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The tournament part of this game is one the best features in my opinion, as it lets players interact and compete on a one on one basis.

With the player level the way it is now it's very hard to get any tournament started due to not enough people. The free tournys have the most participation but once you get 11 tickets can no longer play, plus since not many others have tickets can't play the booster pack tournys.

Since I have reached my 11 ticket max from free tournys have not been able to play, others in same situation. Earlier we had three in for a ticket tourny, and three in for a free but neither tourny could start due to not enough players. Frustrating

Some things the community thought of to solve this would be to be able to buy tickets for coin instead of money, or to be able to trade in tickets for coin or gems so we could continue to play in free ones.

Great game guys, keep up the good work, this post is only based on the fact that those of us who are active would love to play and use more features, just lack of players currently stoping that.

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In the next update there will be an option to buy tickets for gold.


Excellent, I will pass this on


very hard to make a tournament since, there is still a lack of players....

perhaps we could use this forum to fix a "rendez-vous" ? I would love to test the draft...
For me, an evening during the week (France area for the time)