Vampires (Guild)

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Vampires (Guild)

we search players who take part in the guild life (i.e. Guild wars, chat)

We are among the best 3 guilds, but we don't request for any particular level, just spending a bit of time with us. The only mandatory thing is participation (whatever the results ;)

- Promotion will depend on participation and results.
- If you get connexion problems, or you will be away/missing just tell me (via the chat ingame or here) for how long (some have a lot of hollidays ;)

If u have any questions, feel free to ask here.


we are among the first-rate three guilds, however, we don't request for any particular stage, just spending a chunk of time with us. The only obligatory aspect is participation you get connexion troubles, or you may be away/missing just inform me (thru the chat in-recreation or here) for a way lengthy (some have a variety of holidays UK Essay Writing Help