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EpicFail - King's message

Message for my guild members. Due to some personal circumstances I will be taking approximately a week or so off. I guessed this would be a good place as any to post this. Until then, sorry for the inconvenience guys.


Leaving for a week? what a... Epic fail?


Well unfortunately you won't have much to come back to. People have either left to go elsewhere or (like myself) are so bored of leagues that they are no longer playing until leagues are altered.


That's sad Tyrlan, I'll let you know the reason why i had to take time off when I get back in a few days or so. I don't have my laptop with me so that's why I use forum chat. Whatever happens even if we get relagated to bronze I'm going to keep my sinking ship of a guild afloat. Again sorry for just ditching you guys without reason but as I said I'll let you know.


TAM might join you on that ship soon enough =]

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thats the spirit, still :D i think i should report your attitude to Gari :D


Unless you guys are getting trampled by GTGI which would be shocking (I'm not up to date with the game atm as I'll be back propely in a few days) you'll be fine since (most rewarding) rewards are mostly catered to top 3. Either way signs have shown with Rens imploding and my guild which idk what's happening to it, that Epic league is just a trap which unless you have a guild of the cream of the crop hardcore players will ruin your guild. Was ok for a season of getting mauled by at least one of top 4 each day, but without breaks the hardfought losses (201-230 vs ITGG) meant the same as a 0-230 loss resulting in no need to put effort in. Even in the premier football league here in England the bottom teams try because being in the top division is worth it, here gold/rare seems WAY WAY less stressful and imo would feel more rewarding.

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I think you should get gold on a loss that reflects in some measure the effort fighting, such as xx wins = xx gold or the closeness of the score = xx gold


this whole post is the reason why i left darkcounsel to join a bronze guild recently, even though i still have a lot of friends from darkcounsel xD


:D All hail us!