lower ally slot. This ability can only be used once per attack phase.

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Ghostly Galleon
Mystical creature, Spirit Construct
3 mana Uncommon, 0/4 Flying Dust
Every time a creature would enter your discard pile, banish it and this gets +1/0.

Mass Slow
2 mana Uncommon
Enemy creatures become Slow 1.

Transcended Aspirant
4 mana Rare
2/2 Flying Dust, Manacycle 1
If you'd draw a card, draw your next spell card instead.

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Cloning Factory
4 mana Epic rune word, Alchemy - 4 turns
Every time a creature enters, all of its ally creatures become a copy of that creature.

Dragon Transformation
3 mana Uncommon spell, Ancient
Target ally creature becomes a 3/3 Flying dragon.

Sky Temple Gates
3 mana Uncommon gear, Artifact Armor
Damage dealt to your hero by non-Flying creatures is reduced by 1.

Eager Gladiator
3 mana Rare creature, Elf Warrior
On enter: if there is a creature in the opposing slot, this card gains Haste.

Might Of The Light
0 mana Epic spell
You gain 1 life for each Holy creature, 1 mana for each Mystical creature and 2 charges for each Ancient creature under your control.

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I really like Cloning Factory and Might of the Light. Sky Temple Gates is very similar to Demonic Armor but much better. Granted Demon Armor is pretty bad so that may be warranted.

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Good point! It may be better for 4 mana. It does not protect against gears at all though, so it has one of the major advantages removed.


I thought it meant unless it was a flying creature you took no damage, stops spells runes and gears. So it is "if a creature with-out flying deals damage to you, reduce it by one"
much less OP

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Terrifying Presence
Ancient spell
6 mana
Destroy every creature that has lower cost than the highest cost creature in play.

Unexpected Victor
Alchemy spell
6 mana
Destroy every card that has a higher cost than the cheapest card in play.

Dirtier Fuel
0 mana
Mill cards (max 5) until you Mill your next gear card, then put it into your hand.

Evolving Seed
Unaligned creature, 1 mana Common "Plant"
On your turn: this creature gains +1/0 or +0/1 or an ability.

Captured Slave
1/2, 1 mana Common
This creature can't attack unless you control another Light Alliance creature.

Young Ogre
3 mana Uncommon creature
3/2 Overrun

Vines Of Growth
1 mana Uncommon spell, Unaligned
Banish a creature card from your discard pile, then put a 2/2 Unaligned "Plant" creature in play.

2 mana Rare
Both heroes draw 2 cards, then discard 2 cards at random.

Vortex Energy
1 mana Elemental spell, Common
Deal 1 damage to your hero. Then you gain 2 mana.

Fierce Ratkin
2 mana
0/2 Uncommon creature, Undead "Vermin"
This creature has +1/0 for each card in enemy player's hand.

Shield Bearer
1/3 Rare, 3 mana
The first time this creature would be dealt damage on each turn: prevent all of it.

Zombie Plague
4 mana Rare spell, Undead
Enemy creatures lose 1 health. If any of them would die with an empty opposing slot, put a 2/2 "Zombie" in it.

Mr. Sandman
2 mana Uncommon, Mystical creature "Fairy"
1/1 Flying, Dust
On your turn: an enemy creature becomes Slow.

Shroom Warrior
1/2, 2 mana Common, Alchemy creature "Plant"
Every time an ally creature dies: enemy hero loses 1 charge.

Guard Dog
1/2 Common Holy creature "Beast", 2 mana
If there is a creature in this creature's opposing slot, other ally creatures have +1/0.

Avalanche Giant
3/4 Epic creature, Elemental "Element", 6 mana
On attack: enemy hero discards a card from their hand. Then deal spell damage equal to the mana cost of that card to the creature in the opposing slot. [occurs before the rest of the attack phase is resolved]

Lazy Soldier
0/3 Holy creature, Human Soldier- 2 mana Common
On your turn: a random ally creature gets +1/0 until the end of the turn.


