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Bugs Bunny

So, I just had some really odd bugs appear with Spring Herald. I took a screenshot, but realized it probably doesn't show that much.

Here's what happened:

Bug 1

  1. Opponent uses a spell with just enough damage to kill the herald. It dies leaving a corpse as expected. There's an egg on the table in front of his 1/1.
  2. Opponent attacks. Egg is destroyed.
  3. Spring Herald comes back to life with +1/+1 (?)

Bug 2

  1. I place a Dream Conjurer next to a 2/3 Spring Herald.
  2. Opponent firebolts the herald, plays a Thundercat to trade with the Conjurer, kill the Herald and its egg.
  3. Spring Herald leaves a corpse, but doesn't resurrect from its egg this time. (?)

Okay. I think I've explored it in enough detail now.

Basically, if the egg dying would bring its HP above 0, it will revive.

I tried doing a dark sacrifice where I had Bunny/Illusionist (middle)/Egg. The bunny was dead at 0 hp. The dark sacrifice ate the egg and the bunny came back to life. I was curious if it would think that the bunny is still a creature in play and add its new 1 hp to the illusionist, but it didn't.


One more thing. Spring Herald is much more fun to play this way. It gives an opportunity to react to things. I kept Hatch in my hand as a resurrect bunny spell in a couple games.

I'd actually consider just changing the text if I were you guys ;).


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