New heroes with the new set, debates have begun!

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New heroes with the new set, debates have begun!

Recently we got a new set. And even not after a month from the release many people wanted already a new one!! But…
If more cards, why not more heroes?? We want to make the game even more interesting and funny. Would it solve the problem if we would have 10% more cards?? I think no. Maybe I am not right, but for me it is really strange to want new cards without new heroes.
I think we should make a vote to define the mechanics used for their abilities. Though, anyway I think there must be at least a third and maybe even more of positive-negative abilities. I mean those ones that are giving positive and negative results at the same time. My suggested priority order of mechanics for the detailed hero abilities:
1. Barrier tokens
2. Gear ‘tokens’
3. Remove from game
4. Mill
5. Corpsecraft/Creaturecraft tokens
6. Slow
7. Resurrection
8. Bless (but not curse)
9. ‘normal’ abilities (dependent from discard piles, damage, charge depleting, creature buffing, randomness, mana gain etc) are in the end of course :P

Ideas for a new Elemental hero
1. ‘Burning Enrage’ Target creature gets +2 attack, is dealt 2 magic damage, and its hero mills 2
2. ‘Lava Barrier’ Summon a 0 5 'Lava Barrier' token that can't attack in target ally slot. When it is dealt damage, that much damage is dealt to opposing enemy target

Ideas for a new Unaligned hero
1. 'Wild Calling': summon a 2 1 'rabid wolf' token with haste in target empty or 'sheep' occupied slot. if it is a sheep one it gets +1 +1
A wolf that would eat the archmage ;D
by a ' sheep' occupied slot I mean a polmorphed or just a sheep ... XD
that would make some cards that have almost no use (seasoned farmer, shephard's stick) playable) even in standard :P although is would be bad making a such big restriction on deck building… so maybe not +1 +1 but some abilities, unblockable for example… or make it positive-negative, adding: if so your hero mills 2/deals 1 damage to your hero…. Or making it ‘untill the end of your turn’… hard idea :P
I think we must make just 2 different but equipowerful results when it is played on sheep and not on it) to not be forced to put any concrete card in deck to play the hero efficiently ;D


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