Campaign story; shall we move forward?

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Campaign story; shall we move forward?

Is there anyone besides me that has cleared every challenge in the campaign and would like to see the story progress past the willow of souls? I don't enjoy the guild tournaments over and over and over. I used to be on constantly trying to get my energy back, and now I don't even look at it anymore.

Less essence expansions, more campaign trails. That's what I'd like to see. Anyone with me on this one?


We would all like to see an expansion on campaign, I for one would very much like more survival nodes, mainly the kingdom based ones. This being said, the devs have already said that campaign is the lowest thing on their to-do list. Frankly I am still waiting on nomad :-\.

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been waiting for expansions to the campaign for a long time, it's actually one of the reasons I'm still playing. I think there's so much they could do with it, such as coming up with backstory, special areas to release new content, including quests like they do with the arena, but tweaking them (using bonus conditions from the challenges as quests could be a start)


i agree


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