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World of Kingdoms

Hey peeps, in this thread i'll write about the world of Kingdoms, the areas you could find and creatures living there. Despite the world in campaign, this is just how i imagine it. (I'm pretty busy these days so it will take me some time to finish all this, i'll update the thread every day untill it's done.)

The Forest of Euna

Filled with hidden monsters and secrets, The Forest of Euna is placed around a small and suprisingly peacefull town of titans and dwarfs built after the creatures of the forest ambushed them in the middle of a battle.

"Once a battlefield where the forces of Alchemy and Ancient kingdom fought, this place became our home. Despite our differences, dwarfs and titans worked together to build a town and save their lives from the monsters hidden in the forest. "
-Eldest Titan

Demigod of Wisdom.
One of the demigods, Wisdom could be found in depths of the woods, awaiting for the foolish ones who dared to enter the Forest of Euna.

"Nobody really knows how Wisdom looks, legends say that the one who survives seeing it will gain eternal wisdom."
-Dono, Master Forger

Raging Vines
Stories say that a young Wandering Giant fell asleep and got trapped by vines that later completely posessed him. Hidden well between big rocks in depths of the forest, this creature is the source of fear for many dwarfs.

"My cousing working as a woodchopper needed to go to the forest and gather some wood....he never came back."
-Bob, Local Pub Crawler

Fae Combatant
The bravest warrior of the Mystical Kingdom, often seen climbing the biggest trees of Euna.

"I saw one leading a large group of Fae Clippers and easily destroying a Dying Flame. I am sure now that Mystical kingdom is up to something."
-Kodor, Dragon Keeper

Fae Protector
Protecting the Fairies from the forest with it's energy shields, Fae Protector's are spirits of the bravest warriors fallen in battle.

"I saw one protecting a Struggling Wizard from our machines, it was a proof of friendliness between fairies and spirits. That almost made me feel bad for killing them."
-Sodor, The Cannonballer

Magnum, Opus of Thought
Thought, one of the six Opuses is placed below the highest tree of Euna far away from the town of Titans and Dwarfs. Except the Mystical forces, nobody knows what is it used for.

"Our scout team saw a strange-looking building in the forest recently, it was surrounded by a lot of fairies, they were building some kind of a cannon."
-Gondo, Wyvern Rider

Precious Ring
It is said that the legendary Precious Ring is burried deep in the earth below the town. Many dwarfs died while digging for it, it might not even be there.

"My precious...."

Island of the damned

"We saw no land for weeks now. Than, we finally found an island we never saw before, surrounded by dark fog and a huge wall made of bones and human flesh. As revolting the island looked, we still foolishly entered it. Somehow we managed to climb up the walls. We lost many men, not knowing that some skeletons are able to fight. On the other side of the wall, we noticed undead knights riding horses - Death Knights. We didn't have any other options but to fight. As they were defeated us, each of our fallen warriors rised back up as a servant of darkness. I managed to climb the wall and run away from the island with a few of my people, it was a cowardly thing to do. We never went back to that island again."
-Belnir, Knight of the Light

"Far away from civilization, we don't know much about this island. The stories tell that one of the demigods seeks for home on that island, and that it's a home to Uunys and all the creatures she summoned."

-From the book "Islands of Euna"

Warrior Remnants
They say that after a brave warrior dies it ressurects as this creature. They can be found everywhere, not only on this island.

"They are weak as hell. I saw one getting beaten up by a sheep. How can you lose to a sheep?"
-Olga, Barmaid

"It's a pathetic excuse for a warrior. But their power lies in quantity, not quality."
-One of the survivors

(The rest of it coming soon)




Lol i like that ;)

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Hey peeps, sorry for not updating this for a while, i'll start working on it right away.

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Well, after an eternity of taking a break from the game, i'm back and hopefully will return to writing this again. It's nice to see the game and the forums after a while. ^^

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would definitely like to hear of what you come up with. maybe I can help if you're interested?

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Eh, i don't think i'd need any help with this, but i encourage you to make a thread of your own, since these parts of the forums are a bit abandoned, and it would be nice to see them get some more activity.