*v0.9.6.4* Dev Notes

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*v0.9.6.4* Dev Notes

v0.9.6.4 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 11am EST, August 7th, 2013

Guild Tier Advancement bonus

We have tweaked the bonus that gets paid to all members of a guild that advances to a higher tier at the end of the season. Payout is now as follows.
Bronze to Silver: 1st: 15 Gems per player, 2nd: 10 Gems per player, 3rd: 10 Gems per player
Silver to Gold: 1st: 20 Gems per player, 2nd: 15 Gems per player, 3rd: 10 Gems per player
Gold to Epic: 1st: 25 Gems per player, 2nd: 20 Gems per player, 3rd: 15 Gems per player

Guild EPIC league Gem rewards

We are tweaking the reward values as follows for rewards of Gems in EPIC league at the end of season based on placement as follows:
- 1st: 800 Gems
- 2nd: 650 Gems
- 3rd: 500 Gems
- 4th: 400 Gems
- 5th: 350 Gems
- 6th: 300 Gems
- 7th: 250 Gem
- 8-10th: 0 Gems


- Tinker should now trigger on death effects again.
- Chat tabs locked when playing tutorials fixed.
- Fixed a bug when corpses are put into slots (ex Cemetery-Dredger and Power Pendant)

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updated tinker fix.