Shitty Cruto Burn

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Shitty Cruto Burn

Is there an original thought anywhere in this game. 50% of epic league running an identical defense deck.


Actually I see Cruto mostly in the top3, the rest don't usually run it. And even the top3 tends to stick jorma or olfaan in there too.


But you're in Gold League? How do you know the defense decks Epic runs?


i have my sources

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Ask Usain Bolt if he's eager to grab the Originality medal next Olympic games, running with shackles on his ankles.


Is that supposed to be an analogy, because if it is it's a pretty pathetic one. A better one would be nearly everyone turning up for a fancy dress party in a pirates outfit, not only that but every Pirate is dressed identically as Captain Jack Sparrow, because the coolest kid in the class happens to be wearing it.

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No Mongrels analogy makes more sense. This is a competition not an open poetry reading. People use what they think can win. Also DuffinMuffin invented the archetype so we all owe him royalty fees.

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Meta is meta, talk to the devs if you want that to change.


That Shitty Cruto Burn looks like a fun defense deck to have. What cards are included in the deck?


Torture, arrow volley, maelstrom, lava blades, exalted enforcements, dirty fuel, rejuve of course, harvest, other miscelaneous removal stuff :)


Easy to talk garbage about the way it should be, harder to come up with viable solutions

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The changes to hero A.I. hasn't been out very long and it takes a long time to craft a good defense deck. Until recently Crutomist was one of the few heroes that used all his abilities. Eventually as people find more they will start using them, especially if they destroy decks that are build to counter the current defense decks. Until then, why would anyone give up their defense rating?


Well said Phil, well said :)

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ITGG has been experimenting with different heros lately. I believe we have a belnir on the team last i checked.


Yep! TAM threw one in too just to keep peeps on their toes!!! I experimented with that awhile ago but diden't have the cards to make it a solid def deck. It's one more deck type that people have to now adapt to!