Here is some Ideas:

Barge of Undeath:
Undead 3/5 for 5 with corpsecraft

on death: summon a 1/1 skele with corspecraft in each of your slots
*card art is a giant barge made entirely of bones, with skeles on top parting like it is 1999*

Archmage's bodyguard:
Unaligned 0/8 Golem with regenx2 armor and resist for 6

while in defense mode: all damage dealt your other creatures is instead dealt to this creature. At the start of your turn, if this creature is a corpse: drain 5 mana and revive
*art is a golem etched with runes standing over Vul'grath while he snoozes*

Temporal Salesman:
0 cost Undead or Unaligned spell

Lose half of your health and mana (round down) and banish this card. Take an extra turn
*card art shows a demon holding an hourglass that is running backwards and is blood-red. It shows Nomad reaching towards the Hourglass*

Tactical assault:
3 cost Unaligned spell

Creatures you control gain slow and "on a turn where slow is removed from this creature, it gains unblock-able and +1 attack"
*card art shows Nomad sinking into the shadows along with various rouges*

5 cost Unaligned spell

Creatures you control attack twice this turn, destroy them at the end of the turn
*card art......no idea*

Altar of Dead Gods:
2 cost Undead gear

At the beginning of your turn, sacrifice a creature, deal damage to opponent=it's attack. If no creatures to sacrifice, take 5 damage.
*Card art shows a statue of a robed humanoid with horns and claws, standing over a pentagram made from blood with bones around the edges*

Have hope, young one:
6 cost legendary holy spell

Gain 2 random cards. Their mana cost is 0. Banish this card and the cards it creates after use.
*card art shows a war torn battle-field with acid pools, flaming craters, dead soldiers and dismembered robots. In the center is a patch of unharmed grass with Wilrius hugging a small child*

4 cost runeword

Creatures gain +3 attack
*card art shows various Dark alliance heroes and cards charging form right to left*

3 cost runeword

Creatures gain +4 health
*card art shows various Light alliance heroes and cards preparing a defensive stance from left to right*

4 cost runeword:
No health may be lost, no damage may be dealt, no creatures can be destroyed, no player may win or lose the game.
*card art shows Nomad and Child of Euna meeting each other*

0 cost Unaligned runeword:

All creatures are Unaligned, all subtypes are lost
*card arts shows a bunch of gray humanoids staring at each other*

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Nice...and all of your flavor art ideas are very interesting :)

I like the idea for Overextend, but I woudln't really play it over Flashback - maybe this is an Elemental Flashback? ;) (It'd seem to be of primary interest for Haste plus attack boost decks - Jorma and Elven Flameblast+Sparkshot Avenger combos. I wonder if it would be fine as a 4 mana Rare?...)

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2 mana Undead Uncommon creature "Bird"
2/1 Flying, Corpsecraft

Voodoo Doll
2 mana Rare creature "Construct", Unaligned
This creature can not attack and does not leave a corpse.
All spell and phys damage dealt to this creature is dealt to the enemy hero as well.

Corpse Littered Battlefield
2 mana Uncommon Holy creature "Barrier"
This creature can not attack and does not leave a corpse.
This creature has +X health where X is the number of creatures in your discard pile.

1 mana Uncommon Mystical spell
Target creature gains -1/+1.

3 mana Rare spell
Put a copy of target ally creature with cost 5 or less under your control.

Goblin Catapult
"The goblins vowed that they would achieve flight...at any cost."
4 mana Alchemy Rare creature "Construct"
1/4 Ranged
On your turn: an ally creature deals damage to the enemy hero equal to its attack, then it is removed from the game.

Furious Instigator
(Art: elf with a whip.)
4 mana
2/3 mana Rare, Elemental creature "Elf" "Lord"
When an ally creature with equal or lower cost than this card enters: That card is dealt 1 piercing damage and gains Haste.
More emphasis on Unblockable flavor, and on Flying vs Unblockable (underground/above ground) rivalry & opposition would be nice:

Dwarven Tunneller
1/2 Unblockable, Burrow - 3 mana Common
New ability: "Burrow": If this creature is set in defend mode, it can not be affected by enemy cards and does not block.

