Card Trade Program

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Card Trade Program

Trade In Program

As Kingdoms grows and patches are done, it is sometimes necessary to do balance changes to both cards and heroes. Sometimes positive and sometimes negative changes are done.

These changes are done for the greater good of preserving a healthy meta game and making it a competitive, fair landscape for all players.

We understand these changes directly affect some of our premium players and as a result would like to offer a special trade in program where players affected can trade back those cards for gems.

Program Details

- There will be an active list of recently affected, trade-able cards posted here
- There will be a deadline to trade these cards in by
- You MUST have purchased these cards directly through the single store prior to the patch the card was effected by (exception is cards in the starter packs and legendary cards that come from Gem packs)
- Legendary, Epics and Rares are the only available rarities that can be traded (Uncommons and Commons can't be traded back at this time)
- The gem amount you will get back will be either the current singles price or your purchase price, whichever is the lower amount. Examples: You bought card X for 110 gems, current market price is 90, you will get 90. If you bought for 90 and current market price is 110 you will get 90.

Trade Instructions

Send an email to support with the following information:
- Title: "Trade In Request by (In game user-name)"
- Contents: Include your portal username or email address and what cards you would like to trade in and how many and what what you would like to trade it for (if there are options available).
- We will process these as soon as possible and email once completed

Current Trade Details

We are currently accepting the following trade ins:
- Any Legendary of which the user has two or more, the duplicates can be traded for a another Epic, Rare or Uncommon of your choice from the same set as the Legendary. (please note that only duplicates received from gem packs are accepted).

Trade Deadline:

- No deadline at this point.

Thanks all and we appreciate your support and understanding!