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GregarFalzar´s Article Compendium

Recently, I´ve started writing articles for the guides at Utopian Chaos, a site dedicated to all things dTCG. Them using WordPress is a huge boon for presentation, and i´ve got a handful of stuff written in them. Because not everyone of you frequent the side, or care too much for non-Kingdoms CCG news, I´ll be posting and linking all of my articles right over here, by category, even!


Journeyman Guide to Kingdoms CCG (18/06/13), a short introduction to the game´s main mechanics

Jeopardy! Answers and You (26/06/13), an article about removal and the gameplay around answers and threats

Card Analysis:

Tribes Common Knowledge (19-20-21/06/13), three articles, one of each Kingdom match-up, introducing you to some valuable common cards in the Tribes set


Limited Appeal (10/07/13), a short introduction to the Limited Format

Know Your Limits (15/07/13), a detailed intro guide to brace the Limited Format

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