Brown Hare
1/1 Burrow
1 mana Unaligned Uncommon creature "Beast"

Trench Troops
2/2 Burrow - 2 mana Alchemy Uncommon "Gnome"

Ancient spell, 4 mana Uncommon
Enemy creatures are dealt 2 phys damage and lose Unblockable.

As Above, So Below
1 mana Uncommon Rune word
Unblockable and Flying can block itself and each other.

"Burrow" is a new ability; set at 1 mana but cost may vary with the strenght of the card.
Its primary purpose is to protect the card from spells while it comes out of summoning sickness, but it can be used at any point in the game to give the card more time if it is waiting for healing, a hero ability etc. Buried troops also keep collecting maff buffs even while they are underground.
Burrow encourages playing with good creature blockers over removal spells.

Samurai Commander
Legendary creature
4 mana
2/4 Armor Pierce
If an ally creature is set to defend mode, destroy it as well as the creature in its opposite slot. Ally creatures do not leave a corpse.

Pear Tree Ent
0/1, 3 mana Rare
On enter: this card gains +X:10/Y:5 where X is the number of cards in your discard pile and Y is the number of cards in your deck.

Runestone Golem
4/4 Uncommon
3 mana
You can only play this creature if you have 10 or more rune words in your deck. [=discard pile does not count]

Wolf Pack
1 mana Uncommon, Unaligned "Beast"
This creature has +1/1 for each other creature named "Wolf Pack" that you control.

Arena Fighter
2/2 Uncommon Elemental "Elf"
If an enemy creature is played in the opposing slot: deal 1 spell damage to it.

Messenger Pigeon
(art: fairy riding a bird)
2 mana Uncommon creature "Bird", Mystical
1/1 Flying
On death: draw a card.

Constance, the Shapeshifter Queen
Epic creature, 3 mana
On enter/On your turn: This creature becomes a copy of the highest mana cost creature in play.

Mad Laboratory
4 mana Uncommon gear
On your turn, one of the following effects happens:
1. draw a card
2. put a 2/2 "Frankenstein" creature in play
3. an ally creature becomes Poisoned

Blackmoor Arachnid
3 mana Rare Undead creature "Spider"
2/3, Intimidate
On enter: enemy creature becomes Immobile.

Hungry Ogre
2/3 Epic, 3 mana
On your turn/On opponent's turn: Remove another creature with only 1 health from the game, then this gets +0/+1.

Frizzle Beast
5/5, 3 mana
If your hero is dealt damage , destroy this.

Good Samaritan
1/3 Regen, "Holy" creature, Uncommon - 3 mana
On your turn: this card removes a negative status effect from an ally creature and gives it to itself. The other ally becomes "Blessed".

Rune word, 2-3 mana
If a creature attacks, it gets Slow 1. Creatures can't be moved.

Shrinking Ray
5 mana Epic gear
If an enemy creature with mana cost 4 or more enters: it gets -2/-2.

Foul Necromancer 1/2, 2 mana Rare, Undead "Zombie"
If a card would enter the enemy discard pile, put it in your hand instead.

Rare rune word
3 mana
2 turns
Creatures can not attack


more cards:

Mortimus' Chalice:

3 cost legendary gear

when a creature dies: this card gains X charges (X=creatures health) at 20 charges, put a 4 cost 10/10 flying overrun demon named "Mortimus" with "this creature can not be destroyed or targeted" into the field.
*card art shows a ebony cup half full (or empty) of blood*

2 cost Unaligned spell
target creature gains +1/+1 and "when this creature attacks a legendary, that creature loses health=this creature's attack. This creature is not damaged by legendary creatures"
*card art shows Nomad, sheathed in silvery fire, running at Unaligned demigod*

3 cost Unaligned spell

All legendary creatures are banished
*card art shows Nomad standing on top of a dead Unaligned demigod*

2 cost Alchemy spell
Target creature gains poison and +3
*card art shows a raging goblin with brewmaster in the background*

Enter the Storm
6 cost Elemental spell

All creatures take 6 damage, then summon an X/X elemental in a random ally slot, X=number of cards in your graveyard
*card art shows an untransformed Jorma standing in front of the Maelstrom*

Chaos Tide
4 cost elemental spell
only play if you control at least two cards. Ownership of every card is randomly determined.

