Purple Dragon Rap

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Purple Dragon Rap

By request, here is the Purple Dragon Rap.

I'll rap with a polygraph test strapped to my chest, so you can't call me a liar.
When I say my rhymes are so hot, I literally spit fire.

You step into my cave, the end of your world's what you're stepping into.
cuz the end of that cave is wrath of a Dragon mixed with Red and Blue!

I'm talking purple fool, that's color of my scales and wings.
Don't dare touch my gold, those are my shiny things.

Purple Fire, Purple Tail, Purple Wings, Purple Scales!

Purple Cave, Purple Maw, Purple Eyes, Purple Claws!

Now stay out of my cave or I'll catch you with a snagging trap.
You're welcome, good night, this has been a Purple Dragon Rap.


+1, good rap