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*v1.0.3.1* Dev Notes

Pushed @ 16:00 on 01/06/13

Tournament Update
- We have aligned the Paid tournament cost to 5 credits per tournament.
- We have offset the tournaments so one starts every 15 minutes alternating in each slot (free/paid).

- Fixed: 1009 error for some new players
- Fixed: Essence of thought now visible in deck builder
- Adjusted: Reverted the Battle effects to correct scale
- Adjusted: Set new lower minimum prices for cards in dynamic market.

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As another reminder:

If you are getting a white screen, the game is still loading. It will be slow depending on how many people are loading the game at once, and how far away you are from the server. We only have so much bandwidth.

If you are having troubles connecting to the game after this update, with the error message along the lines of having older data, please close all your open tabs/windows in your browser (including the tab for the game), then clear the browser cache, then try loading the game again.

[Edited: added the white screen issue]

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