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Blessed Charm
2 mana Holy Common gear
On your turn: your hero gains 1 life. Prevent 1 phys damage dealt to the hero, then this card is destroyed

Starving Bloodsire
2/3 Pierce, Uncommon, 2 mana
If this creature deals damage (to hero or creature), it heals that much damage. On your turn, it loses 1 health.

1 mana Elemental spell, Uncommon
The next creature you play this turn on a creature-opposed slot gains Haste.

Impenetrable Defense
2 mana rune word, 6 turns
Creatures that are set in defend mode have +2 health.

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Terrains are a new feature. They behave similarly to corpses. A terrain takes up an empty slot, and can not be played into a corpse or creature filled slot. Terrains remain in the game until a creature is played or moved into the same slot. This removes the terrain signifier but also adds its effect to the creature that was moved there.

SANCTIFIED - Creatures played in this slot become Pacified. (Holy)
CORROSIVE - Creatures played in this slot lose all abilities. (Alchemy)
BURNING - Creatures played in this slot take 2 spell damage. (Elemental)
SWAMP - Creatures played in this slot become Immobile and Slow 2. (Mystical)

Example cards:
3 mana Rare Holy spell - Remove enemy corpses. Empty enemy slots become Sanctified.
Swamp Walker - 3 mana Uncommon Mystical creature - 3/1, on enter: Opposing slot becomes Swamp.

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Painful Surgery
1 mana Holy Uncommon
Target creature is dealt 1 phys damage, then it is healed 2.

->Holy 'Inner Fire' equivalent

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Slumbering Giant
6 mana Epic
4/8 Splash, Overrun
If enemy does not control a creature, SG can not attack.

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I like this a lot.

Dr.Bojangles's picture

interesting concept that's for sure though it is completely non nonsensical to have those abilities. Rules text like that would work much better on a creature with a lower mana cost like a 3/3 for 2 or something.

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I don't remember if I posted these elsewhere yet, but this is my thread so good to have them in one place anyway.

These are cards that could exist after an imagined software update that adds a viewing of enemy cards mechanic.
It adds 4 new areas you can click:
Enemy's hand
Own hand
Enemy deck
Own deck

Depth Perception
(Elemental spell)
Reveal the card on the bottom of your deck. If it is an Elemental spell, put it in your hand.

Tenacious Demon mark II
This creature returns to the bottom of your deck when it dies instead of going to the discard pile.

Noran's Reading Glasses
3 mana Mystical gear
When you move your cursor onto your deck: show the card on the top of your deck.

Olfaan's Goggles
2 mana Alchemy gear
When you move your cursor to the enemy's hand: shows the last card in their hand.

Eye Of Uunys
2 mana Undead gear
On enter: your hero loses 1 health.
When you move your cursor to the enemy's hand: shows the last two cards in their hand.

Ancient Telescope
2 mana Ancient gear
When you move your cursor to the enemy's hand or deck: reveal the card with the highest mana cost.

2 mana Mystical spell
On this turn: you can see the enemy's hand (you can browse cards like you were browsing your own hand).

Sniper Shot
Alchemy spell
2 mana Rare
Remove target card from the opponent's hand.
[This spell does not reveal the card, so unless you have some other means of seeing them, you are forced to pick at random.]

Fiery Eye
Elemental spell
2 mana Rare
Reveal a random card from the enemy's hand, then opponent immediately banishes it.

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0 mana rune word, 4 turns
On each player's turn: that player gains 2 mana. Cards cost 1 more mana to play.

