Let me just make sure I got this right...(Leaderboards)

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Let me just make sure I got this right...(Leaderboards)

Forgive me, but I've been trying to get this info straight for a bit now, and I haven't found anything where it's just spelled out all in one place yet.

So, with the new guild changes, every season is a complete and total reset amongst everyone in the same league/tier? Then, to decide who's on top, it's war wins first, then battle wins, then some other things? And finally...how is matchmaking working? Is it random within the league/tier?

I wasn't going to worry about it too much at first, but if it's a total reset and random matchups, everyone in bronze tier is MASSIVELY boned unless they get a bunch of ubergrinding live-in-their-mom's-basement-glued-to-their-computer players to squeeze out every single battle win, since there's such a high density of completely inactive guilds there to get free war wins against.

Anyway, don't want to jump the gun, hope someone can confirm what's going on.


Yeah, bronze needs to be fixed. Your guesses are all correct.


Wow...really? That's awful. That means the current system rates play time as WAY more important than actual skill...I would much rather be clawing my way up a ladder based on fighting other guilds that are on my level, not grinding as much as possible.

DEFINITELY needs fixed.

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Don't worry, I'm pretty sure the devs have heard this already, and are working on solutions. And if not, you could always post this in their feedback forum, they're pretty good about looking over it.