Gems or gold ?

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Gems or gold ?

1) When do you prefer to use gems, or gold to buy cards/heroes/... ?

I want to buy singles, since it will help me to have a good deck sooner (25000 gold for a rare, or 25 gems...)
Is this a mistake, should I better buy boosters ?

(playing on Ipad)


I use gold for singles and gems for things such as tribes 2 or cards that can't be bought with gold

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as a newer player you should almost always go for core gold as you build up your collection. Even before the prices spike we had encourage young players to buy core until they had a good colleciton. Gems are more subject we the prices have increased the value of boxes has as well. Since your garunteed a epic your garunteed 79 gems worth of one card as the epic cost is somwhere around there , considering the higher epic chances in box as well if one gets two epics they pay for the box thats not adding in teh rest of the cards.


as a new player, i would suggest you buy core packs with your gold, and save 149 gems to buy a box of light ascending.


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