Thoughts on Nemesis

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Thoughts on Nemesis

Wow. Finally beat Nemesis, after who know how many hundreds of attempts. All the more surprising as I was beginning to feel it was a fruitless endeavor without one key card which I lack in my collection; specifically Elemental Bequest. More on that issue below.

Here's the deck I won with:
Mana Flask x4
Gift of the Mystics x3
Rejuve Potion x1 (only one I have)
Woeful Misery x1
Holy Bolt x1
Fae Mischief x4
Dark Sacrifice x4
Fireball x1
Pacify x4
Spirits Within x4
Tainted Amulet x3
Thought Destroyer x2
Thought Retriever x2
Shepard's Stick x2
Essence of Life x3
Demonic Armor x1

Hero Dravkas

Only reason the deck size is so large is because I expanded it to 40 cards to try it out on Survival 2, and kept it that size while alternating between the two challenges.

I managed to win by shear luck on the draw, both my cards and those of Nemesis. Nemesis had first turn, (a much better advantage than getting first turn on this challenge). Nemesis dropped a Death Knight between the two Dryads. I played Spirits Within, thus preventing any damage from creatures the first round. Nemesis then blasted me with his abilities, then played an Illusionist. Fortune smiles! First time I've ever been so lucky on this challenge. I now had a few turns to hopefully mount a defensive wall. I played an Essence of Life, but then didn't pull anything useful for several turns. I was able to pacify one of the illusionists, but I still got whittled down to 1 hit point when I pulled the Demonic Armor. Bit my nails for a couple turns at 1 hit point, taking zero damage, healing and hurting 1 hit point each turn. Finally Manufacture charged and I was able to replicate Essence of Life. From there I gradually built up hit points, stacked on gear and milled Nemesis for the win.

As mentioned above, I don't have a copy of Elemental Bequest. From what I can see, this >challenge< appears purpose built for Elemental Bequest and Pacify. More than challenge, it's an exercise in frustration without those two cards. To make a >challenge< that is so strongly dependent on just a couple cards is, well, lazy. A good challenge should be winnable through strong, thoughtful play, not a handful of specific cards and a lucky draw. Yes, I did finally win, but only after hundreds of attempts and several incredibly lucky draws. My win is by no means a reliable, repeatable solution. Luck, not player skill, was a much bigger factor in completing this challenge.

And after all that pain, the reward was quite a let down. An Illusionist, plus about as much gold and essence as might drop from other late campaign boss nodes. The booty drop should have been quadruple, even ten times any other drop in the game, (this is supposed to be a HARD challenge, the climax of the campaign to this point. The reward should scale to the level of difficulty). And the Illusionist is just laughable. Lazy, even. It's not that Illusionist is a bad card. It's that any player in a position to actually win this challenge very likely ALREADY has four Illusionists in their collection and has likely ALREADY scrapped many more besides. A random epic would be much more appropriate. At the very least, a tribes rare. Something the player can ACTUALLY USE. As it stands, I have effectively been rewarded a Core Stone, which I ALREADY have 40 or so at present.

Phew! I am looking forward to the rest of the campaign, though I do hope that the rewards will scale better and that some of the hard challenges will be better thought out and balanced.


Well I will agree that the awards need a boost, it does suck to see how little you get for that hard work. Now as far as a non-elebequset deck goes, running field wipes also work well.


Field wipes? As in Volatile Con, Spirits Within, Meteor, etc? I think all of those are stall tactics. You wipe the creatures, Nemesis respawns them. Trouble is, Nemesis has a big advantage on the Mana front. I tried all manner of stall tactic, dozens of variations over many hundreds of attempts before getting that very lucky game in which a board clear and stall eventually got me the win. Yes, they work, but they're much, much more mana expensive than 1 Bequest and 1 Pacify, and thus, much less likely to generate a win without a some very lucky draws. All too often I found myself with the cards to remove/stall/subdue, but not enough mana to play them.

I'll keep trying variations, though I'm still lacking Meteor, Compound Cube and Elemental Bequest, (all listed in various winning decks). However, I'm willing to bet that nothing works anywhere near as efficiently as the EB plus Pacify combo.


Yeah stall till he decks out is really the best way, not much else you can do to win.

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I remember leaning on AA Cannons when i did it back in the day.


I've tried that, but they're not cheap mana, so it's hard to get more than one out at a time, and they go down fast taking 3-4 damage from Dryads and Spiteful plus Nemesis' abilities. I gave up on any offensive solution a long time ago. Hoping to try again and win with Tainted Amulet and/or Shepard's Stick.

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remember using a field wipe and AA cannons as well. guess everyone has a different experience with him


Oh the sweet irony. What should I pull, finally, from an Eve pack this morning? Elemental Bequest, of course. Created a new deck, with a single EB, and three Pacify. It took just a half dozen games to get a start with EB and Pacify in hand for an easy win. No stress; I knew I'd have mana for the combo, and once in place the win was all but assured.


Thus, why it is used by all whom doth have it for the most vile of cur: Nemesis.
(Making a 15 card deck with 4 of each "Garenties" it!)
P.S. It is a pun in case you do not play the game it is from.


can anyone post a 15 card list for him, the EB pacify one...i havent gotten around to beating him yet

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Finally faced nemesis and took about 10 tries, but was able to beat him easily once the cards fell right. Here is my deck list:

Hero: Wilirus
Number of cards: 27. You can go as low as 20, but I wouldn't advise it or you risk getting milled first.

Soothesayer x3
Roaring Mastadon x1 (new Ascending card)
Anti-Air Cannon x4
Tower of Gnomes x2
Diryam the Dementor x1
Holy Charm x1 (new Ascending card)
Shatter x1
Elemental Bequest x1
Pacify x4
Spirits Within x3
Mass Polymorph x1
Thought Destroyer x3
Thought Retriever x2

The key cards are obviously EB and Pacify. Anti-Air Cannons are good, but are a competing method as they can kill the pacified creatures, so tread lightly if you play them. In my win, I pacified the Spiteful Demon which cost him 2 life per turn, but still ending up winning by milling. Make sure you play enough creatures to maximize benefit from Wilirus' Enlightenment ability. Tower of Gnomes or anything that gives Timid are the ideal creatures to use. Spirits Within and Mass Polymorph can get you out of a jam and give you time to set up the Pacify-EB combo. Diryam was in there because I had him, but he is not really required. Shatter was in there to get rid of the Tiara, but it wasn't needed either.