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Epic News for Kingdoms

Hi all,

After a long hiatus it brings us great pleasure to announce some very exciting news for the Kingdoms universe. For quite some time Antic Entertainment has been searching for the ideal partner to take over Kingdoms CCG, as we felt we couldn’t adequately support it to the level we desired.

As of today, Antic Entertainment has completed a sale of Kingdoms CCG with Ganz (http://www.ganz.com/). Ganz will take over the ownership of the game and the responsibility of ongoing development, live production and expansion of Kingdoms to Steam effective immediately.

What this means for you:
• Loads of new content
• Much more frequent updates
• New users to play with

There will of course be some ramp up time for Ganz to get Kingdoms back to full steam, but this is great news and we are very excited for what the future has in store. Ganz will truly bring Kingdoms to the next level.
Antic Entertainment would like to thank all of our loyal fans and supporters for sticking with us over the years and contributing to the great Kingdoms community that has developed. We wish you all the best and happy Battling!


wow, welcome new devs! will our old devs still be around?

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Is that the right website? I get makers of Webkinz... nothing about game development.

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well they also have plenty of grumpy cat so either way i'm happy

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We've developed numerous games. Yes, we've focused on and had the most success in the kids market, but our team is made up of true gamers. I myself have been playing CCGs since 1993 when I bought an Unlimited Magic starter, opened a Force of Nature and was hooked (the other rare that I ignored was a Mox Jet).


ummm... want to trade that mox for something? :-P