4 mana Epic spell
Keep dealing 1 phys damage to the target creature until it dies. (max 8)
-> not blocked by Indestructible, but blocked by any Armor.
-> if damage would be redirected (eg. Personal Avatar), it deals the full damage to the other target. (it is set to stop only when the target creature would die.)

Retiliate: If this creature would be dealt damage, it attacks.
Protect: If damage would be dealt to any ally creature, it is dealt to this creature first instead.
-> both of these make Pummel a VERY interesting spell. (1st one triggers it repeatedly, so it is not good for it; 2nd may let you kill 2 creatures with one spell, awesome)

If an ally creature takes damage, this creature attacks.

On your turn: if this creature is in defend mode, it gains X.
Self-Assembling 'Bot
3 mana Uncommon, Alchemy creature
On your turn: if this creature is in defend mode, it gains +1 health and +1 or +2 attack.
-> I like the idea that one might try to "hold on to" some creatures (not use them to attack even if it would be possible) in exchange for a bigger benefit later.

rune word: shields up
1 mana Uncommon
6 turns
Creatures have 1 Armor and 1 Resist.

-> Fire Bolts? who cares about Fire Bolts?

(any time 2 mana removal spells become too dominant, this will counterbalance it.)

Siphoned Gas
0 mana Ancient spell
Target ally hero ability loses all charges; then you gain 1 mana for each charge lost.

-> since ability targeting now exists, why not make a targeted Relinquish?

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Gnawing Rats
1 mana Undead creature, Uncommon
On your turn/On death: the enemy loses a random resource (1 mana or 1 charge).

-> denial is inherently weaker slightly because the enemy can avoid it, So why not offer it a bit cheaper? 1 charge (worth 1/2 mana) or a mana that may not be there, on a cheap creature.

2 mana gear, Shield
If damage would be dealt to your creatures, it is dealt to this card instead. (can take 2 hits)

-> the compulsory "baiting for removal with cheap but dangerous creatures until your opponent runs out of them" at the beginning of each game could be shaken up a bit with the introduction of these shield gear variants. Attackers that never get used for their low health would be making a comeback as well; with these cards, you can spam multiple vulnerable creatures and use the same card to protect them.

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Vampire King: When this creature deals damage, your hero and all allied creatures heal 1.

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Bone Chariot
4 mana Rare
On death: summon a 1/1 Skeleton with Dust in each empty or corpse occupied ally slot.

4 mana Epic
2/4 Regen
When this card heals damage [not neccessarily just from Regen]: its hero heals the same amount.

Stone Dial
4 mana Uncommon gear
If a card from your side would be banished [=allies and gears banished by the enemy, or spells on your hand with "banish after use"], it enters the discard pile normally instead.

-> this allows you to bring back infinite Flashback & discard pile-recycling decks.

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Recycling/Charging Engine
4 mana Rare, Alchemy
Every time its hero discards or banishes a card, this card gains Volatile.

-> I tried to think of a card that would force you to fill your hand, then banish it (still gaining the usual mana in the process) as a part of charging the card.

Petty Thief
1/2 Common, Unaligned
On your turn: steal 1 mana from the opponent.

-> bunch of these can corner an enemy who needs to save up for bigger cards.

Common Rune word, 1 mana
5 turns

On each hero's turn: steals 1 mana from the opponent. If no mana: deals 1 damage to hero instead.

Uncommon Rune word, 1 mana
6 turns
Players draw from each other's decks on instead of their own.
(this may extend to Draw cards, killing/hindering QDC or tutor type decks.)

0 mana Uncommon spell, Unaligned

Steal 1 mana from the opponent.

-> yet another mana gain spell.

Mirror Shield
3 mana Uncommon gear
The next time your hero is attacked (spell/creature/gear) for any damage, that damage is redirected to the enemy hero instead.
-> a Glass Armor variant.

Mzymog's Wondrous Cloning Device
1 mana Rare gear
Put a copy of the next card opponent plays in your hand, then this gear is destroyed.

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Crime Lord/Extortionist
Rare creature, 3 mana
2/3, can not attack
At the end of your turn: enemy player loses 1 mana. If no mana: this card attacks.