new player having problems connecting

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new player having problems connecting

I've been a player of your kongregate version for quite some time now, and when i heard there is an ipad version i rushed to get it.
but the thing is: i can never connect with the server, i always get an "unable to connect with the server, try again in a couple of minutes" pop up. Is the game still online? I tried to connect using the facebook account at first, then with the anonymous account and nothing.
Oh and im in brazil for what that matters.


I'm having the same issue , I can't use my already existing account from the WebSite version. I've try to create a account with the same email on the Ipad and the creation process work. Is there a way to simply have one account ?

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You cannot have shared or the same account on both ipad and web versions, due to contracts from Kong and other hosters.