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Since I joined the community of kigndoms ccg it didnt take long to appreciate the great ideas and the core structure of the game that created a well designed strategy game. What is an amazing game without a community?...Not much lol; furthermore I wanted to do a quick analysis of the ipad version and i mean quick. Not the game itself but the comparison of web to ipad


easy controls: this game is a perfect fit for touch screen. The layout goes hand in hand with easy touch screen access. It's like the game was designed for touch screen even more so then web. It is actually fun throwing cards down and issueing comands and controls down. Makes me never want to click on kingdoms again. Very enjoyable!

Constant updates and new cards/ heroes: on the web the game was released too early so a lot of players actually walked through the process of development. Lets just say the success of the game was created like all with trial and error first and players expeienced a lot of changes and waiting. People dont generally like change when they already are comfortable with the game and enjoy the game how it is. Enough said the game is now being released but now with the devs. Ideas mastered. Although Others and myself know whats coming ahead the changes and updates are so frequent it brings a new concept to kingdoms that I've never seen with my experience on web. Although yes its not new for web players but knowing the limits and how to stretch them and build for the futre is nice. Although my deck is waiting on the release of cards and heroes its fine cause other decks are limited as well. Even better; if you are new to kingdoms ipad version it is the perfect time to start cause all the new content being released makes it an adventure that was never as fun on the web.

New beginnings: isnt it fun to start a game over but now coming at an angle of being full of knowledge. Yes losing out on time and money isnt fun but having an advantage that few have that requires experience is. making it easy to accelerate the growth of a new account. Knowing what to spend time on and what not to. Like a lot of millionaires have rebuild there business from being bankrupt in a couple months rather then years at first is a relative concept.


Loss for web players: losing all the time and money if already spent on web and not being able to transfer

No community: sadly this is the most important thing other then the awesome game itself... Imagine kingdoms with no one on chat and the main battles in arena ai cause there is no one to play. No tournament at all cause never enough ppl to start one. Being ranked top 30s in standard arena just by building a deck and not even fighting in it. Well that's the game as stands

GOOD NEWS! Community is a quick fix with everything built the way it is.

Bad news: yes the game is freshly released on IPad but ymc the producers marketing strategy has only been talk and sadly there other games show the same low pop of ppl for when the games have been released. Can't wait for them to prove me wrong and show they are the right ones to make the ipad version a success.

Note: this is just my opinion and is subject to change as the game is so fresh on ipad. Thanks for reading if you made it this far lol please post input if you have experienced ipad


I hope sometime I can play with my own web account.

I felt a lot of disappointment to see that I could not not log.